Vaca Time Security Alarm Must Do’s

May 27, 2009 by admin  
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bahama-vacation-pic1If you are planning your summer vacation and have a home security  system, here are some “Alarm Must Do’s” before you leave town.  This will ensure your security system is working properly and will do the job that it’s supposed to do in case of a burglary or home intrusion.

1. Know your security alarm code and be sure anyone having access to the alarm has a code to turn the alarm OFF/ON They should also know the password in case they accidentally set off the alarm and the alarm company calls back.  They will want the correct password otherwise they dispatch the police.

2. Test your security system from time to time. Make sure you have connections at each of your protected areas (doors/windows/motion detectors).  To test your system place it in the test mode.  Each time you open a protected area, you will get a beeping sound to let you know it is working properly.  Be sure to set off or trigger the alarm system and let the alarm company respond. That way you ensure it is fully connected and working properly. If you find anything not working quite right, be sure to have your alarm company come and service your system before you leave town.   (A quick note:  many companies may offer a Quality Service Guarantee that covers normal wear and tear.  Get that service - it may be cheaper in the end if there is something wrong).

3. Check your phone interface connection on the outside of your home. This is how the security system transmits the alarm signals.  If there are wires running from the interface connection that could easily be cut - and not in conduit - consider updating to a cellular backup unit. If somebody cuts your phone line the alarm signal will be automatically transmitted to your alarm monitoring company.

-I remember trying to encourage homeowners to add the cellular backup unit - but for the extra price and monthly service there were some who did not want to pay the extra price. For those people you just let them know it’s available and they should consider adding it at some point. Some of the more professional burglars know how to disable some security systems.

4. Don’t totally rely upon your security system for the full protection. Granted your security system provides peace of mind but make sure the full perimeter is well-protected against a violent home invasion. Install top quality upgraded locks on the front and back doors like the Ultimate Lock, and reinforce the frame around the doors to ensure they are solid and can withstand a forceful blow.

5. If you have glass slider doors in the back of the house, have Shattergard security window film installed to prevent someone from being able to break the glass enough to either unlock the door or get through the glass. Also make sure to include Shattergard window film protection on easily accessible and vulnerable windows on the main level.

6. Install a Voice Alert System with sensors at the front entrance, garage area coverage, back entry area, and maybe a sensor covering the driveway. That way should an intruder approach your home/property late at night the voice alert system will tell you what area of the home the intruder is in. Being alerted to a potential home invasion robbery or violent attack should be a priority. This alert can give you valuable time to set off the alarm, alert the police and get your children together in a safe room so everyone is protected until the police arrive.  (

7. Have some kind of personal protection in your home - could be non-lethal protection like a Taser, Stun Gun, or Pepper Spray. If you have a more violent stalker situation, you may want to consider a firearm for protection.

Going on vacation is a good time to checkout your security system to ensure it’s working properly and upgrade or increase your overall level of protection.  This is important yet a lot of homeowners miss doing this.  Have a great vacation and let your security system protect your home 24/7!

Be proactive and protect your home and family today!!


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One Response to “Vaca Time Security Alarm Must Do’s”
  1. Great post. I agree that when leaving your home, you should be able to double check your locks and security devices. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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