Home Security - Knock..Knock..Beware Who’s There!

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Video Courtesy Of Montgomery County-MCSO

Aggravated Robbery - The Woodlands, Texas

At approximately noon today, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Gate Hill Drive in The Woodlands, Texas from a victim who reported that he had just been robbed at his home by two individuals.

“The 24 year-old victim called 911 today around noon reporting that two black males, one of whom appeared to be dressed as a police officer, knocked on his door and when he opened it, was threaten with a gun, restrained, struck on the head with a gun and robbed. The victim reported that the suspects had stolen his car. The victim sustained only minor injuries.” To read the full story CLICK HERE.

Knock..Knock..Who’s There? Know who is there before opening your front door or you could be inviting the criminal in!

When you have someone knocking at your front door and you aren’t expecting anyone - DON’T OPEN THE DOOR - unless you can identify the person.  Use a peephole or sidelights next to your door to see who is there and communicate with them without opening the door.  If they state they are some type of utility person checking the gas, electric, cable, or phone, have them show identification and let them know will verify with their office.  But do not open the door.  Once the door is opened even slightly, an intruder can push their way in and overpower the homeowner.

It’s sad but with a downward spiraling economy and more and more people out of work, the incidents of home burglaries and home invasion robberies have steadily increased across the nation.  When people get desperate, they tend to resort to crime of robbery or home burglaries because of the ease with which they can operate.  Most homeowners and individuals do not expect this type of situation to happen to them and may be overly trusting and just open their door when someone knocks.

Many scam artists and perpetrators try to gain access into the victim’s home by using deceptive measures such as saying they are doing a “survey”, or that they have a parcel that needs to be signed for or that they need to use your phone because they ran out of gas.  There are a number of reasonable sounding excuses that can be used to get someone to open the door.  Once the door has been opened a perpetrator can force their way into the home.  Don’t be fooled by these ploys.  It is time to educate yourself and protect your home and family.

Here are some suggestions on what to do when strangers come knocking at your door:

1.  If you are not expecting anyone, ask who is there before opening the door.  If you only have a peephole, make sure it has at least a 180 degree angle so you can clearly see who is at the door.  Try to get a good vantage point to see who is at the door.  Are they canvassing the neighborhood, how many of them are there, what is their dress, and demeanor?  Trust your instincts! If it doesn’t look, feel, or seem right, call 911.  Carry a wireless telephone with you when you go to the door in case you need to call and check identification or in case you need help.  If you have a security system, consider having a wireless remote panic button that you can carry and press to alert the police if you feel threatened.

2.  Keep some type of personal protection device like pepper spray or mace spray near the main entry door.  If someone does gain access by forcing their way in, having pepper spray to defend yourself may actually throw off the intruder enough for you to escape to and get help.  Many people are investing in firearms for personal protection.  Make sure you are well-trained in how to use the firearm and keep away from children.

3.  Don’t think a small door chain lock is going to keep an intruder out when you open the door a few inches to talk.  These guys are breaking into homes because it is a job to them.  They know exactly how to force their way through a small chain lock.  Once inside you may be defenseless and at their mercy.  Remember- DON’T open the door unless you precisely know who is there.  Better safe than sorry.   Checkout the Chain Reaction security door device for a stronger, more solid level of front door protection @ www.strandna.co.uk.

4.  If someone is knocking, it may be best to respond to let them know that someone is home.  Some criminals will knock at the front door and if they get no answer, assume no one is home and either kick in the front door or go to the back of the house and break in.

5.  If the person claims to have an emergency situation, let them know you will call 911 right away and get help.  Or if they say they are from one of the local utility companies — but you did not request their services, let them know you will call the business office to get clear, accurate identification.

6.  If you are alone when a stranger comes to your door, you might pretend that there are other people in the house by call out someone’s name.  Keep the radio or television on and be sure to have a portable house phone or cell phone in your hand when going to the door.

7.  If you see suspicious people, activities, or vehicles in your area, don’t hesitate to call 911 right away.

You are under no obligation to answer the door when someone knocks.  If you are not expecting anyone and don’t recognize the person at the door, let them know through the door that you are not interested and to go away.  Always have a home security plan of action of what you will do in this type of situation.

Holiday Security-Getting Prepared

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On Friday the 13th Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host of Lets Talk Home Security will talk about getting prepared for the Holiday Season.  This is normally a time of GIVING to those we love and care about - but it is also a time for TAKING by those who are low-life criminal thugs.

We will discuss 10 ways to avoid becoming a home invasion robbery victim and some holiday safety tips.  When there is a violent storm heading in your direction, what do you do?  You would get prepared and implement ways to protect your home and family from the storm.

You may want to consider the holiday criminals like the “storm” and get your home prepared by implementing some optimum protection strategies and build a safety net within and around your home.

Be sure to get my updated Free Report - Home Invasion Prevention @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com or www.letstalkhomesecurity.com.

Join us on Friday, 11-13-09, at 10:00 a.m.  Call in number (646) 727-3396 or join us online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

The Secret To Solid Apartment Protection Strategies

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Courtesy of KXLY ABC4

What is the “Secret” to having a solid home or apartment protection strategy?  Could the secret be something as simple as “locking” your doors and windows?  Could it be NOT opening your door unless you know who is there?  Or could it be having a super strength deadbolt locking system on doors that have reinforced frames and hinges? 

These could be some of the best well-kept SECRETS  to having a solid home or apartment protection strategy because most people aren’t doing them.  If you want to keep home burglars/home invasion intruders out of your home or apartment, you need to strengthen the perimeter making it extremely difficult for them to get through.  If you leave your doors and/or windows unlocked, you are inviting the criminals into your home.  

Home security and safety is a habit that many people just don’t follow.  You might ask why?  My answer is they may feel perfectly safe.  Having a personal and home security “mindset” should be a habit that you focus on developing even if you think you live in a perfectly safe area.  Even though crime is getting closer to home - many people still feel that crime happens to other people - not them!  When people see crime actually affecting their neighbors, family, or themselves, that’s when many start to take ACTION.  I challenge everyone to become more proactive in their home security and personal safety and commit that they are not going to become a victim of crime out of complacency!!   

Over the past few weeks our city has experienced both a personal carjacking attack against a couple of innocent students and a violent home invasion that resulted in a fight between the homeowner and the intruders.  The homeowner did acknowledge he had left the door unlocked which allowed the intruders to easily gain access to his home. Again make a habit of checking doors and windows each night before going to bed to make sure they are locked.  Do it for 21 days straight and it will become a habit for you!

Solid Apartment Invasion Prevention Strategies 

1.   Check the structure of your entry doors and deadbolt locks.  If they are flimsy, weak, and outdated, see if your apartment will upgrade or at least reinforce the hinges and frame around the door.   If the apartment management won’t comply, invest in the upgrade yourself if you plan to live there for any length of time.  One of the best locking systems on the market is The Ultimate Lock.  Their testimonials show this lock can withstand up to 4,000 lbs of force.  This lock is bump-key resistant and has a really unique ”lock out” feature.   Take a look at the power of this ultimate lock!  Check it out.

2.  Make your personal and home security a habit.  Day or night you should always be aware of your surroundings as you exit/enter your vehicle and are exiting/entering your apartment.  You may want to consider keeping some type of personal protection device in your apartment like Pepper Spray, Mace Spray, TASER C2, Stun Gun, or Personal Alarm And carry Pepper Spray or Mace Spray on your keychain for protection.  These are all non-lethal protection devices that are meant to deter or distract an attacker or  intruder enough to get away to safety and call 911.  As you enter your apartment from the outside, be cognizant of strangers approaching or anyone who may be hiding outside your apartment.  Be sure to follow appropriate laws and regulations regarding these personal protection devices in your area.  Practice using your personal protection product so you know what to do if forced to use it.   To order your protection products CLICK HERE

3.  Reinforce the front, back and sliding glass doors to your apartment.  Place a heavy duty strong dowel rod down into the track of the slider to prevent it from opening.  If the sliding glass door can be lifted out of the track, install a couple of screws at the top of the track to prevent that.  For the front and back doors look at adding a 20-gauge steel door brace and/or a door stop alarm with a loud decibel alarm.  These door protection devices can give that extra strength, protection, and valuable time you may need during a break-in to call 911 or  others for help. For details CLICK HERE.

4.  Keep your main level windows locked at all times.  To add extra strength to the windows place a dowel rod that fits into the track of the window whether it slides up and down or side to side.  This will add a tremendous amount of strength to the windows and can help prevent them from being opened.  The intruder will have to break the glass to get through and most don’t want to make any noise or take the time and effort.  You can get the dowel rods at the local hardware store and if you paint or stain the rods, they blend into the window.   For a minimal charge you can add wireless window contacts or glassbreak sensors that only make a loud alarm noise inside the apartment when the window is opened or glass broken.  Go to The Personal Security Store for more information.

5.  A home security system would be a recommendation that I would make; however, many alarm companies require that apartment management approve this.  If your plans are to stay in your apartment for 3-5 years this may be a wise investment.  When my daughter got out of college and moved to an apartment, the first thing I did was have a security system installed with protection on all doors, a fire alarm, and a wireless panic button.  This made me feel better and I know she appreciated it too.  ADT Security offers quality security systems at reasonable prices.  Be sure to check with your apartment management for approval.  Ask to have included in your security system a remote keyfob that has an on/off button as well as a panic button to call for help if you need it.

6. Before opening the door look through your peephole to make sure you know who is there.  Don’t automatically open the door when someone knocks.  This has become a major scam in apartment complexes across the country.  Once the homeowner opens the door it takes very little effort for the intruder to violently force the door open and attack the homeowner.  A word of caution - if you don’t know the person’s identity, ask what they want.  You do not have to open your door to anyone you don’t know!  Carry your telephone with you as you approach the door in case you need to call and verify the person at your door.  Call apartment management or 911 if you feel threatened or in any kind of danger.   

7.  Get to know the immediate neighbors in your apartment unit.  Exchange telephone numbers and start to watch out for one another.  The more involved you are with those around you the better able you and others can alert authorities if a security problem happens.  See if your apartment offers some type of “Neighborhood Apartment Security Watch.”

Other common-sense security tips:

 Avoid riding in the elevator alone with a stranger if you can.  Don’t hesitate to get off an elevator should you fee uncomfortable or threatened.

When you move into an apartment, make sure the door locks have been rekeyed.  The should also be rekeyed whenever the door lock key is lost or stolen.

When you leave your apartment, even for a short time, lock doors and windows.  Also turn off any heating appliances.

When you are gone for the day, turn on a radio.  Also consider a timer to program lights in your apartment.

Having a Security & Safety Plan and knowing what to do and how to protection yourself before you have a problem can save you from being a crime victim!!  Be Prepared!! 

Remember the security and safety of your residence and family is ultimately your responsibility.  Take the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t become a victim of an apartment invasion robbery/burglary crime!

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Phil Messina, Modern Warrior, 9-25

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On Friday, 9-25-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT, Cheryl Watterson, LTHS Radio Host, will interview Phil Messina, (retired Sgt. NYPD) and owner of  Modern Warrior, a training facility located in Lindenhurst, New York, that teaches practical application self-defense and is recognized world wide as a leader in realistic and practical Defensive Tactics Training. 

We’ll talk with Phil about the self-defense training he offers that is specifically designed for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against this type of criminal attack.  (Watch video below of training excerpt-Video Courtesy of MyFoxNY.com). 

The newest addition to the Modern Warrior training facility is the Indoor Simulator Room.  This room has several typical rooms filled with foam furniture for safely training against an attack that may come at any point during the day.  Learn to fight off a home invasion in your bedroom.  Fight off a rapist in your living room.  Stop an irate client in our foam furniture office.

Join our show on Friday, 9-25-09 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT and learn what Phil Messina, Modern Warrior has to say about protecting yourself in your own home against a home invasion intruder.

The radio Call-in number (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

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Home Invasion Intruders Strike Granger, IN While Homeowners Sleep

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If you leave your doors unlocked when you go to bed at night or when you leave for the day, you are inviting criminals into your home.  As we weather the storm of job losses, unemployment, and an economy that is fighting to recover, there has been a big increase in the number of home burglaries - home invasion robbery crimes.

As homeowners we need to do our part to make our homes well-protected and keep our family safe from becoming a victim of a violent home invasion robbery crime.  It is very bold that an intruder feels he can walk into a strangers home in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep.  If they will do that type of home invasion, they will probably have no problem harming you and your family should someone awaken and catch them in the act of this crime..

It is our responsibility to double check that the doors are locked at night before going to be, that the garage door is closed, and that we place high valuables like cell phone/computers/purse/electronics out of viewing sight from nearby windows.  If you have a home security system, turn it on whenever you go to bed and when you leave for the day.  This is all a security habit that you must get into and do each and everyday.  Try this for 21 days straight and it will be firmly entrenched as a habit.

If you would like to learn more about Home Invasion Prevention and how to avoid being a victim, get a copy of my FREE REPORT - Home Invasion Prevention by going to www.letstalkhomesecurity.com and signing up.  Sometimes we need to take a few minutes to review the security we currently have in and around our own home.  If there are any weaknesses in our home security, we should act to improve it.  

Here is an article from the South Bend Tribune about four homes in the Granger, Indiana area that were recently burglarized while the homeowners were home asleep.  When an intruder breaks in while homeowners are there, that is considered a home invasion crime.  After reading the article it appears that the homeowners did not consider that they may become a home burglary/home invasion crime victim.  People seem to think “it will never happen to me…until it does.” 

No matter what neighborhood you live in - good or bad - realize that you can become a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime if you are not prepared.  Protect your home and family today! 

Article published Apr 18, 2009 - Courtesy of South Bend Tribune
Owners home in Granger when burglars strike
Police issue warnings to lock and close doors.
By SUE LOWE Tribune Staff Writer

GRANGER — Four burglaries while homeowners slept Wednesday night have prompted a police warning for people to lock their doors and keep small valuables out of sight.

St. Joseph County police Sgt. Bill Redman said police believe the four burglaries and another attempted burglary, all in subdivisions in the northeast corner of the county, are related.

He warned residents to make sure all doors, including doors between garages and homes, are locked.

Redman said police officers on night patrol see several garage doors up in most subdivisions as they drive through at night.

He warned that cars and trucks left in driveways with garage door openers inside give burglars a chance to grab the openers.People should store wallets, purses and small electronic items such as cell phones out of sight of windows, according to Redman.

“What these guys are doing is walking behind houses and trying doors (to see if they’re locked),” Redman said. “These people are getting pretty brave.”

He said they often see purses and wallets left in sight from outside the homes.

Redman warned of similar burglaries in Granger in 2008 and said homeowners have apparently forgotten.

Those burglaries along with a daylight burglary on Ash Road have Redman anticipating “a bad year” for crime.Redman said a purse and wallet were stolen from two homes in the Covington Shores subdivision on Adams Road. The empty purses and wallets from those burglaries were found Thursday on a subdivision cul de sac in Cass County.

But all the credit cards, money and electronic devices were gone.

In one burglary, the homeowners were awakened by a loud noise and found a wallet, cell phone and purse gone. A door was pried open in that incident.

In the other Covington Shores burglary, homeowners found that a purse with a cell phone inside and a wallet were missing when they woke up Thursday morning. The garage door was left up at that home.

Redman said a homeowner saw somebody in a home in Northbrook Shores off Ash Road and apparently scared him away. He saida child who needed to go to the bathroom woke the woman who lives in the home.

As the woman was walking the child back to bed, she saw somebody with a small flashlight in the living room and called for her husband.

The person in the living room ran from the house. Redman said the patio door was not locked.

In Pleasant Valley South, also off Ash Road, somebody set off an alarm at one home and left.

A woman was awakened by noise at a nearby home but went back to sleep. She found a purse and a digital camera gone when she woke up. The door between the house and garage was not locked.Redman said a man has been arrested in connection with the burglary at a home on Douglas Road near Ash Road on Wednesday.

That incident alarmed Redman because the man broke into the home even though signs identified it as having an alarm system.

The alarm company called St. Joseph County police and somebody else called Elkhart County police to report a suspicious person.

Redman said Elkhart County police found the man walking down the road carrying a jewelry box from the house and a crow bar.  (To read the rest of the article - click HERE).

Be prepared and protect your home and family!

Protect your home with an ADT system

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