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March 22, 2009 by admin  
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The Ultimate Lock provides solid strength for any perimeter door protection.

Would you like to keep the home intruders out of your home?  In setting up your home security protection - don’t rely solely upon ONE type of protection strategy.  Let’s say you want to protect your home by having a home security system installed.  That is an excellent home protection strategy and would be my Number 1 recommendation.  However, I would not stop there and say you are totally protected.  To get the very best protection coverage, I would recommend building layers of protection.

The violent home intruder is becoming bolder and bolder.  What that means is he may not care if you have a security system - even with the alarm warning signs and windows decals around your home .  He may attempt to break into your home because he knows he has time - anywhere from a few minutes to 10-15 minutes - before the police show up.   That’s all the time he needs to get in, grab what he wants, and out the door he goes…with your valuables.

What can a homeowner do to slow the criminal down?  First you have the alarm system installed.  Then you start hardening the perimeter of your home beginning with the weakest areas first.

Most home invasions happen right through the front door.  To the burglar or home invader they consider this their job and know exactly where to kick the door to cause it to give in and open right up.   Make sure the deadbolt hardware on your door is strong enough to withstand the brute force from a violent intruder.  Otherwise, you may become a victim of a home burglary or home invasion.

For an even stronger door make sure to reinforce the frame and hinges around the door.  I have seen front doors kicked in and while the deadbolt lock held the door intact,  the frame had splintered and gave way making an opening big enough for the intruder to get through.

How old are your deadbolts and locks?  If they are over 10 years old, consider updating them to stronger and better quality locks.  One of the newest deadbolt lock inventions is called The Ultimate Lock.  This lock is superior to just about any lock that I’ve seen.  Be sure to checkout the video at the end to see The Ultimate Lock in action.

In fact, here are some of the outstanding benefits of The Ultimate Lock:

  • It can withstand up to 4,000lbs of force
  • Has a specially engineered steel strike plate
  • Has a super hardened steel security bar
  • Has a patented lockout feature
  • Has a high security 6-pin anti-bump keylock

You have to see this lock in action to believe how it works.  And WORK is exactly what an intruder would have to do to get through a door with The Ultimate Lock installed.  Watch this video and see how this locking device should be one of the next protection strategies in your home defense system.

Stay safe and protect your home and family.

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One Response to “The Ultimate Lock-Solid Protection”
  1. Clayton Anderson says:

    My thing is this, I have been a victem for years and the robbers are right
    next door to me meaning they wait for to leave my home, them check to find
    ways to get in. most of the time its a buddie system they use and always waiting for six months to three months before robbing me again. At one time
    they went to my back-glass doors and tried to get in that way only to fale -
    because of the noise they stop there leaveing my to have to pay for replace -
    ments Glass. I replaced it with poly-glass costing $ 1300.00 Now its the front
    door I need to protect now. I really need something I can beleave in I hope and pray this is the way to go. If I don’t get peace of mine this way I don’t
    think I can stand for being a victem anymore. I am 51 years old and live alone
    I Need This to Stop Now…. I also have ordered the
    3000-lock. Clayton

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