Home Burglaries Influence More Consumers To Consider Security Systems

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cw-pic-of-home-burglary1For the past year I have been talking about the struggling economy, the increase in home burglaries and home invasion robberies happening all across our country, and what homeowners can do to avoid becoming a crime victim.  It looks like someone is finally listening. 

Here’s a press release article Courtesy of ADT and NBFAA that states exactly what I have been saying on this security site as well as on www.homesecurity911.com.


Home Burglaries Influence

More Consumers to Consider Security Systems

 Trend Expected to Increase During Summer,

Busiest Time of Year for Home Burglaries

Aurora, Colo. / Irving, Texas - May 28, 2009 - It’s alarming to walk into your home and discover you’ve been burglarized. It’s happening more often in many areas of the U.S. with the trend expected to continue during the summer when more people are away from their homes, making their property more vulnerable to intruders.

Mary Hunt is a recent victim. Her Chicago home was burglarized, but since she had a monitored alarm system, police busted the burglars minutes after the break-in.

“You’d never think that when you leave your house someone will try to intrude,” Hunt said. “But thankfully, in my case, the alarm caught them in the act.”

The home burglary rate is expected to worsen this summer, traditionally the peak time. And with the rise in home break-ins comes increased consumer interest in the benefits of home security systems, reports the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), a leading industry organization that represents companies comprising over 70 percent of the multi-billion dollar home security market.

“As the crime rate in many markets continues increasing, we keep seeing more people calling security companies who are concerned about their safety,” said Merlin Guilbeau, NBFAA executive director. “Security systems have become the ‘must have’ item for the home.”

There are numerous studies and statistics which support the need for consumers to arm their homes with security systems:

· Rutgers University recently released a study, using five years of data, which scientifically proved that burglars tend to avoid homes with alarm systems.

· The FBI reports that a home is burglarized every 15 seconds in the U.S. and crimes to property, like homes, represent over 75 percent of all crimes reported.

· According to a Temple University study, a monitored alarm system makes a home three times less likely to be burglarized versus a home without an alarm.

Most home alarm systems are easy to operate, inexpensive to install and come with monthly monitoring fees that cost about a dollar a day. Besides helping to deter burglars and providing peace of mind when residents are away from their homes, security systems can also save money by providing consumers with up to a 20 percent discount off homeowner’s policies offered by most insurance companies. Additionally, many monitored systems offer protection from fire and carbon monoxide.

Many safety experts say now is the time for consumers without home security systems to consider buying one.

“When you go on a summer vacation, burglars can go to work on your house. It’s important that you make sure you are protected,” said Kathleen Baty, ‘the Safety Chick,’ an author and crime victim who was held at knifepoint in her home by an intruder. “Getting a security system can be a huge relief and make your vacation truly relaxing.”

Besides purchasing a home security system, the Safety Chick also recommends the following tips to help protect your home:

Plant thorny bushes like roses and bougainvillea around the windows

Turn down the phone ringer so burglars won’t hear you aren’t there

Buy motion-sensor lights. Some are solar powered, reducing energy usage

Install a film on your window glass, making it tougher to smash

The increase in home burglaries means high numbers of emergency calls are coming into security monitoring centers. ADT, the nation’s largest provider of home security, operates four interconnected, fully redundant monitoring centers nationwide, including Aurora, Colo. Since October, all four centers have had over 3.2 million emergency calls.

“As there continues to be a growing need for security systems,” said Guilbeau, “we want all consumers to answer one question, ‘Got Security?’”


NBFAA, a non-profit 501(c) 6 trade association, is the nation’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to representing, promoting, and supporting the electronic life safety, security, and systems industry. Member companies specialize in a wide spectrum of services to commercial and residential consumers, including security and fire alarms, video surveillance, access control and monitoring. In cooperation with a federation of state associations, NBFAA provides government advocacy and delivers timely information, professional development tools, products and services that members use to grow and prosper their businesses. The NBFAA may be reached at (888) 447-1689 or on the Web at www.alarm.org.

Media Contacts:

Laurie Knox - NBFAA, (888) 447-1689 x209, LaurieK@alarm.org

Bob Tucker - ADT, (561) 988-3619, btucker@adt.com

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FREE REPORT - “Home Invasion Prevention”

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Over the past eight months I have been putting together a security program called Home Invasion Prevention - 7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself & Your Family Against A Home Invasion.  This program will be part of the home security education offered to groups of individuals - homeowners to help them implement optimum protection strategies for their home and personal safety.  Because home burglary/home invasion robberies have become so prevalent in communities across the U.S., having more security education about how to prevent this type of crime from happening seemed very important.  

In the interim I put together a Free Report that can be downloaded entitled “Home Invasion Prevention..Learn Why Home Invasion Robbieres & Home Burglaries Are Becoming More and More Prevalent In Our Society.”  To get a copy of your Free Report Click Here and complete your name and email address so you can get the downloadable link.

Homeowners, condo owners, and apartment dwellers need to make their home and family security a No.1 priority.  Each day individuals are losing their jobs, there is more unemployment (with no option of getting a job), and more people are turning to home robbery type crimes. 

As homeowners we need to have a security plan and be better prepared in our overall home protection so we can prevent this crime from happening to our home and family.

Get a copy of the Free Report “Home Invasion Prevention” now!  Click Here.

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Tough Economic Times Driving Burglaries

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With the hard economic times driving more home burglary crimes - it’s time to target harden the perimeter of your home to keep the burglars OUT!!! 

Video Courtesy of KRQU-TV

For the past year I have been writing about how the increase in home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are primarily due to the change in our economy.  It seems even law enforcement is starting to say the same thing.  After spending 20 years as a Security Consultant for ADT - I saw firsthand how the change in the economy can cause an increase in home burglary crimes. 

In the early - mid 1990’s there was an increase in this crime right around the presidential election.  The primary news was the bad state of our economy.  As a security consultant during this time I was extremely busy assisting thousands of homeowners with their home security protection. 

When I look at home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes today, they are different.  I think the word “desperation” best describes the home burglary/home invasion intruders.  These intruders are smarter, more educated, and more determined to break into homes and take whatever they want. 

When you see the violent home invasions and home burglaries blasting the TV news, there seems to be a certain amount of desperation driving these criminals.  Things like job loss, no jobs available, trying to feed a family, and a $500/per day drug habit can make one desperate!

For the criminal with an expensive drug habit, they are going to be very busy breaking into many homes each day.  Not only are they looking at taking your property (computers, TV’s, big screen, stereos), but they are also looking to take your cash, credit cards, jewelry, guns and whatever else they can find that can easily be turned into cash.   

For todays home intruders, installing just a security system may not be enough.  What I mean by that is these criminals realize there may be some things they can do to disable “some” alarm systems.  Many have become educated in how security systems function, while there are still many criminals who avoid a home with an alarm system.  The professional intruder may know approximately how long it takes for the police to respond in your neighborhood.  In some areas it might only be a few minutes for the police to respond to an alarm; while in larger metro cities it could be 5/10 maybe 15 minutes or longer.  The intruders are alert to these response times by the authorities. 

That’s why it is very important to harden the entire perimeter of your home.  You need to buy as much time as you can while the intruder is trying to break in for the police to respond to your call.  You don’t need to go crazy and build Ft. Knox, but take a look at where an intruder might potentially break in and make sure you’ve reinforced that area.  The longer and harder the intruder has to work to break in the more likely he is to give up and go to an easier home.

Here are some security measures you can take to target harden your home’s perimeter.  If you are home when an attempted intrusion takes place, immediately call 911 and activate your alarm system’s emergency panic button.  This will let the alarm company know to dispatch the police immediately that someone is home and needs help right away! 

1.  Install a security system that protects all entry doors, vulnerable windows, with interior motion detectors (depending on home size at least one on the main level and one in a basement location), operating panel at the main entry with an option for one at the front door, and either an operating panel in the master bedroom or at least a wireless remote with a panic button.  Make sure you put your alarm sign in the front and back of your home and put window decals on doors with glass and vulnerable windows.  Click Here for security details.

2.  Reinforce your deadbolt locking system if outdated.  The Ultimate Lock is an excellent deadbolt system that will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to kick in the front door.  This locking system can withstand up to 4,000 pounds of force.  If you have a 250 lb intruder kicking at your front door, be aware you must have a deadbolt system that can withstand that blow.  The Ultimate Lock should be a part of your perimeter security protection - the front door, back door, and garage service doors are going to be vulnerable doors that an intruder will be looking at kicking in.  Click Here for details on the Ultimate Lock system.

3.  Glass can be a weakness in your home’s perimeter, especially if it is single paned glass.  The newer glass sliders/windows use double-paned glass, but even they can still be broken.  If you have a lot of glass slider doors on the rear of your home, protect your glass slider doors with ShatterGARD security window film.  This is a security film that goes on the inside glass that provides a coating like armor in case the glass is broken.  An intruder would have to work extremely hard using a baseball bat to try and break the glass.  The glass may eventually break but will hold together with the ShatterGARD film keeping the intruder from getting through.  Once the intruder realizes he cannot get through the glass without completely exhausting himself, looking for an easier home may be his next choice.  Click Here for details on ShatterGARD security film.

4.  A perimeter alert system that lets you know that someone is breaching the outer area of your home can give you valuable warning that you have a potential intruder on your property and more than likely looking at breaking in.  The last thing you want is to wake up and find the intruder looking down at you and you never heard him get in.  The Voice Alert System can be set up to detect someone approaching your driveway, the front door area, garage door area, and back door area.  If it is 3:00 a.m., wouldn’t you want to know you have an intruder at your backdoor?  Click Here for details on the Voice Alert System.

5.  A reinforcement for your perimeter and interior doors would be the 20-gauge steel door brace.  This is a relatively inexpensive yet strong addition to your doors.  It is placed underneath the front door handle and braces itself against the door and floor.  The harder someone pushes on the door the more the brace takes hold.  Once again, this could slow the intruder down giving you time to alert the police….or grab your personal protection.  I keep a door brace in the master bedroom as part of my safe room protection to reinforce the master bedroom door.  Click Here for details on the steel door brace.

6.  Place motion detector lights around the perimeter of your home.  if you have a dusk to dawn light, that can be an effective deterrent as well.  The motion lights come on when someone or even an animal walks within the sensing unit.  To be most effective I would always recommend to customers to have the motion lights connected to an interior light or lamp so when the outside motion lights came on it would also turn the lights inside on.  That made it look like someone was really home.

7.  Check the list of common-sense products you can purchase from your local hardware store to help reinforce the perimeter of your home.  Click Here for details on common-sense products.

If you setup your security system protection using the above protection plan, you can harden your home’s perimeter making it extremely difficult for a home burglary/home invasion intruder to get through. 

Be proactive and protect your home and family today!!

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Don’t Be A Home Invasion Victim!

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Don’t be a victim of a deadly home invasion robbery!

You know how tough things are in our economy right now.   If you watch the daily news, read the papers, or listen to the radio, you know thousands of people are losing their jobs, businesses are closing, there are NO jobs, and homes are being lost. 

With this grim picture, there has been a tremendous increase in home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes.  People are looking for cash in the easiest way possible.  Home robbery crime is easy because homeowners sometimes become lax by leaving doors and windows unlocked and not being security conscious.  We sometimes have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude.

Determine that you are not going to allow this type of crime to affect your home and family.  Refuse to be a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime!!

Get a copy of my FREE Report - “Home Invasion Prevention”  to learn proactive strategies and ways to strenghthen your overall home security, personal protection options, and keeping your home and family safe and well-protected 24/7. 

Just enter your name and email in the box to the right and then check your email address for the downloadable link

Starting today - be proactive and take action to protect your home and family!!

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Home Safety & Security Interview

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Larry Kaminer, President-Personal Safety Group interviewed Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, Security Expert for Lets Talk Home Security and Home Security 911.

Home Safety and Security

Cheryl Watterson, home safety and security expert joined us for a show yesterday and imparted some very valuable information. Here are some of the golden nuggets I got out of our discussion:

If your leave your cars in the driveway, take the remote switch out of the vehicle and bring it inside. Its way too easy for a criminal to break into the vehicle and open your garage door with the remote that you have conveniently left for him clipped onto the visor

Place a wireless sensor (separate from the home security system) out near the top of your driveway or toward the periphery of your property that will alert you if someone has crossed onto your property. This way the first time you know someone is trespassing or trying to get into your home isn’t just when they are trying the door or breaking a window.  For more information on the Driveway Alert System, go to http://www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com/voicealert.htm.

If your designated “safe room” - the room in which you will  barricade yourself to buy time until the police arrive, is your master bedroom, be aware that home invaders most often make their way to the master suite since a lot of high value items can be found there. Jewelery, cash and guns!!!

Cheryl reminded us that an addict with a $500 per day habit needs to steal a lot of property and when an addict is going into withdrawal, there is not much they wont do to get their hands on valuables to trade for their drug of choice.

Visit  http://www.letstalkhomesecurity.com/  to download a home invasion prevention report that Cheryl provides at no charge.

My interview with Cheryl lasted one hour and I will have her back since I feel like I had another two hours of questions

Thanks again Cheryl for taking the time to join us on our first radio interview


For professional personal safety awareness training, go to www.PersonalSafetyGroup.com.  Contact Larry Kaminer for all personal training details.

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.letstalkhomesecurity.com


Bruce Barnes, Noblesville PD, 04-22-09

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Cheryl Watterson will interview Lt. Bruce Barnes, Noblesville, Indiana Police Department Public Information Officer on Lets Talk Home Security Radio, 04-22-09.

Join the program as Lt. Barnes discusses Residential Security Inspections for burglary/theft prevention for your residence.  More and more home burglaries are happening and one reason is homeowners have become lax in their overall home security.  When you leave your doors unlocked whether you are asleep or away from home, you are inviting strangers/intruders into your home.  Make security a habit!

This is the time for reiterating basic home security awareness.  Building solid home security habits will help homeowners keep their home well-protected and their family safe 24/7.

Join in the conversation with Lt. Barnes on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. EDT/3:00 p.m. PDT at (646) 727-3396 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Download a Residential Security Checklist from the Noblesville Police Department and do your own home security walk-through by clicking HERE.

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.letstalkhomesecurity.com








Home Invasion Intruders Strike Granger, IN While Homeowners Sleep

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If you leave your doors unlocked when you go to bed at night or when you leave for the day, you are inviting criminals into your home.  As we weather the storm of job losses, unemployment, and an economy that is fighting to recover, there has been a big increase in the number of home burglaries - home invasion robbery crimes.

As homeowners we need to do our part to make our homes well-protected and keep our family safe from becoming a victim of a violent home invasion robbery crime.  It is very bold that an intruder feels he can walk into a strangers home in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep.  If they will do that type of home invasion, they will probably have no problem harming you and your family should someone awaken and catch them in the act of this crime..

It is our responsibility to double check that the doors are locked at night before going to be, that the garage door is closed, and that we place high valuables like cell phone/computers/purse/electronics out of viewing sight from nearby windows.  If you have a home security system, turn it on whenever you go to bed and when you leave for the day.  This is all a security habit that you must get into and do each and everyday.  Try this for 21 days straight and it will be firmly entrenched as a habit.

If you would like to learn more about Home Invasion Prevention and how to avoid being a victim, get a copy of my FREE REPORT - Home Invasion Prevention by going to www.letstalkhomesecurity.com and signing up.  Sometimes we need to take a few minutes to review the security we currently have in and around our own home.  If there are any weaknesses in our home security, we should act to improve it.  

Here is an article from the South Bend Tribune about four homes in the Granger, Indiana area that were recently burglarized while the homeowners were home asleep.  When an intruder breaks in while homeowners are there, that is considered a home invasion crime.  After reading the article it appears that the homeowners did not consider that they may become a home burglary/home invasion crime victim.  People seem to think “it will never happen to me…until it does.” 

No matter what neighborhood you live in - good or bad - realize that you can become a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime if you are not prepared.  Protect your home and family today! 

Article published Apr 18, 2009 - Courtesy of South Bend Tribune
Owners home in Granger when burglars strike
Police issue warnings to lock and close doors.
By SUE LOWE Tribune Staff Writer

GRANGER — Four burglaries while homeowners slept Wednesday night have prompted a police warning for people to lock their doors and keep small valuables out of sight.

St. Joseph County police Sgt. Bill Redman said police believe the four burglaries and another attempted burglary, all in subdivisions in the northeast corner of the county, are related.

He warned residents to make sure all doors, including doors between garages and homes, are locked.

Redman said police officers on night patrol see several garage doors up in most subdivisions as they drive through at night.

He warned that cars and trucks left in driveways with garage door openers inside give burglars a chance to grab the openers.People should store wallets, purses and small electronic items such as cell phones out of sight of windows, according to Redman.

“What these guys are doing is walking behind houses and trying doors (to see if they’re locked),” Redman said. “These people are getting pretty brave.”

He said they often see purses and wallets left in sight from outside the homes.

Redman warned of similar burglaries in Granger in 2008 and said homeowners have apparently forgotten.

Those burglaries along with a daylight burglary on Ash Road have Redman anticipating “a bad year” for crime.Redman said a purse and wallet were stolen from two homes in the Covington Shores subdivision on Adams Road. The empty purses and wallets from those burglaries were found Thursday on a subdivision cul de sac in Cass County.

But all the credit cards, money and electronic devices were gone.

In one burglary, the homeowners were awakened by a loud noise and found a wallet, cell phone and purse gone. A door was pried open in that incident.

In the other Covington Shores burglary, homeowners found that a purse with a cell phone inside and a wallet were missing when they woke up Thursday morning. The garage door was left up at that home.

Redman said a homeowner saw somebody in a home in Northbrook Shores off Ash Road and apparently scared him away. He saida child who needed to go to the bathroom woke the woman who lives in the home.

As the woman was walking the child back to bed, she saw somebody with a small flashlight in the living room and called for her husband.

The person in the living room ran from the house. Redman said the patio door was not locked.

In Pleasant Valley South, also off Ash Road, somebody set off an alarm at one home and left.

A woman was awakened by noise at a nearby home but went back to sleep. She found a purse and a digital camera gone when she woke up. The door between the house and garage was not locked.Redman said a man has been arrested in connection with the burglary at a home on Douglas Road near Ash Road on Wednesday.

That incident alarmed Redman because the man broke into the home even though signs identified it as having an alarm system.

The alarm company called St. Joseph County police and somebody else called Elkhart County police to report a suspicious person.

Redman said Elkhart County police found the man walking down the road carrying a jewelry box from the house and a crow bar.  (To read the rest of the article - click HERE).

Be prepared and protect your home and family!

Protect your home with an ADT system

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.letstalkhomesecurity.com


WSBT.com-Mishawaka Couple Living In Fear After Home Invasion

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Courtesy of WSBT News

by John Paul

MISHAWAKA — Four suspects were arrested Thursday night for their role in a home invasion in the 900 block of Merrifield Avenue in Mishawaka. Police say the victim was sitting on the couch when one of the suspects broke down the door.

Thursday night after dinner, Patti Heare was parked on the couch, watching her favorite TV show before joining her husband, who was already in bed, fast asleep.

“I was watching ‘Ugly Betty’ and I heard the door jiggle,” Heare said. “I thought it was one of my children.”  (You can read the entire story at http://www.southbendtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Date=20090213&Category=News01&ArtNo=902130038&SectionCat=Sports01&Template=printart

Read the article from Home Security 911.com

How would you like to be sitting comfortably in your family room watching your favorite TV program on a Thursday evening and all of a sudden have four home intruders bust right through your front door and rip your flatscreen TV off the wall - ALL RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!!.

Now is that getting bold or what??!!!  Well, that’s exactly what happened to a family in Mishawaka, Indiana on Thursday, February 12th.  As the homeowner was comfortably watching television - four men came crashing through her door and went straight for her flatscreen TV and plucked it right off the wall.  Of course, she screamed for her husband who was in another room as the men made a mad dash out of the house.

The husband chased the suspects out the door and jumped on the perpetrator’s vehicle.  He was dragged several feet as the vehicle sped off.  The police were able to apprehend these men after about 45 minutes of searching the surrounding neighborhoods.

Let’s take a look at what the homeowners could have done to make their home more difficult to get into.  And what they should do to regain their peace of mind after this incident. (The article didn’t say if the homeowners had a security system or if the door had been locked). 

What The Homeowners Should Do Now

1.  Be proactive by installing a home security system.  My company has partnered with the largest ADT Authorized Dealer-Protect Your Home- to offer our readers and customers a FREE ADT Home Security System valued at $850.  All you pay is a $99 Installation Fee with the 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Service.  If you require more protection than what is offered, you can always add protection so you are completely covered.  You can either call (866) 755-6137 or go to www.isecureyourhome.com to get your system installation and ADT service scheduled .

2.  Be sure to put the security alarm signs in the front and back area of your home so you give a warning  to any criminal element types.  Also let your insurance company know about your installation so they can give you  whatever homeowner discounts they offer.  When you become an ADT customer, one of the guarantees is - should you have a break in and certain requirements are met, ADT will pay $500 of your deductible.  That’s a tremendous benefit to you!

3.  Don’t rely solely upon the security system for your total protection.  Why do I say that?  These criminals are quick, they know what they are doing, and know exactly where to kick your door for it to bust right open.  They also know the police response time can be anywhere from a few minutes to 5-10 minutes.  This can give them time to be in and out before the police arrive.  Check your locks and deadbolts to make sure they are strong enough to withstand a 250 lb. forceful kick.  One of the best and most ultimate locks on the market today is “The Ultimate Lock.  This lock, combined with your security system, can give you an impenetrable level of protection.  Another device you can use would be either a door stop alarm or a 20-gauge steel door brace.  These are reasonably priced and can keep the door from being opened allowing you time to notify the police to an attempted breakin. Or time to grab your gun!!!!  You could also put one of these products in your bedroom to use for your SAFE ROOM protection.

4.  Check the window locks around your home and replace any that are not working properly  Then go to the local hardware store and purchase dowel rods that you can measure and cut then place in the track of the windows to prevent them from being opened.  Be sure to grab some white spray paint (if that’s the color of your windows) or stain so that when they are placed into the track of the window they blend right in and no one will be able to tell they are there.  But they now added superior strength to your windows.  By doing this you are forcing the perpetrator (punks) to break the glass to get into your home and most burglars do not want to do that.  (Too much noise, might get cut, and takes too much time).  Be sure you have your alarm window stickers in the lower right or left corner as a warning.

5.  If you have a security alarm system, consider adding a wireless remote panic button that can activate an alarm anywhere in the house and keep it near you.  Once the alarm button is pressed, the monitoring center can quickly dispatch the local police.  This type of emergency alarm is usually considered more of a priority and response time can even be quicker.  A wireless remote panic button does come in the Free ADT Home Security Package that I mentioned in the #1 spot above.  Remember, you can call (866) 755-6137 or go to www.isecureyourhome.com to get your ADT service set up. 

Crime seems to be encroaching upon even the best neighborhoods.  However, most people don’t think this type of crime - home invasion robbery or home burglaries - will happen to them.  Once it does it can destroy our peace of mind and that may be hard to get back.

After spending 20 years as a security consultant for ADT, I saw every type of break in imaginable.  Helping homeowners regain their peace of mind was my job. Even today, that is still my job, educating homeowners in the best way to protect their home and family. (I have been an ADT customer for over 23 years and I thoroughly believe this service is the best!).

Becoming proactive in your home and family security protection is the first step.  Realizing that this can happen to you and being ahead of the game can actually reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion/home burglary crime! 

Be Safe and Protect Your Family.

Click this link to see what you receive at NO CHARGE when you become an ADT customer through our recommended website.


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