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The TASER C2 - Non-Lethal Personal Protection For Home & Away

Courtesy of TASER International

If the thought of being mugged, assaulted or violently attacked terrifies you, what have you done to ensure your own safety whether in your home or on the street?  Many people are buying firearms (lethal weapons) in an effort to protect their home and family. 

For those who don’t want to go to this extreme but still want to know they can protect themselves using non-lethal weapons - the TASER C2 is a device that has incredible takedown power and can certainly intimidate the  low-life criminal.

Check out the information on the TASER C2.  This personal protection device can give women (your wife, daughter, mother, or friend) a sense of empowerment, confidence, and peace of mind knowing they at least have a way to protect and defend themselves against a violent attacker or rapist.

My recommendation for women is to first take a self-defense class such as RAD Self-Defense, and learn effective techniques so you can protect and defend yourself.  This training alone can give women a tremendous amount of self-confidence and the ability to fight back against an attacker.

Having a non-lethal weapon like a TASER C2 gives a secondary defensive layer of protection - being able to stun or incapacitate an attacker enough to get away to safety. (When you get your TASER, be sure to go through the TASER C2 training and follow the necessary guidelines of how to use and properly care for this device).

A note from my personal experience - like American Express, I never leave home without my TASER C2.  For more detailed information on the TASER C2 go to:  http://www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com/c2taser.htm

Take care, stay safe & protect your home and family.


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Purchase A Home Security System & Get A TASER C2 - Coming Soon??

August 1, 2009 by admin  
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Purchase a Home Security System and get a TASER C2 Bonus ….Coming Soon???

I’d like you to take a few minutes and watch this video of a car dealership in Missouri who offered those who purchased a new vehicle through his dealership (I’m sure there were some restrictions) a major BONUS – an AK-47.  Whow!!  Talk about personal protection with a flare.

Courtesy of CNN/Robpatozz

Now if you are thinking of buying a vehicle, this could be the thing to get you to take immediate action!  (Why didn’t the Obama Administration think of this??).  Not only can you get a top of the line vehicle but now you have a way to protect your home and family from slime balls who think your property is their property.  How many home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes do we hear about every single day where the homeowner is attacked, assaulted, and even murdered?

Being in the home protection and security industry the idea of giving a bonus like this is really appealing.  I would not be able to give a bonus of this caliber (AK-47), but I am going to contemplate offering a BONUS of a TASER C2 for those who sign up for the Home Security System Offer.  

I’m just testing the waters so it’s not cut in stone yet.  I would need to further investigate all the ramifications and   would like to hear from you if this sounds like a reasonable offer.  Is this the type of bonus offering that might make homeowners who are on the fence take action?  There would be some stipulations due to the type of device, but I may be able to make it happen.

Because the TASER C2 has some legal state restrictions, individuals living in those states would not be able to get the TASER. There would have to be a substitution for those individuals. However, getting the best Home SecuritySystem Offer is the ultimate goal here - being able to protect your home and your family 24/7.  The TASER C2 would be the “icing on the cake” and a great non-lethal personal protection device.
I would appreciate it if you would give me your feedback if you think this is a good way to not only generate interest for the home security system offer but have homeowners take immediate take action.
PS  If you would like more information on the TASER C2, CLICK HERE.