Hardwire vs RF Security System

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Courtesy of Home Security 911-Hardwire vs Wireless Security System
When I began my career in the home alarm industry 20+ years ago as a Security Consultant, the prominent type of security system was the hardwired system. The wireless system was available to purchase but the quality and reliability was very poor with many false alarm problems. There were so many outside interferences  causing problems, that the company I worked for (ADT Security) quit selling the wireless system in our area until the technology was better perfected.
Throughout the last twenty years there has been a big push to improve the wireless technology and it is now an exceptional product. For the alarm industry the wireless systems have been perfected to the point where they are basically false-alarm free. And that’s what homeowners want - Reliability!
Just look at our wireless industry and you see wireless cell phones, Bluetooths, telephones, internet, satellite TV, and all types of communications. A lot of time, money, and development have been invested to make this technology the best!
So back to what the best type of home security system is. There are many things to take into consideration in order to say Yes or No between the two types of systems. As a Security Consultant, my preference was to meet with a homeowner to check the construction and layout of the home in order to make the right system recommendation. Quoting the hardwired system and not seeing difficult wire runs could cause some definite customer relation problems.
You don’t have those same wire run problems with the wireless system so a professional security representative can actually quote the homeowner a price over the phone by asking pertinent questions about the home.  For the busy homeowner this may be the perfect solution rather than spending an hour with a sales representative and perhaps feeling pressured.
Here are things you should consider when looking at the Wireless System:  
  • Can easily add security devices no matter the construction. Easy installation.
  • Takes less time to install vs. the hardwired system. Less time-more efficient.
  • Purchase price is usually less due to improved technology + installation. Cost-effective.
  • The security devices are easily be re-installed in your next home.
  • The installation is clean with no visible holes from drilling. Clean installation.
  • With some systems you may be able to program to turn on lights, garage doors, and activate emergency panic alert alarms. Program flexibility.
  • You can set up wireless remote panic buttons capable of activating 100+ feet away from the main control unit.  Wireless emergency features.

Here are things you should consider when looking at the Hardwired System:

Many people still feel the hardwired system is a more reliable system due to a direct connection. Reliability due to direct connection.

  • It may take longer to install due to the homes construction, therefore, costs may be much higher than the wireless system. Longer installations/higher costs.
  • It may be difficult for sales rep to absolutely know for sure the technician can run and hide all wires. (Depends on the skill of the tech). The technician will make that determination. Time is money - some wire runs can increase costs.
  • Exposed wires are ugly and any holes drilled in the wrong areas can leave unsightly blemishes in your home. Unsightly damage to interior of home.
  • If you are building your home, a hardwired system at this point is easy to install and all wiring can usually be concealed. New construction good for hardwired.

As the homeowner you will make the ultimate decision on the type of system that is best for your home. Look at the equipment and consider any issues related to how it will be installed. You will want to keep in mind not only the beauty of your home but how the system will function.  Today the wireless security system offers advantages that are both cost-effective and versatile for the homeowner.

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