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bahama-vacation-pic1Have you already made travel plans for an upcoming holiday vacation?  Are you going out of town to visit relatives for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Or have you made some major plans to go to an exotic location - like Hawaii or Cancun - someplace warm and relaxing?

If so, what plans have you made to ensure your home is well protected from a burglary or fire while you are away?

For a lot of people protecting your home sometimes falls last on the list and by then it may be late.  Over my 20 years as a home security specialist with ADT I have met homeowners who put their security system in after they came home from vacation - when they found the door kicked in and their home ransacked.

Therefore, I am a big proponent of encouraging homeowners to be proactive about home security protection.  When you invest the time, energy and resources into building a solid level of protection in and around your home, you stand a better chance of NOT becoming the victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime.

So what should you do to make sure your home is protected not just while you are on vacation but 24/7 - 365 days a year?  For people who have already protected their home with a 24/7 alarm service - I salute you.  You can go on vacation with tremendous peace of mind knowing if something happens help is immediately on the way.   For those who don’t have a security system you must rely upon neighbors, friends and/or family members to come and check your home while you’re away.

Here are some home security and safety tips to keep your home secure while away on holiday vacation:

1.  If you don’t already have one, install a quality home security system with 24/7 monitoring for burglary, fire and low temperature protection. If you already have security but not these services, check with your alarm company tp see about adding.  A fire can devastate a home.  And if the electricity gets knocked out due to weather in below freezing temperatures causing the furnace to go out, pipes freeze and sometimes burst causing flooding.  A low temperature detector would alert someone very quickly that there is a problem.

2.  Tighten up and harden the outside of your home. Look at the deadbolts on each door and determine if they are strong enough to withstand a forced intrusion.  Check the bolt on the deadbolt - 2-3″ bolts are recommended.  If you’ve never changed your locks/deadbolts and they are over 10-15 years, it may be time to invest in solid quality deadbolts.  Doors are usually the first point of break-in.  Make your doors impenetrable to an intruder.  When you leave for vacation, make sure you’ve locked all doors.  Common sense I know, but many people leave doors unlocked.

3.  Check windows to make sure locks are adequate and that they are locked when you leave. Recommendation is to reinforce the windows with dowel rods that can be placed in the track of the windows to prevent lifting or sliding if someone breaks the window to unlock.  If the burglar has to work with any effort at getting into the home, chances are the burglar will give up and move to an easier home.  The key is to make your home impenetrable to an intrusion.

4.  Be part of a neighborhood watch group. It’s a good idea to get to know neighbors on either side of your home and across the street then watch out for one another.  When you get ready to leave, let 2-4 of your close neighbors know so they can keep an eye on your home.  If you’re not expecting anyone other than a family member checking your home, let them know that and give them a number to call just in case anything suspicious happens.  If a U-haul pulls up in front of your home and starts unloading your valuables, that should be cause for concern and to notify police.  When neighbors help each other by keeping an eye out, it helps  reduce crime in your area.

5.  Have the newspaper and mail delivery stopped before you leave or have a trusted neighbor pick these up.  A stuffed mail box or newspaper box is a telltale sign that no one is home.

6.  Install motion sensor lights on the outside - garage, front, back and sides of your home provide the best coverage. When these lights come on at night, it gives the impression someone is home.  My recommendation is to also connect the motion lights to a lamp(s) on the inside which will come on once the motion lights come on.  This looks as though someone really is at home.  Most burglars don’t want to confront the homeowner so if they think someone is home, they may move on as well.

7.  Check your electrical plugs, Christmas lights and all outlets before leaving. Unplug as much as you can to alleviate having a fire while gone.  Check your battery smoke detectors and replace batteries accordingly.  If no one is home and a battery smoke detector goes off, no one knows.  If you have a monitored smoke detector, your alarm company can alert fire authorities and others and possibly prevent a major fire disaster.  Every year we hear of fire destroying homes and families due to negligence.

8.  If you have an alarm system, best sure to test your system from time to time and especially before leaving on vacation. Make sure your emergency contact list is up-to-date and let your alarm company know the dates you will be gone.  That way if they get an alarm they can dispatch authorities immediately.  Anyone having access to your home and your alarm should no how to work the alarm, have the 4-digit code and no the password in case they accidentally trip the alarm system.  That way you avoid a false alarm.

9.  If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you might have someone clear the sidewalk or your driveway if you get a major dump of snow during the holidays. When snow builds up in the driveway or sidewalk, this can give the appearance that no one is at home.  And that’s what burglars really like - no one at home.

10. Pull curtains and mini-blinds so people can’t see inside. Don’t display valuables near windows for burglars to see.  This may be too tempting if someone is really desperate.  Set lights and lamps up on timers to give the impression someone is home.

We all seem to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Community Sites.  Be careful how much information you give about being away from home on vacation.  You never know who your “friend” may be on Facebook or Twitter and there have been many cases where a home has been robbed not long after information was “tweeted” or “shared” on a social media site.  Use precautions about what you disclose about being gone, on vacation or personal information.  We don’t always “know” our social media friends that well.

Keep in mind that burglaries tend to increase during the holidays just because people have presents, valuable gifts, cash and other things that burglars want.  But in today’s volatile economic climate there’s more desperation from people who are out of work, don’t want to work, or on drugs.  As homeowners it is up to us to secure our home.  Sometimes that means we have to invest a little more but in the long run keeping your home and family safe and secure is worth the investment and peace of mind.

Your home security and personal safety should become a 24/7 habit - a mindset.  Not that you should become paranoid but realistic in knowing that crime is encroaching upon even the nicest, once the safest neighborhoods.  Being proactive and doing your part to protect your home and family whether you are home or on vacation means you’ll enjoy your vacation more and have a better sense of peace of mind.

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder While On Line W/911 Operator

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If you haven’t beefed up the protection around your home, after reading this article and watching this video you will definately want to ensure the perimeter of your home has an impenetrable level of protection to keep crazy criminals OUT!!

Video Courtesy of Kerrville 911 Truth

The Oklahoma woman spent 10 long minutes on the phone with a 911 operator waiting for the police to arrive as the home intruder pounded on her front door.  He then went around to her back patio area where he ended up throwing a table through her glass patio door and entered her home.

The homeowner - who was alone at the time - couldn’t wait for the deputies any longer and had to protect herself.  She ended up shooting and killing the home intruder with a 16-gauge shotgun. 

To read the full story CLICK HERE.

Because home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are on the rapid increase, homeowners should do everything possible to implement optimum protection strategies that  keep home intruders out.  By making it extremely difficult to get through your perimeter this can help buy time until the police or deputies arrive.

Some immediate defensive protection measures would be:

1. Install a home security system with complete perimeter & interior protection.  Make sure you have an extremely high decibel alarm siren

2. Install an early alert warning system - The Voice Alert Driveway System - that lets you know someone is approaching or breaching your property 24/7.

3. Install The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system on all perimeter doors plus your interior Safe Room door (master bedroom or room that is centrally located).

4. Install top grade security film for vulnerable glass doors and windows from ShatterGard Security Films.  This security film strengthens the inside of the glass making it virtually impenetrable.   Again you want to buy time and slow the home intruder down until help arrives.

5. Have some type of personal protection to protect yourself and your family.  Many people opt for non-lethal protection like TASER, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, or Mace.  However, homeowners are realizing that the majority of violent home intruders are forcing their way into homes while brandishing guns and weapons - and are not timid about using them.  Each person must make the decision on their personal protection.  Ensure you are well-trained to use your protection, comply with state andlocal laws, and maintain a responsible attitude with your protection.

Be proactive and protect your home and family starting today!

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*Basic security system package.

Home Security Safe Room-Part II

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cw-safe-room-equipment11Do you want a Safe Room that can withstand bullets, an explosion, or  possible gas attack?  Or do you just want a Safe Room that can provide a secure and safe place for your family to escape from home intruders until police authorities or help arrives?  Here are simple things you can do to prepare a Safe Room in your home.  CLICK HERE to read Part I - Do You Have a Home Security Plan That Includes A Safe Room?

Here are some suggestions for your Safe Room:

1.  Reinforced frame around the door to the Safe Room.  Have a solid core metal or wood door to the safe room and a deadbolt locking system on the door leading to the safe room.  You may want to consider the Ultimate Lock deadbolt locking system as it can withstand 4,000+ lbs of force, has a lockout mechanism, and is a perfect solution for the safe room door whether it be the master bedroom, kids room, or the master bedroom closet.  To learn about the Ultimate Lock CLICK HERE.

2.  A security keypad or wireless remote emergency button that is part of your home security system.  The RF remote can send an emergency alert signal to your alarm company which will indicate that you need immediate help.  The police authorities are usually dispatched immediately.  You can also have this alert to trigger both an interior and exterior siren.  Noise is a big deterrent and most intruders aren’t going to stick around if they know the police are on the way.

3.  Have several forms of communications to alert police or to get help. You may want to have both a cordless telephone and a cell phone.  Even a radio communication would be good to have in case the intruders used a cell phone jamming device.  If you’re dealing with professional intruders, they may try to disable standard wired phones and cordless phones simply by cutting the phone line to your home or taking on extension off the hook.  When you call 911, your billing address is displayed on the 911 screen, so remember to give your home address just in case it’s different from your billing address.

Remember that a cordless phone requires the base unit to be plugged into the standard phone line in your home.  If the phone line is cut or unplugged, your cordless phone is dead.  That’s why it is important to have a cell phone or radio communication.  You will just need to make sure it is always charged and ready for use.

4. A quality flashlight.  You may need a flashlight if the intruder cuts the power to your house.  Also, if it’s late at night you may want to leave the lights off anyway.  Ensure you have extra batteries or a fully charged flashlight.  Consider adding a backup battery system or backup power generator to your home electricity in case someone cuts your power in an attempted home invasion.  It’s also a good idea to have in case of storms or normal power outages

5. If there is a window in your safe room, keep an extra set of house and car keys* in that room.  When the police arrive, you can throw your house keys to the police from the window of your safe room.  (You may even want to have a “pet blinky” attached to your keychain in case you have to toss the keys out a night).  These keys will allow the police to quickly enter your home while you remain secure in your safe room.  Additionally, if you are able to escape, you will have your car keys available.  If your safe room is on the second level, make sure you have an Escape Ladder that can be used.

6.  Bottled water and a first aid kit.  The time you will be spending in the safe room should be short - possibly 30 minutes or less.  Just long enough for help to arrive.  This will be a stressful situation and you will want to make sure you’ve considered even minor things.

7.  Personal Protection to save yours and your families’ life.  If all else fails and you have home intruders who have made it to your Safe Room, your life and the lives of your family may be in grave danger.  You need to decide if having something like pepper spray/mace, Advanced TASER, C2 TASER protection will be effective if confronted by violent intruders who have come with lethal weapons.  Do you need to have lethal firearms to protect your family?  The answer may be obvious for some people.  Only you can make the decision of what will work best for you!  But realize that if someone is intent on hurting or killing you and your family, time will be of the essence in getting the police or help to your home.  Whatever personal protection you use, be sure you are properly trained and know how to use it.

* If your car keys have an alarm button, you could activate the car alarm from your safe room. Noise is a deterrent and an audible alarm may alert the intruder/s to the fact that the situation is known to others.

Make sure each family member knows what to do if forced to retreat to the Safe Room.  From time to time set up family meetings to remind everyone of the process and why you have the safe room.  Let them know they are to refuse to come out of the safe room until they are absolutely certain it is by the request of police or law enforcement authority.

It is my hope that you never have to use your safe room, but it is best to be proactive and be prepared!

Stay safe and protect your home and family!

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Phil Messina, Modern Warrior, 9-25

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On Friday, 9-25-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT, Cheryl Watterson, LTHS Radio Host, will interview Phil Messina, (retired Sgt. NYPD) and owner of  Modern Warrior, a training facility located in Lindenhurst, New York, that teaches practical application self-defense and is recognized world wide as a leader in realistic and practical Defensive Tactics Training. 

We’ll talk with Phil about the self-defense training he offers that is specifically designed for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against this type of criminal attack.  (Watch video below of training excerpt-Video Courtesy of MyFoxNY.com). 

The newest addition to the Modern Warrior training facility is the Indoor Simulator Room.  This room has several typical rooms filled with foam furniture for safely training against an attack that may come at any point during the day.  Learn to fight off a home invasion in your bedroom.  Fight off a rapist in your living room.  Stop an irate client in our foam furniture office.

Join our show on Friday, 9-25-09 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT and learn what Phil Messina, Modern Warrior has to say about protecting yourself in your own home against a home invasion intruder.

The radio Call-in number (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

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Naked 91-Year Old Vet & Dog Corner Burglar Till Police Arrive

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You Go Grandpa!!!  That’ll teach these punks to mess with a 91-year old.  When the drunken burglar came messing around a Lakeworth man’s home in the early morning hours, his dog went into action and cornered the home burglar while grandpa grabbed his gun and cell phone.

He immediately called the police for backup while he held the intruder at gunpoint.  One thing - grandpa forgot his pants!  He was stark naked.  But who cares - he’s 91, a WWII vet who probably served his country well, and survived a criminal burglary.  Naked or clothed - I like his attitude on crime control!

Dog + Gun + Security System = Priceless Home Protection!!

Here’s story and what the naked 91-year old went through Courtesy of Palm Beach Post.com:

LAKE WORTH — A burglar early this morning clambered over a backyard fence on a quiet block on the city’s west side. He picked the wrong house.

He made it maybe a couple of steps before Rettt the dog, a mixture of Rottweiler and Doberman pinscher, charged, tearing the intruder’s shirt from his back in a growling, ferocious attack.


This gave homeowner Robert E. Thompson, 91, time to jump out of bed, grab his gun, a .38-caliber revolver loaded with hollow-point bullets, and to phone the police.

Then he went out back to let the guy know how he felt about home invaders. He raised the gun and shouted out in the darkness. He thought there might be three or four of them. He didn’t care.

“The funny part was I didn’t have any clothes on,” said Thompson, a World War II veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart during combat tours in Europe. “I was standing out there with a .38 in my hand, and I was stark naked.”

Already terrified of the dog, the burglar, who looked to be no older than 20, took a step toward the nude 91-year-old, and that was it for Thompson.

To read the rest of the story -CLICK HERE.

As I’ve said many times, dogs are an excellent early warning system.  And you can’t beat having a firearm to protect yourself with, but having a home security system would’ve blown the eardrums off the intruder, possibly alerted the neighborhood, and notified the police for help.

If you want the very best protection and coverage for your home - Protect your home with ADT.

Be Proactive - Protect Your Home & Family Today!

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WSBT.com-Mishawaka Couple Living In Fear After Home Invasion

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Courtesy of WSBT News

by John Paul

MISHAWAKA — Four suspects were arrested Thursday night for their role in a home invasion in the 900 block of Merrifield Avenue in Mishawaka. Police say the victim was sitting on the couch when one of the suspects broke down the door.

Thursday night after dinner, Patti Heare was parked on the couch, watching her favorite TV show before joining her husband, who was already in bed, fast asleep.

“I was watching ‘Ugly Betty’ and I heard the door jiggle,” Heare said. “I thought it was one of my children.”  (You can read the entire story at http://www.southbendtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Date=20090213&Category=News01&ArtNo=902130038&SectionCat=Sports01&Template=printart

Read the article from Home Security 911.com

How would you like to be sitting comfortably in your family room watching your favorite TV program on a Thursday evening and all of a sudden have four home intruders bust right through your front door and rip your flatscreen TV off the wall - ALL RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!!.

Now is that getting bold or what??!!!  Well, that’s exactly what happened to a family in Mishawaka, Indiana on Thursday, February 12th.  As the homeowner was comfortably watching television - four men came crashing through her door and went straight for her flatscreen TV and plucked it right off the wall.  Of course, she screamed for her husband who was in another room as the men made a mad dash out of the house.

The husband chased the suspects out the door and jumped on the perpetrator’s vehicle.  He was dragged several feet as the vehicle sped off.  The police were able to apprehend these men after about 45 minutes of searching the surrounding neighborhoods.

Let’s take a look at what the homeowners could have done to make their home more difficult to get into.  And what they should do to regain their peace of mind after this incident. (The article didn’t say if the homeowners had a security system or if the door had been locked). 

What The Homeowners Should Do Now

1.  Be proactive by installing a home security system.  My company has partnered with the largest ADT Authorized Dealer-Protect Your Home- to offer our readers and customers a FREE ADT Home Security System valued at $850.  All you pay is a $99 Installation Fee with the 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Service.  If you require more protection than what is offered, you can always add protection so you are completely covered.  You can either call (866) 755-6137 or go to www.isecureyourhome.com to get your system installation and ADT service scheduled .

2.  Be sure to put the security alarm signs in the front and back area of your home so you give a warning  to any criminal element types.  Also let your insurance company know about your installation so they can give you  whatever homeowner discounts they offer.  When you become an ADT customer, one of the guarantees is - should you have a break in and certain requirements are met, ADT will pay $500 of your deductible.  That’s a tremendous benefit to you!

3.  Don’t rely solely upon the security system for your total protection.  Why do I say that?  These criminals are quick, they know what they are doing, and know exactly where to kick your door for it to bust right open.  They also know the police response time can be anywhere from a few minutes to 5-10 minutes.  This can give them time to be in and out before the police arrive.  Check your locks and deadbolts to make sure they are strong enough to withstand a 250 lb. forceful kick.  One of the best and most ultimate locks on the market today is “The Ultimate Lock.  This lock, combined with your security system, can give you an impenetrable level of protection.  Another device you can use would be either a door stop alarm or a 20-gauge steel door brace.  These are reasonably priced and can keep the door from being opened allowing you time to notify the police to an attempted breakin. Or time to grab your gun!!!!  You could also put one of these products in your bedroom to use for your SAFE ROOM protection.

4.  Check the window locks around your home and replace any that are not working properly  Then go to the local hardware store and purchase dowel rods that you can measure and cut then place in the track of the windows to prevent them from being opened.  Be sure to grab some white spray paint (if that’s the color of your windows) or stain so that when they are placed into the track of the window they blend right in and no one will be able to tell they are there.  But they now added superior strength to your windows.  By doing this you are forcing the perpetrator (punks) to break the glass to get into your home and most burglars do not want to do that.  (Too much noise, might get cut, and takes too much time).  Be sure you have your alarm window stickers in the lower right or left corner as a warning.

5.  If you have a security alarm system, consider adding a wireless remote panic button that can activate an alarm anywhere in the house and keep it near you.  Once the alarm button is pressed, the monitoring center can quickly dispatch the local police.  This type of emergency alarm is usually considered more of a priority and response time can even be quicker.  A wireless remote panic button does come in the Free ADT Home Security Package that I mentioned in the #1 spot above.  Remember, you can call (866) 755-6137 or go to www.isecureyourhome.com to get your ADT service set up. 

Crime seems to be encroaching upon even the best neighborhoods.  However, most people don’t think this type of crime - home invasion robbery or home burglaries - will happen to them.  Once it does it can destroy our peace of mind and that may be hard to get back.

After spending 20 years as a security consultant for ADT, I saw every type of break in imaginable.  Helping homeowners regain their peace of mind was my job. Even today, that is still my job, educating homeowners in the best way to protect their home and family. (I have been an ADT customer for over 23 years and I thoroughly believe this service is the best!).

Becoming proactive in your home and family security protection is the first step.  Realizing that this can happen to you and being ahead of the game can actually reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion/home burglary crime! 

Be Safe and Protect Your Family.

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