Mall Parking Lot Safety During The Holiday Shopping Season

November 16, 2009 by admin  
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Black Friday is on November 27, 2009 and officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.  Your safety and security while out shopping, enjoying the holiday festivities, and entertaining should be high on your priority list. 

With the number of personal assaults, carjackings, robberies, home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes increasing at this time of year, it is imperative that you consider some personal safety strategies as you enjoy this special time of the year.

Here are some personal safety tips for staying safe when you leave the mall and make your way to your car in the mall parking  lot.   Keep in mind that this is where potential criminals tend to hang out waiting for their unsuspecting  victims.

It’s important to be alert as you are shopping and notice if anyone seems to be following you a little too closely.  If you are shopping in a highend store buying high dollar gifts, you may be a “target of opportunity” for the would-be criminal perpetrator.  Crank up your intuitive antenna a little this holiday season.  Times are tough for many people and turning to crimes like personal robberies in easy locations - like the shopping malls or mall parking lots - are on the rise!!

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Courtesy of St. Lucie Sheriff

7-Safety Tips For Mall Parking Lot Safety During The Holiday Season

1.  Be aware and alert to your surroundings at all times as you are going to your car.  Notice who is hanging around the parking lot - especially at night.  If you are talking away on your cell phone and not paying attention to what’s going on around you, you are exactly the person the perpetrator is looking to attack.  You may think you are aware, but in reality you aren’t.  You may not be able to respond to a person attack as quickly if you aren’t clearly paying attention.  A young lady with arms full of packages and bags trying to find her vehicle is the criminal’s ideal “target”  Especially if she is alone talking away on her cell phone.  Be fully aware and totally alert as you walk to your car.

2.  Have your keys in your hands and be prepared to use your them as a weapon if you are assaulted or attacked.  Your keys can be a good weapon to ward off an attacker if used appropriately.  Another  secondary weapon would be to carry pepper sprayor mace on your keychain.  If you carry personal protection, know how to properly use it and ensure you are following local laws in your area.  A personal alarm with a 130 decibel alarm combined with a flashlight is another excellent protection device that would alert anyone nearby that you need help.  If you are shopping at night, this would allow you to see inside your car and illuminate UNDER your vehicle as you approach.  If there is someone underneath the car, he might not have the strength to hold onto your leg or ankle from such an awkward position.  (However, in a severe assault if someone tries to slice one of your achilles tendons before you realize he is there…you may not be able to walk).  Walk to your car with confidence, be prepared, and have some type of personal protection.

3. As you near your car, only unlock the driver’s side door with your remote.  If you have a newer car, you can probably unlock your car from quite a distance away.  Wait until you are fairly close to your car before unlocking the door and then only unlock your side.  When you press the remote button more than once, it will unlock all doors.  Don’t give a lurking perpetrator the ability to quickly enter the passenger side of your car.  

4.  Before getting into your car (especially at night), check to make sure there is not someone hiding inside.  As mentioned a dual personal alarm with a loud siren and built-in flashlight will allow you to check inside your car at night.  Many people are not in the habit of locking their car doors making it extremely easy for a predator to get inside your car and wait for you.  Get into the habit of always locking your doors when exiting your car.

5.  Don’t leave your valuables unattended.  This is a great time for the criminal to rip off your packages or your purse.  If you’re trying to get a baby strapped into the seat, look around to see who is nearby.  If it looks okay, get your child strapped in and then put your valuables in the backseat or trunk.  Always be looking around and monitoring the situation.  You don’t want to give someone the ability to force you into your car OR the trunk because you were not closely paying attention. Remember these creeps are opportunistic -don’t make it easy for them!!

6.  If you’re going to be shopping for awhile, be sure to wear comfortable shoes…and that’s not high heels.  If you are attacked as you head to your car, you may not be able to get away quickly if you have on 3” high heels.  Nix the heels for some comfortable shows.  Think safety first.

7.  Avoid parking near large vehicles or shrubbery or up close to a building – especially if you are by yourself.  If you are walking out to your car alone late at night to an unlit area covered with shrubs, you may become a target for some predator looking for an easy prey.  If you can’t find a parking spot and have to park there, come back before it gets too dark and move the car closer to the entrance.  Or you could have the mall security walk you to your car.  When returning to your vehicle, be leery of  large vans or utility type vans with sliding doors parked right next - almost too close - to your drivers side of your car.  If your gut tells you this doesn’t feel right, go back into the mall and have security escort you out to your car.  If you decide to get in without security, do so from the passenger side but make sure you lock doors immediately upon entering and exit the parking lot right away.  Remember to listen to your intuition - your gut!

One thing that I would like to encourage women (and men) is to take some type of self-defense training or personal safety awareness training.  Knowing the right techniques and strategies to protect and defend yourself in a personal assault, attack, or carjacking may very well save your life. 

There you have it - simple Personal Safety Tips for holiday mall shopping that can keep you safe…and alive!!

Remember..Stay Aware..Stay Alert..Stay Alive!!  Happy Holidays!

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