Day 4 Of The 14 Days Of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 4 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Stay Aware & Alert To Avoid Being A Victim Of  An Attack & Know How To Effectively Protect & Defend Yourself!

Problem:  It’s like a “war zone” out there!  Everyday you read or hear about the rash of personal assaults and attacks upon women, elderly folks, children, and college students.  These attacks are happening in shopping malls and grocery store parking lots.  People are being robbed once they  leave nightclub and restaurant establishments late at night.  And there has just been an overall increase in violent street crimes.

Solutions:  First consider where crime tends to happen and avoid those places when you are by yourself.  If you are out late at night, go with one or more friends and shop at the mall or grocery stores during daylight hours.   Women tend to be the more likely victim of personal attacks or assaults.  Therefore, I suggest taking some type of self-defense training to learn how to effectively fight back to protect and defend yourself against an attacker.  Just knowing a few common-sense techniques can help you fend off an attacker enough to get to safety.  In addition to learning self-defense – we  should heighten our personal safety awareness to what is happening around us whenever we are out – especially when alone!  Lastly, consider carrying some type of non-lethal personal protection such as Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun, TASER, or Personal Alarm with an audible 130 db alarm.  More and more people are getting a concealed carry firearm permit.  It’s unfortunate that things have gone this far but the majority of violent attacks have been by criminals who are carrying guns and other weapons.  Make sure whatever protection you carry it is done legally, following local and state laws, and that you are well-trained in how to properly use your protection.

Tips To Keep You Safe & Well-Protected Wherever You Are

1.  Check with the local law enforcement to see if they offer a self-defense training class.  If they don’t, check both the yellow pages or local newspaper.  Many colleges and police departments offer a RAD Self-Defense program for women.  If you are unable to find a class nearby, go online and find a reputable self-defense professional who offer self-defense training on DVD’s to train at home. One such professional is Melissa Soalt aka Dr. Ruthless who offers a DVD training program “Fierce & Female.”  As mentioned heighten your safety awareness, listen and trust your instincts or “gut feelings.”  Doing this may save your life!!  (The following video shows how to use some common things to defensively protect yourself against an attacker).

Courtesy of Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect

2.  Non-lethal personal protection can easily be carried on a keychain, in your purse, coat pocket, or concealed in your hand as you are walking to your location.  It is imperative that you know how to use pepper spray or mace so you are not adversely affected by the spray/mist if used.  If you are attacked, you want to effectively spray and disable an attacker enough to quickly escape to safety.  This holds true for using a TASER or Stun Gun.  In many personal attacks the victim will be in close personal contact with the attacker. Be well-prepared to defend yourself and fight back using every self-defense skill and non-lethal protection that you have. Your life will depend upon it!!

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Capt. Dan Gebo, Mishawaka PD, 11/24

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My guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio, Tuesday, 11-24-09, will bepolice-siren-911r-11-18 Captain Dan Gebo, Mishawaka Police Department, Mishawaka, IN.  With the holiday season officially kicking off on Black Friday, November 27th, the discussion will center on personal safety while shopping at the mall, safety & security while out and about this holiday season, and making your home less of a target for holiday Grinch home burglars.

Captain Gebo has been a police officer for 17 years spending five of those years with the St. Joseph County Police Department, South Bend, IN working in the jail division and the narcotics bureau.  As a Captain with the Mishawaka PD, he has been a patrol officer and is currently in charge of community relations and the Street Crime Unit (SCU).   Before starting his law enforcement career Capt. Gebo served 4+ years in the US Army - 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC.  During that time he served one tour in the Gulf War.

Capt Gebo states that one of the main reasons he became a police officer is to help people and serve the community he lives in.  And he enjoys his job!!  (This is the type of officer we hope every city has).   Be sure to check out his recommended site to keep you updated on crime within your neighborhoods -

When I contacted Capt Gebo about the interview and told him the topic I wanted to discuss, he indicated he was doing a presentation early Friday morning with local businesses of the shopping mall discussing the same topic - Holiday Shopping Personal Safety.  This interview will reiterate the need for all of us to be more proactive about our personal safety and home security - especially during the holiday season.

Join us on Tuesday, 11-24-09 at 9:00 a.m. EST/6:00 a.m. PST by calling (646) 727-3396 or online at

Stay safe this holiday season!

Black Friday 2009-Holiday Shopping Safety Awareness Tips

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cw-christmas-shoppingrThe Christmas Holiday Shopping Season officially begins on Friday, 11-27-09 and is known as BLACK FRIDAY. This name alone should cause you to be a little more cautious as you make your way to the mall or favorite shopping area.

Although most people are heading to the mall with the thought of being thankful and grateful for what they have and the ability to buy gifts for those they love, there are criminals lurking in and around the mall aiming to take what you have.  With personal crimes increasing it is imperative that you keep the following holiday shopping safety awareness tips in mind as you go about your holiday shopping and festivities over the next six weeks.

Be sure to also follow holiday home security and safety tips.  You want to make sure your home is a secure and safe place over the holidays.  We are now entering an extremely vulnerable time  - the Christmas Holiday Season - where home burglaries and home invasions always tend to increase.  Keep your personal safety and security a priority whether you are at home, shopping, or traveling.
Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings At The Malls, Stores & Shopping Centers

  ■  Carry some type of personal protection device like a TASER C2, Pepper Spray, Mace, or a Stun Gun. Your safety and those of your family members should be a priority. If a criminal attacks you for your purse or packages, give him your belongings. Your life is more important! If he tries to hurt you or a loved one, use your personal device to protect yourself and those with you.
  ■  If using an ATM at the mall, be vigilant and aware who may be around you. Try not to make large cash withdrawals. Remember the malls may be extremely crowded and this would be an excellent time for a criminal to catch you off-guard and grab your cash.
  ■  Shop during the daylight hours whenever you can. If shopping at night, try to go with another person. If shopping alone and leaving the mall late at night, ask a security officer to accompany you to your car.
  ■  Always choose a bank with an ATM located in a highly visible, well-lit area. If you notice anyone suspicious approaching, cancel your transaction and leave.
  ■  Avoid using ATM’s where you must go inside the ATM area unless you are with others. This leaves you highly vulnerable to a criminal attack. Use the drive-up ATM whenever possible.
  ■  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Don’t advertise large rolls of money in public. You don’t know who may be watching.
  ■  When you leave your vehicle, make sure to lock your doors and keep windows closed. If you have an alarm on your vehicle, use it.
  ■  Even though you may be rushed and have a thousand things on your mind, stay alert to your surroundings.
  ■  Don’t leave valuable items inside your car that are visible to others. Place packages in the trunk of your car.
  ■  Avoid carrying too many packages that may make you a target.   Make regular trips to your car to drop off packages.
  ■  Keep your purse tucked close to your body at all times. Don’t let it dangle from your shoulder as this may be a perfect setup for a purse-snatcher.
  ■  For men – carry wallets in front pocket rather than back pocket or jacket. Thieves are looking for easy targets as they move through the crowded malls.
  ■  Park only in well-lit parking areas and as close to a mall or store entrance as you can. Don’t settle for an isolated parking spot just because you’re in a hurry. Hold out for a safe spot to open up.
  ■  As you walk through parking lots, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and walk with authority. Don’t look like a victim.
  ■  Don’t be talking on your cell phone as you leave the mall walking to your car. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings and anyone who looks suspicious.
  ■  Approach your car with car keys in hand and survey the exterior and interior of your vehicle before entering. Place your packages in the trunk all the while aware of anyone who may be nearby or approaching you.
  ■  Don’t get into your car if you are being followed or are suspicious of anyone standing near your car. If so, return to the mall or store or where there are other people. Ask for store security assistance.
  ■  Beware alert and aware of strangers who may be approaching you for whatever reason. At this time of year there are “scammers” trying various methods to distract you with the intention of taking your money and belongings.

Because of our crazy economy there seems to be an increase in carjackings, personal assaults, and robberies.  Pay close attention to those around you and have your keys ready as you approach your car.  Put your Pepper Spray on your key holder just in case.  Better safe than sorry!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and remember, Stay Aware…Stay Alert…Stay Alive!!