Home Security Safe Room-Part II

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cw-safe-room-equipment11Do you want a Safe Room that can withstand bullets, an explosion, or  possible gas attack?  Or do you just want a Safe Room that can provide a secure and safe place for your family to escape from home intruders until police authorities or help arrives?  Here are simple things you can do to prepare a Safe Room in your home.  CLICK HERE to read Part I - Do You Have a Home Security Plan That Includes A Safe Room?

Here are some suggestions for your Safe Room:

1.  Reinforced frame around the door to the Safe Room.  Have a solid core metal or wood door to the safe room and a deadbolt locking system on the door leading to the safe room.  You may want to consider the Ultimate Lock deadbolt locking system as it can withstand 4,000+ lbs of force, has a lockout mechanism, and is a perfect solution for the safe room door whether it be the master bedroom, kids room, or the master bedroom closet.  To learn about the Ultimate Lock CLICK HERE.

2.  A security keypad or wireless remote emergency button that is part of your home security system.  The RF remote can send an emergency alert signal to your alarm company which will indicate that you need immediate help.  The police authorities are usually dispatched immediately.  You can also have this alert to trigger both an interior and exterior siren.  Noise is a big deterrent and most intruders aren’t going to stick around if they know the police are on the way.

3.  Have several forms of communications to alert police or to get help. You may want to have both a cordless telephone and a cell phone.  Even a radio communication would be good to have in case the intruders used a cell phone jamming device.  If you’re dealing with professional intruders, they may try to disable standard wired phones and cordless phones simply by cutting the phone line to your home or taking on extension off the hook.  When you call 911, your billing address is displayed on the 911 screen, so remember to give your home address just in case it’s different from your billing address.

Remember that a cordless phone requires the base unit to be plugged into the standard phone line in your home.  If the phone line is cut or unplugged, your cordless phone is dead.  That’s why it is important to have a cell phone or radio communication.  You will just need to make sure it is always charged and ready for use.

4. A quality flashlight.  You may need a flashlight if the intruder cuts the power to your house.  Also, if it’s late at night you may want to leave the lights off anyway.  Ensure you have extra batteries or a fully charged flashlight.  Consider adding a backup battery system or backup power generator to your home electricity in case someone cuts your power in an attempted home invasion.  It’s also a good idea to have in case of storms or normal power outages

5. If there is a window in your safe room, keep an extra set of house and car keys* in that room.  When the police arrive, you can throw your house keys to the police from the window of your safe room.  (You may even want to have a “pet blinky” attached to your keychain in case you have to toss the keys out a night).  These keys will allow the police to quickly enter your home while you remain secure in your safe room.  Additionally, if you are able to escape, you will have your car keys available.  If your safe room is on the second level, make sure you have an Escape Ladder that can be used.

6.  Bottled water and a first aid kit.  The time you will be spending in the safe room should be short - possibly 30 minutes or less.  Just long enough for help to arrive.  This will be a stressful situation and you will want to make sure you’ve considered even minor things.

7.  Personal Protection to save yours and your families’ life.  If all else fails and you have home intruders who have made it to your Safe Room, your life and the lives of your family may be in grave danger.  You need to decide if having something like pepper spray/mace, Advanced TASER, C2 TASER protection will be effective if confronted by violent intruders who have come with lethal weapons.  Do you need to have lethal firearms to protect your family?  The answer may be obvious for some people.  Only you can make the decision of what will work best for you!  But realize that if someone is intent on hurting or killing you and your family, time will be of the essence in getting the police or help to your home.  Whatever personal protection you use, be sure you are properly trained and know how to use it.

* If your car keys have an alarm button, you could activate the car alarm from your safe room. Noise is a deterrent and an audible alarm may alert the intruder/s to the fact that the situation is known to others.

Make sure each family member knows what to do if forced to retreat to the Safe Room.  From time to time set up family meetings to remind everyone of the process and why you have the safe room.  Let them know they are to refuse to come out of the safe room until they are absolutely certain it is by the request of police or law enforcement authority.

It is my hope that you never have to use your safe room, but it is best to be proactive and be prepared!

Stay safe and protect your home and family!

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Does Your Home Security Plan Include A Safe Room? Part I

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pic-of-action-plan-8-19-08rDo you have a plan of action in the event you are a victim of a home burglary or violent home invasion robbery while at home?  I would venture to say that most people don’t!  It is a good idea to have a Home Security Plan that includes a Safe Room in case someone forcibly enters your home while you and your family are there.  The general intent of a safe room is to provide short-term protection for you and family members until the police arrive or the attackers leave your home.

It is a fact of life today that burglaries, home intrusions, home invasions, and kidnappings are happening at an alarming rate.  We are all encouraged to have a Personal Plan of Action in case we are attacked on the street but we sometimes forget to have a well-thought out plan for some sort of attack in our home.

Home intruders want what you have - MONEY!

Right now times are tough.  The economy is in the tank and people are out of work, losing jobs each and every day, and drug-related crimes are on the rise.  Flat out – CRIMINALS WANT WHAT YOU HAVE – and that’s your MONEY!!  And criminals will take it from you easily or with violent force if they have to.  You need to be prepared and make sure that you aren’t the recipient of this violent force.

Are you a “high risk” individual who may become a potential target of a home invasion robbery, a kidnapping, or a home burglary?  There are many professional criminals, thug gangs, or desperate home intruders who may find it “easy” to target a bank executive or manager, high profile personalities, or executives of local businesses.  If you fall into a high risk category or profile, one of your first priorities should be to ensure you have a well-protected home with a quality security system and a designated Safe Room within your home to retreat to.   

The very thought that someone would forcibly enter your home while you and your family members are there means the intruder(s) is serious about robbing your home either of your possessions, valuables, money, or worse yet - kidnapping.   When you are face to face with the intruders and can identify them means there is a possibility you may be harmed or even killed. 

The typical way criminal intruders will enter a home is violently right through the front door in teams of 2/3/4 at a time may.  Once inside and after apprehending family members some intruders have been known to take an adult family member to the local ATM machine and have them withdraw money from a credit card and/or a bank account.
Hopefully this situation will never happen to you, but in today’s violent crime ridden society my suggestion would be to take every precaution you can to prevent this crime from ever happening to your family.  Be proactive by having and following a home security plan of action.

You may want to implement optimum perimeter protection strategies for the perimeter of your home - i.e. stronger doors, ultimate deadbolts, solid door frames, windows, etc.  This will make it much more difficult for just a swift kick or a 250 lb shoulder to force in your front door.  

Do you have an Early Alert Warning System covering your outside perimeter?  Wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time that you have unwanted visitors at your front door, back door, or garage entry area?  A   Voice Alert System will let you know when someone is within a certain radius of your home where you have designated outdoor sensors set up.   You might also include an outdoor video surveillance cameras and monitor these cameras with an indoor monitor or via your cell phone or computer.
Where is the best location for your Safe Room?

The Safe Room that is part of your home security plan is a defensive core area of your home that is most likely the safest place for you and other family members to escape to in a home break-in or home invasion.  It is vital that you plan ahead of time what you and other family members will do in this situation.  If a break-in occurs while you and your family are home try to remain calm and retreat to your safe room, lock the door, and call the police for help.

The room you select may be the main bedroom in your home.  (Or it couldcw-solid-core-door-safe-roomr be a main bathroom or closet location).  Whatever location you decide, check the doors to this room for strength and ability to withstand a major kick or forced entry.  Believe me it will be the intent of the intruders to find you.  These doors, like your main entry door, should be solid hardwood or metal core doors and should be hung so they open outward.  Replace the wooden doorjamb with a steel one or reinforce the door trim with steel angle iron to prevent the door from being kicked open.  On wood door jams, install three-inch screws in the door hinges and in the heavy-duty, four-screw, lock strike plates that cut deep into the doorframe studs.

The interior doors in most homes are flimsy, hollow-core wood doors so you will most likely need to upgrade these doors.  You will also want to install quality deadbolt locks on the doors to your safe room.

If you have young children, infants or toddlers you may want to make their room the safe room.  It will be easier for you or other adults to retreat to the children’s room rather than to get the children out of their room and into yours.  You should follow the same instructions on their doors if you select your child’s room as the safe room.

If you are in the process of building your home and want to include a professionally designed Safe Room, you may want to check with companies who specialize in “Safe Room” construction.  Depending upon your level of safe room protection they can provide a solid construction with reinforced walls and doors that can effectively stop bullets, incorporate a ventilation system, and provide a much more detailed and indepth level of protection. 

Read Part II - Suggestions for your Home Security Safe Room Plan

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Tom Gaffney, Safe Room Expert

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On Friday, 7-17-09, at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT, Lets Talk Home Security radio host Cheryl Watterson will be interviewing Tom Gaffney, President & Safe Room Security Expert for Gaffco, Inc.  The show’s topic will center around the value of having a Safe Room  or Panic Room included in your Home Security & Safety Plan.  Each home should have some type of Safe Room set up in case of a home invasion robbery, kidnapping attempt, or terrorist threat to provide short-term safety and protection for family members until the police arrive.

Thomas Gaffney, president of Gaffco Inc., holds a section of bullet-resistant glass that has been shot five times with a .44-caliber Magnum hand gun. The bullets did not penetrate the glass. Gaffney’s company installs bullet resistant glass and builds “safe rooms” in private homes.

Real ’safe rooms’ offer secret refuge inside the home. 

(To read the full store Click Here)

Join Lets Talk Home Security Friday, 7-17-09, 10:00 a.m.EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT,  when we talk with Tom Gaffney, President & Safe Room Security Expert, Gaffco, Inc.  You can either call (646) 727-3396 or log into the show online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.