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Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host/Security Expert answers questions on home security protection.

Article Courtesy of Home Alarm

cheryl-rCheryl Watterson, the author of and also of the Let’s Talk Home Security Radio Show is an expert in the field of Home Security. Cheryl not only blogs on the subject daily, she was also a security specialist for ADT for over 20 years. So when this woman has something to say about Home Security you better listen! I had a couple questions pressing my mind about Home Security and I thought “who better to ask than Cheryl?”

Cheryl was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions to help give us some more insight into our Home Security. What’s in bold are my questions I asked her and what’s in italics is her response. I do recommend reading Cheryl’s blog at I always learn a ton each time she updates with a new blog post.

Do you think the Economy is really effecting people’s home security? Any comments on this?

Cheryl: Absolutely the economy is one of the biggest factors. I have been stating that as far back as September of last year that our slumping economy is a major cause of the increase. Any time the economy takes a downturn, home burglaries tend to increase. This is such an easy way for criminals and potentially desperate people to get quick and easy cash. We are seeing something totally unlike anything I’ve seen before and that’s the increase in home invasion robberies.

I worked as a security consultant for a major alarm company for 20 years and saw every trend - up and down - in the economies; however, I never saw home invasion robberies like I see today.

What do you think the Home Alarm Industry needs to do to better help it’s customers in their home security efforts?

Cheryl: The home alarm companies are interested in selling their equipment and service. Period. If you read my blogs you know that I absolutely believe in a home security system as the number one protection, but I don’t stop there. The homeowner needs a comprehensive perimeter protection as well as the home security protection to give them the absolute best protection for their home and family.

Thank you so much Cheryl for your reponse. This is very valauble information for all of us.  Take note from one of the industries experts that a Home Security System is neccessary in protecting your home. But it’s not the only thing! There are many other things you could be doing to better protect you, your family, and your belongings. As Burglars and Criminals alike get smarter and smarter, it’s important that our home security plans get smarter as well!

Another very interesting thing Cheryl mentioned was Home Invasion Robberies. These are robberies that take place with an occupied home! These are the scary ones because they involve good people getting hurt and bad people getting away with more than just stolen belongings. Cheryl sees a disturbing trend in this area of crime and it’s definetly something we should pay attention too.

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