Who’s Always There Even When You’re Not…ADT!!

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So when ADT says they are Always There…they are always there at their ADT Customer Monitoring Centers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - watching and dispatching on alarm signals like burglary, fire, police emergency, duress holdup, carbon monoxide, low temperature, flood detection and more.  So if there is an alarm event that is triggered from your home and you’re not there, ADT will alert appropriate law enforcement/fire authorities as well as contacting those you designate to meet authorities at your home.

What happens if there is a major disaster to the ADT Monitoring Center?

All ADT Customer Monitoring Centers can operate at top optimal levelsadt-redundant-systems under a variety of adverse conditions.  Monitoring professionals have the support of powerful computers and secure communications links with multiple backup systems, which means you can always rely on ADT in an emergency.  For some alarm monitoring companies, a disaster may mean they are out of business until their facility is repaired.  For ADT they have backups in place and redundant ADT  monitoring centers throughout the USA that can take over for another monitoring center anytime if needed -  which means ADT is always there for YOU - our valued customer!

ADT’s backup systems are prepared for anything:

Hurricane…Blackout…Tornado…Power Failure…Flooding…Computer Crash…Power Outage…

If you’re looking for a well-known branded security alarm company that has built it’s reputation on providing quality excellence, solid integrity, and professional 24/7 customer monitoring service then check and see how you can protect your home with ADT.

Holiday Shopping Safety Awareness Tips

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holiday-mall-black-fridayThe 2010 Holiday Shopping Season officially begins on Friday, 11-26-10, known as BLACK FRIDAY. This name alone should cause you to be a little more cautious as you make your way to the mall or favorite shopping area.

Although most people are heading to the mall with the thought of being thankful and grateful for what they have and the ability to buy gifts for those they love, there are criminals lurking in and around the mall aiming to take what you have.  With personal crimes increasing it is imperative that you keep the following holiday shopping safety awareness tips in mind as you go about your holiday shopping and festivities over the next six weeks.

Be sure to also follow holiday home security and safety tips.  You want to make sure your home is a secure and safe place over the holidays.  We are now entering an extremely vulnerable time  - the Christmas Holiday Season - where home burglaries and home invasions always tend to increase.  Keep your personal safety and security a priority whether you are at home, shopping, or traveling.

Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings At The Malls, Stores & Shopping Centers

■  Carry some type of personal protection device like Personal Alarm with a loud 130 decibel siren to alert others around that you need help.  For greater security protection you may want to consider Pepper Spray or Mace. (Check local laws pertaining to TASERS/Stun Guns and even pepper sprays). Your safety and those of your family members should be a priority. If a criminal attacks you for your purse or packages, give him your belongings. Your life is more important! If he tries to hurt you or a loved one, use your personal device to protect yourself and those with you.
■  If using an ATM at the mall, be vigilant and aware who may be around you. Try not to make large cash withdrawals. Remember the malls may be extremely crowded and this would be an excellent time for a criminal to catch you off-guard and grab your cash.
■  Shop during the daylight hours whenever you can. If shopping at night, try to go with another person. If shopping alone and leaving the mall late at night, ask a security officer to accompany you to your car.
■  Always choose a bank with an ATM located in a highly visible, well-lit area. If you notice anyone suspicious approaching, cancel your transaction and leave.
■  Avoid using ATM’s where you must go inside the ATM area unless you are with others. This leaves you highly vulnerable to a criminal attack. Use the drive-up ATM whenever possible.
■  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Don’t advertise large rolls of money in public. You don’t know who may be watching.
■  When you leave your vehicle, make sure to lock your doors and keep windows closed. If you have an alarm on your vehicle, use it.
■  Even though you may be rushed and have a thousand things on your mind, stay alert to your surroundings.
■  Don’t leave valuable items inside your car that are visible to others. Place packages in the trunk of your car.
■  Avoid carrying too many packages that may make you a target.   Make regular trips to your car to drop off packages.
■  Keep your purse tucked close to your body at all times. Don’t let it dangle from your shoulder as this may be a perfect setup for a purse-snatcher.
■  For men – carry wallets in front pocket rather than back pocket or jacket. Thieves are looking for easy targets as they move through the crowded malls.
■  Park only in well-lit parking areas and as close to a mall or store entrance as you can. Don’t settle for an isolated parking spot just because you’re in a hurry. Hold out for a safe spot to open up.
■  As you walk through parking lots, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and walk with authority. Don’t look like a victim.
■  Don’t be talking on your cell phone as you leave the mall walking to your car. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings and anyone who looks suspicious.
■  Approach your car with car keys in hand and survey the exterior and interior of your vehicle before entering. Place your packages in the trunk all the while aware of anyone who may be nearby or approaching you.
■  Don’t get into your car if you are being followed or are suspicious of anyone standing near your car. If so, return to the mall or store or where there are other people. Ask for store security assistance.
■  Beware alert and aware of strangers who may be approaching you for whatever reason. At this time of year there are “scammers” trying various methods to distract you with the intention of taking your money and belongings.

Because of our crazy economy there seems to be an increase in carjackings, personal assaults, and robberies.  Pay close attention to those around you and have your keys ready as you approach your car.  Put your Pepper Spray on your key holder just in case.  Better safe than sorry!

Home Security - Protection At The Front Door

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Video Courtesy of  www.strandna.co.uk Chain Reaction

What have you done to protect your front door from home intrusion?  Are you still living with a 1970’s mentality on crime - “it won’t happen to me?” Or have you proactively set up a solid, impenetrable level of perimeter protection to keep the criminal home intruder out?

Todays home intruders are a different breed of criminals.  They are bold, brazen, heartless predators who would rather shoot the homeowner when confronted rather than turn and leave.  As a homeowner it is your responsibility to ensure your family has a home that is safe, secure and well-protected.

As always stated I highly recommend a home security system that protects for home burglaries, violent intrusion, fire, and other emergencies with a quick notification to the police/fire authorities.  However, I also realize that the goal of any security protection is to ultimately keep the intruder OUT of your home.  The front door or any perimeter door may be the first intrusion point that the criminal uses and extra protection there is vitally important.

I remember hearing people say early in the 1990’s that they felt really comfortable having their security system protect their front door.  I also thought that was pretty good protection back then.  However, today you need to build an impenetrable level of protection - that actually stops intruders at the front door before they can enter, setting off a loud alarm or alert, that gives the homeowner time to react by either reaching for their personal protection or gathering their family to a safe room until police or help arrive.

Don’t wait to become a victim of a home intrusion!  Be proactive by implementing strategic home protection today!

AAA-Safety First.com - 10/30/09

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My guest on Lets Talk Home Security, Friday, 10-30-09, was Jack Krohn, President of AAA-Safety First, an online business specializing in personal protection and camera surveillance systems.

Our primary conversation was to learn about web cameras and video surveillance camera systems and how they can keep the homeowner alert to what is going on in and around their home 24/7.

I especially like the fact that the latest webcam/video systems can be set up to allow the homeowner to view each designated cameras using their laptop, computer, or the cell phones.  That is great technology!

To listen in on the interview with Jack Krohn, AAA-SafetyFirst.com, click the radio widget below:

Jack indicated he would give a 10% discount off any camera system ordered by just entering the following discount code:  FTV at checkout. 

Here are the links to the camera systems we discussed:



Having a video surveillance camera is just another way of being able to know what is going on in and around your home 24/7 .  A camera system combined with your security system can prove to be a highly effective home security strategy.

If you haven’t already done so, take action and start your home protection today!! 

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Could Your Home Be The Next Shoot Out By Brazen Gun Fighters?

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Watch the video of the gun battle at the O.K. Corral back in the 1800’s and the gun battle at a Toledo, Ohio bar 2009 a few nights ago. This is a frightening scene of lawlessness, brazen boldness with a lethal firearm, and a careless attitude for anyone’s life?

Courtesy of Monte 1880 - Shootout at the O.K. Corral - 1800’s

Courtesy of ConservativeMediaNews - Toledo, OH Bar -2009

If these gun-toten punks are just right around the corner at the local “shady” bar, residents may want to take the necessary precautions to ensure they have hardened the perimeter of their home.  Wherever there is illegal activity like selling guns and drugs, other crimes like home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes are sure to be next.

We all must be responsible for our own personal safety and the protection and safety of our home and family.  Be proactive and take the necessary steps to secure your home by target hardening the perimeter, installing a security system/early alert warning system, and make your home the least desirable home to try and break into.

Stay safe and protect your home and family.

Protect Your Home with a FREE Home Security System ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee + 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Services.  Call  866-755-6137  or Click Here to go to the website. Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @  www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Self-Defense With An Attitude - Knowing How To Stay Safe 24/7

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Tonite I interviewed Dr. Ruthless - Melissa Soalt -on Lets Talk Home Security Radio Show and what a ton of valuable information she and her punching partner Michael gave us.

We discussed self-defense methods, strategies, training,  listening to ”gut feelings”/ instincts, being aware of your surroundings at all times, practical safety/self-defense applications, and flat out female warrior power that’s hidden deep inside each and every one of us.   (We actually needed 2-hours with all the great info they were providing).  This is absolutely powerful stuff that we all need to know if we are faced with a violent, physical attack or assault.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Dr. Ruthless Fierce and Female Self-Defense DVD, go to www.dr-ruthless.com/dvd.php and order your own DVD and start your self-defense training at home.  The more knowledgeable, aware, and prepared you are to defend yourself - the safer you will ultimately be!!  Your home security, personal safety, and the safety of those you love and care about should be your No. 1 priority.

Take care, stay safe & protect your home and family!!

Bank Executive/EE Home Security

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On Friday, 08-28-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson talked about home protection strategies for bank executives, middle management, bank managers, executive managers, and their employees.

With bank robberies on the rise - there has also been a tremendous  increase in the number of home invasion robberies.  The two crimes sort of go together - criminals — robberies — money.

Criminals are getting smarter and some are very professional.  In fact over the past 8-10 years there have been many incidents of home invasion robberies of bank executives where family members were kidnapped and/or held hostage while the bank employee was driven to the bank and  forced to withdraw money.

What executive holds the keys to the bank branch?  Is it the branch or assistant manager?  Very likely a professional criminal could go to the home of one of the local managers and perform the exact crime and catch the bank employee totally off-guard.  People don’t think that a home invasion robbery crime is going to happen to them - it’s always someone else who is the victim! Most banks are set up with security systems that record opening and closing schedules that would alert the alarm monitoring center.

The safety and security of bank employees should be a high priority.  Especially with our economy in such a slump - desperate people do desperate things!

Employee training that includes personal safety awareness while at work, in the bank, and outside of the bank should be ongoing.  Employees should also have the opportunity to learn the best home security strategies to keep both their home and family safe while at work or at home.

By being proactive and knowing how to protect your home and keep your family safe you can avoid becoming a victim of a home burglary or home invasion robbery crime.  The consequences can be very devastating!

Larger banks with multiple branches throughout a city or state should offer  their employees and even their customers a training program that includes home security protection strategies and personal safety awareness.  That would be a company that offers value-added benefits to employees and customer.

Take care and protect your home and family.

Sgt. Ted Roy, Escambia County PIO

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On Friday, 8-14-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson will interview Sgt. Ted Roy of the Escambia County, Florida Sheriff’s Office.  Sgt. Roy is presently the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the agency, in charge of the bike unit and a team leader for the SWAT Team.  During his career Sgt. Roy has worked patrol, investigations, community policing, and crime prevention.  He has been involved in all aspects of helping to keep his community and county safe from crime.

Be sure to join us as we talk with Sgt. Roy about home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes in his community.  With the knowledge and experience he has with home related crimes, we’ll discuss specific concerns  about safety and ways homeowners can effectively secure and protect their home/family, develop a heightened level of security awareness, and refuse to be a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime.

Our radio show starts at 10:00 a.m. EDT/9:00 a.m. CDT.  Radio call in number is (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.  Why not join in the conversation!  See you then.

Violent Home Invasion/Murder In Escambia County, FL

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On July 9th a violent home invasion robbery occurred in Escambia County, Florida and left a couple dead and their 17 children parentless.  According to deputies, Byrd and Melanie Billings were shot just before eight Thursday night at their home in the Beulah Community.

Investigators say children ranged in ages 8-14 (some with special needs) and were home when the couple were murdered.  One of the kids heard the gunshots and called a family friend.   Read More…

This is a such a senseless crime that you wonder what has happened to a certain core of our society that someone would do such a horrific and murderous crime.  The perpetrators should be prosecuted with the entire book thrown at them!

Don’t become a victim of a violent, senseless home invasion robbery! 

Be aware, be proactive, and ensure you have hardened the perimeter of both your home and your outside property.  You don’t want to be a surprised victim of a violent home invasion robbery with no options.

Protect your family and home now!

Get a copy of the FREE Report - “Home Invasion Prevention” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Refuse To Be A Crime Victim!

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Refuse to be a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime! 

Courtesy of San Diego Six News

As a former Security Consultant for ADT, my job was to help customers implement the most optimum protection and security for their home so they could avoid becoming a victim of a violent home invasion/burglary crime!  Today, as a business owner, I continue to help homeowners do that by promoting quality home security protection, products, and information.

Even though there are more people out of work - and some are becoming very desperate, there are those individuals who are just taking advantage of the sad state of our economy and turning to home invasion crimes. 

These are low-life punks (yes folks that’s what they are) who are becoming bolder and bolder and since they typical bust into a home 2-4 intruders at a time — the feel totally empowered!

Yes.  They love showing their power to the poor, defenseless homeowner who forgot to protect his home and and family from these maniacs!!  These criminals absolutely get a thrill out of seeing the fear in the face of each of their victims.

When I read and watch the TV and internet news that talk about how home invasions are becoming more violent - it frustrates me that people wait until a crime like this happens to their family before they take proactive home security action.

Click this link and read an article written back in April on“Hard Economic Times Seem to Be Driving More Home Burglary Crimes-Target Harden Your Home Protection.? 

Home burglary/home invasion crimes are spreading across our nation.  I encourage homeowners to become proactive and harden the perimeter of your home.  Make these criminals work hard to get into your home.  Most of the time they’ll leave and go to an easier home.

Refuse to be a victim of a home invasion crime.  Some home security tips that will help:

  1. Install a quality and reputable home security system.  
  2. Reinforce your deadbolt locks.  Look at the Ultimate Lock - an excellent and extremely strong deadbolt locking system.  Update doors and windows if they are older than 15-20 years. 
  3. Glass is a big weakness.  Protect glass slider doors and vulnerable windows with ShatterGARD security window film.  Make these punks work HARD if they want into your home!
  4. Install some type of perimeter alert system that lets you know someone has breached your property.  The Voice Alert System is an excellent addition to your overall security.
  5. Reinforce perimeter and interior doors with a 20-gauge steel door brace.  Again, slow the intruder down, make him work to get in, and that also gives the homeowner time to react - and maybe get his GUN!!
  6. Make sure you have a dusk to dawn light or motion sensor lights around your home.  Intruders don’t like light unless there are no other homes nearby!
  7. Checkout the list of common-sense security products you can get from your local hardware store.

Be proactive and take immediate action to protect your home & family!!

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com