Tough Economic Times Driving Burglaries

April 27, 2009 by admin  
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With the hard economic times driving more home burglary crimes - it’s time to target harden the perimeter of your home to keep the burglars OUT!!! 

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For the past year I have been writing about how the increase in home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are primarily due to the change in our economy.  It seems even law enforcement is starting to say the same thing.  After spending 20 years as a Security Consultant for ADT - I saw firsthand how the change in the economy can cause an increase in home burglary crimes. 

In the early - mid 1990’s there was an increase in this crime right around the presidential election.  The primary news was the bad state of our economy.  As a security consultant during this time I was extremely busy assisting thousands of homeowners with their home security protection. 

When I look at home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes today, they are different.  I think the word “desperation” best describes the home burglary/home invasion intruders.  These intruders are smarter, more educated, and more determined to break into homes and take whatever they want. 

When you see the violent home invasions and home burglaries blasting the TV news, there seems to be a certain amount of desperation driving these criminals.  Things like job loss, no jobs available, trying to feed a family, and a $500/per day drug habit can make one desperate!

For the criminal with an expensive drug habit, they are going to be very busy breaking into many homes each day.  Not only are they looking at taking your property (computers, TV’s, big screen, stereos), but they are also looking to take your cash, credit cards, jewelry, guns and whatever else they can find that can easily be turned into cash.   

For todays home intruders, installing just a security system may not be enough.  What I mean by that is these criminals realize there may be some things they can do to disable “some” alarm systems.  Many have become educated in how security systems function, while there are still many criminals who avoid a home with an alarm system.  The professional intruder may know approximately how long it takes for the police to respond in your neighborhood.  In some areas it might only be a few minutes for the police to respond to an alarm; while in larger metro cities it could be 5/10 maybe 15 minutes or longer.  The intruders are alert to these response times by the authorities. 

That’s why it is very important to harden the entire perimeter of your home.  You need to buy as much time as you can while the intruder is trying to break in for the police to respond to your call.  You don’t need to go crazy and build Ft. Knox, but take a look at where an intruder might potentially break in and make sure you’ve reinforced that area.  The longer and harder the intruder has to work to break in the more likely he is to give up and go to an easier home.

Here are some security measures you can take to target harden your home’s perimeter.  If you are home when an attempted intrusion takes place, immediately call 911 and activate your alarm system’s emergency panic button.  This will let the alarm company know to dispatch the police immediately that someone is home and needs help right away! 

1.  Install a security system that protects all entry doors, vulnerable windows, with interior motion detectors (depending on home size at least one on the main level and one in a basement location), operating panel at the main entry with an option for one at the front door, and either an operating panel in the master bedroom or at least a wireless remote with a panic button.  Make sure you put your alarm sign in the front and back of your home and put window decals on doors with glass and vulnerable windows.  Click Here for security details.

2.  Reinforce your deadbolt locking system if outdated.  The Ultimate Lock is an excellent deadbolt system that will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to kick in the front door.  This locking system can withstand up to 4,000 pounds of force.  If you have a 250 lb intruder kicking at your front door, be aware you must have a deadbolt system that can withstand that blow.  The Ultimate Lock should be a part of your perimeter security protection - the front door, back door, and garage service doors are going to be vulnerable doors that an intruder will be looking at kicking in.  Click Here for details on the Ultimate Lock system.

3.  Glass can be a weakness in your home’s perimeter, especially if it is single paned glass.  The newer glass sliders/windows use double-paned glass, but even they can still be broken.  If you have a lot of glass slider doors on the rear of your home, protect your glass slider doors with ShatterGARD security window film.  This is a security film that goes on the inside glass that provides a coating like armor in case the glass is broken.  An intruder would have to work extremely hard using a baseball bat to try and break the glass.  The glass may eventually break but will hold together with the ShatterGARD film keeping the intruder from getting through.  Once the intruder realizes he cannot get through the glass without completely exhausting himself, looking for an easier home may be his next choice.  Click Here for details on ShatterGARD security film.

4.  A perimeter alert system that lets you know that someone is breaching the outer area of your home can give you valuable warning that you have a potential intruder on your property and more than likely looking at breaking in.  The last thing you want is to wake up and find the intruder looking down at you and you never heard him get in.  The Voice Alert System can be set up to detect someone approaching your driveway, the front door area, garage door area, and back door area.  If it is 3:00 a.m., wouldn’t you want to know you have an intruder at your backdoor?  Click Here for details on the Voice Alert System.

5.  A reinforcement for your perimeter and interior doors would be the 20-gauge steel door brace.  This is a relatively inexpensive yet strong addition to your doors.  It is placed underneath the front door handle and braces itself against the door and floor.  The harder someone pushes on the door the more the brace takes hold.  Once again, this could slow the intruder down giving you time to alert the police….or grab your personal protection.  I keep a door brace in the master bedroom as part of my safe room protection to reinforce the master bedroom door.  Click Here for details on the steel door brace.

6.  Place motion detector lights around the perimeter of your home.  if you have a dusk to dawn light, that can be an effective deterrent as well.  The motion lights come on when someone or even an animal walks within the sensing unit.  To be most effective I would always recommend to customers to have the motion lights connected to an interior light or lamp so when the outside motion lights came on it would also turn the lights inside on.  That made it look like someone was really home.

7.  Check the list of common-sense products you can purchase from your local hardware store to help reinforce the perimeter of your home.  Click Here for details on common-sense products.

If you setup your security system protection using the above protection plan, you can harden your home’s perimeter making it extremely difficult for a home burglary/home invasion intruder to get through. 

Be proactive and protect your home and family today!!


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One Response to “Tough Economic Times Driving Burglaries”
  1. Leah says:

    Thank you for the reminder - it only makes sense that a rise in the number of burglaries is due to the current economic hard times. It is a factor we all need to be more aware of and take extra precautions before it is too late.

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