Rob Simpson, Chain Reaction 2/18/09

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Chain Reaction, a simple mechanical device similar to a door chain, is the ultimate deterrent designed to combat crimes such as violent home invasion robberies or home burglaries when the perpetrator tries to force his way through the front entry door. 

This home invasion security product is designed to thwart an intrusion by setting off a 138db alarm and spraying a DNA trace element at the perpetrator.  This trace element will assist the police and law enforcement in identifying the perpetrators of these crimes.

When a door is opened and the Chain Reaction device is in place, any attempt to open the door beyond the normal scope of the chain will automatically activate a canister in the Chain Reaction device that emits a loud audible alarm (138db).  Because noise is one of the biggest deterrents, it will more than likely scare the intruder away.

An advanced version of the Chain Reaction device includes a canister containing a trace DNA element that can be used to provide a chain of evidence linking an individual to the scene.  The trace element is a clear non-toxic UV based substance that has a unique DNA code that can be linked to the precise premises.

This security product will certainly serve a valuable need for senior citizens who may not want to install a monitored security system or for individuals who live in apartment complexes.  Homeowners need to become more aware of answering the door to unexpected visitors.  Do Not Open The Door without questioning and verifying if you do not know the visitor.

Most home invasions are scammers who claim to be someone they are not and the homeowner trustingly opens the door only to find a violent intruder on the other end.

The Chain Reaction home invasion prevention device may just have many home intruders glowing with the DNA trace element at local nightclubs!!! 

If you spot someone at the local club glowing green all over his body, contact the local police authorities.

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    I read your blog in a regular manner, and I really like your way of writing
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