Day 2 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful, sometimes common-sense solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Build An Impenetrable Layer Of Protection Around Your Home & Upgrade Deadbolts With Superior Quality Locks!

Problem: You just read the paper this morning and the front page stated, “Burglars hit area hard” and see that most of the burglaries have been right through the front door.  The daily crime news alone should motivate you to become more proactive and ensure you have the best possible deadbolt protection on all perimeter doors (and interior Safe Room door).  You should ensure that your deadbolt locks are strong enough to withstand a powerful forced kick from a 250 lb intruder.  Let’s say upon my advice - you check your deadbolt locks and realize that even you could easily kick in your doors.  Upon further inspection you notice the deadbolts and some of the doorframes are not very solid and are at least 10 years or older.

Solutions:  Most people don’t realize that doors are actually the first entry point for most home burglary/home invasion robberies.  Home intruders know exactly where and how to kick the door/deadbolt just right to force the door in with one powerful kick.  Your goal should be to build an impenetrable protection field around your home that starts with having rock solid doors, reinforced doorframes, and superior deadbolt locks designed to keep the criminals OUT! The Ultimate Locking System is a powerful lock designed to do just that.

Tips For Building Solid Perimeter Protection

• Initially, start replacing your existing deadbolts with a superior deadbolt locking system like The Ultimate Lock. This is a premium deadbolt locking system that is able to withstand up to 4,000 pounds of pressure and protects against bump keys or lock bumping*, helps prevent door kick-ins, and has a panic button feature to render duplicate keys useless.  You don’t have to take my word for it – watch this amazing video to see what this deadbolt locking system can withstand.

• On Day 1 you decided to have a home security system installed.  Great! But protecting your home with a security system alone is not enough if the weakest link in your home – your deadbolts are outdated and inadequate.  The main objective is to keep the criminals out of your home - PERIOD! By stopping intruders at the gate you keep them from violently confronting family members.  Implementing optimum protection strategies using The Ultimate Lock will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break through the front door.  In most cases they will give up and go elsewhere.  With a hardened perimeter, the intruder will more than likely make enough noise to alert the homeowner who can potentially take action by setting off an emergency alarm, calling the police, or grabbing the personal protection, e.g., firearm, TASER, or stun gun.

*The “Lock bumping, Key bumping or Bump Locking” technique is an extremely slick way that home burglars and intruders are using to break-in to homes.  It’s quick, easy, and leaves virtually every home vulnerable to thieves who have the right key.  Plus there is basically no sign or evidence of forced intrusion.

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection.

If you missed Day 1 - CLICK HERE!

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*Basic security system package.

Ron Daniels, The Ultimate Lock

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On Friday, 7-10-09  I interviewed Ron Daniels, President of  The Ultimate Lock - deadbolt locking system - about protecting your perimeter doors against criminals who are savvy and using a criminal technique called “Lock bumping, Bump locking, or Key bumping” to gain access and entry into homes.

Cheryl Watterson, LTHS Radio Host Interviewed Ron Daniels, President, The Ultimate Lock:

With everything that affects our lives on a daily basis all we need is one more thing to be concerned with - yet it could prove to be devastating and potentially deadly if you don’t understand what it is and how you can prevent it from happening to your home.

The “Lock bumping, Key bumping or Bump Locking” technique is an extremely slick way that home burglars and home invasion intruders are using to break-in to homes.  It’s quick, easy, and leaves virtually every home vulnerable to thieves who have the right key.  Plus there is basically no sign or evidence of forced intrusion.

The daily crime news alone should motivate homeowners to become more  proactive and ensure they have the best possible deadbolt protection on all perimeter doors (and interior Safe Room door) .  We need to ensure our deadbolt locks are up-to-date and strong enough to withstand a powerful kick from a 250 lb intruder.

Ron talked about The Ultimate Lock  system and how it is designed to prevent a forced intrusion and what mechanisms it has in place to provide the ultimate protection for your doors.  The patented ”lock-out” feature on The Ultimate Lock is one you won’t find on other deadbolts.

Be proactive and make sure you have high security deadbolts protecting your home and family.  Checkout the Ultimate Lock video to see just how effective this deadbolt locking system can be for your perimeter doors.  Don’t skimp on your families’ security, safety and protection.

When you order your Ultimate Lock system, mention you heard about it on Lets Talk Home Security Radio and receive an additional discount.

Protect your family and home now!

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Ron Daniels-The Ultimate Lock 2/11/09

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Make The Ultimate Lock Part Of Your Home Protection Strategy

In setting up your home security protection - don’t rely solely upon ONE type of protection strategy.  Let’s say you want to protect your home by installing a home security system.  That is an excellent home protection strategy and would be my Number 1 recommendation.  However, I would not rely soley on the security system for your total protection. 

To get the very best protection coverage, I would recommend building layers or levels of protection.

The violent home intruder is becoming bolder and bolder.  What that means is he may not care if you have a security system - even with the alarm warning signs and windows decals around your home .  He may attempt to break into your home because he knows he has time - anywhere from a few minutes to 10-15 minutes - before the police show up.   That’s all the time he needs to get in, grab what he wants, and out the door he goes…with your valuables.

What can a homeowner do to slow the criminal down?  First you have the alarm system installed.  Then you start hardening the perimeter of your home beginning with the weakest areas first.

How old are your deadbolts and locks?  If they are over 10 years old, consider updating them to stronger and better quality locks.  One of the newest deadbolt lock inventions is called The Ultimate Lock.  This lock is superior to just about any lock that I’ve seen.  Be sure to checkout the video at the end to see The Ultimate Lock in action.

In fact, here are some of the outstanding benefits of The Ultimate Lock:

  • It can withstand up to 4,000lbs of force
  • Has a specially engineered steel strike plate
  • Has a super hardened steel security bar
  • Has a patented lockout feature
  • Has a high security 6-pin anti-bump keylock

You have to see this lock in action to believe how it works.  And WORK is exactly what an intruder would have to do to get through a door with The Ultimate Lock installed.  Watch the amazing video at and see how this locking device should be a vital part of your home protection strategy.

Courtesy of The Ultimate

To start with the Number 1 home protection - your home security system - CLICK HERE to learn how to establish your initial security protection. 

Be proactive and start the protection for your home and family today!