Holiday Promotion - The Voice Alert System

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Are you ready for the Holiday Season?  Start now by protecting your home and family with an early alert warning system.  We are offering a Holiday Promotion discount on  The Voice Alert System - an early alert warning system - that can provide a tremendous amount of peace of mind for you and your family during the holiday season and thereafter.

The Voice Alert System - normally priced at $149.95 is being offered thru 12/31/09 for $124.00That’s a $25.95 discount.

Have you installed a home security system?  If not, my suggestion is to install a home security system and The Voice Alert System.  Both are early alert warning systems designed to alert you (the homeowner) to an intrusion, alert the intruder (with a loud alarm), and alert your monitoring company to dispatch the police to your home.  Don’t become a    3:00 a.m. victim in your own home with an intruder standing above you!

The Voice Alert System holiday promotion is good thru 12/31/09.  Order Today!

Would you like to be alerted when …

Cars are coming up the driveway • Children go inside your tool shed • Intruders approach the front or backyard • Someone enters your garage • Visitors are walking to the front door • Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded • Kids or pets are trampling your flowers…

then you need the Voice Alert System-6.

Ground Shipping is FREE (Continental USA orders only) if you order a minimum of $100.00 from our web site.

Voice alert
Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Alert System-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored area is detected. Key applications include:
• Wireless Driveway Alarm
• Residential and Small Business Security
• Child Monitoring and Pool Safety
• Home Automation

System-6 allows a maximum of six user recorded messages. Each message is specific to one zone. For instance, zone one could be for a driveway alarm -“Car coming up the driveway” while zone two could be for a sensor monitoring the back yard- “Alert! Child by the pool!” Perhaps a third sensor guards a side entrance against intruders. However, when this PIR detects movement, the base unit plays “Intruder on patio” and triggers a floodlight using one of four relays included on the base unit. System-6 can monitor all three zones simultaneously and still have three additional zones available when needed. Users can alter their messages and place the wireless sensors wherever they wish.

Voice Alert System-6 sets up in minutes and can be completely customized to fit their individual needs. The wireless PIRs feature: all weather protection, adjustable mounting and sensitivity, and can send a signal 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space.

“Originally I had doubts about a ‘wireless’ product, but not anymore! My wife and I love the Voice Alert. It’s so easy to setup and record our own messages. Sometimes we change them for fun, like last Halloween. Now we are notified when someone is coming up our walkway, enters our garage, or comes around the backyard. This is a great product!” — Kent G., Portland, Oregon

You may add transmitters (VA-6000T) to cover as many areas as you want.

Includes the base unit and a wireless sensor.
voice alert
Extra Sensors
voice alert extra sensor

Add Extra Sensor(s) $69.95 each

You can change the quantity when you check out if you want more than one.

HOLIDAY PROMOTION - $124.00 (Good Thru 12/31/09)

Be proactive and protect your home and family now!












Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, 03-25-09

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cheryl-rCheryl Watterson, Security Expert/Radio Host Talks About Crime On The Rise And How To Avoid Being A Victim Of A Home Burglary/Home Invasion Crime.

Doesn’t it seem like the world has gone totally crazy!?  That you have to be consciously aware and alert at all times to everything around you - your personal safety, home security, identity theft, and more.

Crime is rapidly increasing and it is our responsibility to provide the protection and security for ourselves, our home, and our family. 

Join us as we discuss the various ways to stay one-step ahead and fight back against the  home invasion criminal by providing impentrable protection coverage and safety for our home and family.

Join us on March 25, 2009, 6:00 pm/EST - 3:00 pm/PST.  Stay Safe!!

Protect Your Home with a FREE ADT home security system ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee + 24-Hour Monitoring Services.  Call 866-755-6137 or go to