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January 23, 2010 by admin  
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Optimum Glass Protection & How To Keep Thugs From Breaking Through Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

Here’s A Typical Problem: There are many windows on your main andburglarized-thru-window lower levels that you consider to be vulnerable to a burglary.  On the backside of your home there are (3) sliding glass doors that are concealed from your neighbor’s view.  You have seen on the local news that burglars are easily busting through sliding glass doors when no one is home.  How can you protect your sliding glass doors and windows from home intruders breaking in – whether you have a security system or not?

Solution: The standard recommendation is to install a home security system and protect the glass on the doors and windows with specific sensors.  If you have a security system, a glassbreak detector can sense breaking glass and sound a loud decibel alarm that will alert your alarm company to dispatch the police.  Keep in mind your home location and the time it will take for the police to arrive after being dispatched.  The burglar may be able to get into your home, rob you of your valuables, and be long gone before the police arrive.

Your main goal should be to keep intruders from ever getting into your home.

To make it extremely difficult for the home intruder to get through glass doors or windows, install a security window film that offers optimum glass protection making the glass virtually impenetrable.   Our security resource for quality security window film is ShatterGARD.

Tips On Protecting Glass Slider Doors & Windows

  • As I’ve mentioned many times, having good locks and reinforcement on the windows – such as dowel rods – can make the window extremely difficult to open.  However, if the intruder is determined to break in through the glass, you need to ensure the window is unable to be broken through without setting off an alarm or making it virtually impenetrable to actually getting through.
  • Contact sensors on the window or doors will set off the alarm only when the door/window is opened.  Many burglars do not want to take the time to bust out the glass, clean it out and then crawl through.  This is a very good protection level.
  • A glassbreak detector sets off the alarm when glass is broken and is typically connected to a security alarm system.  However, there are wireless glassbreak sensors that can set off an alarm locally (meaning it is not connected to a 24/7 monitoring company).
  • An optimum protection for glass doors and windows is offered through ShatterGARD security window film.   This company also provides security window film for your vehicle’s glass.  When this window film is applied to the inside glass, it makes it virtually impenetrable to getting through.  Check out the following videos that show how ShatterGARD security window film can protect both your home and your vehicle from break ins and violent carjackings.
  • Don’t forget to install a home security system as your ultimate deterrence to a home burglary or home invasion robbery crime.