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The South Bend Tribune states “man broke into their homes, hit them and robbed them.”  There is a home invasion intruder - and possibly more than one - targeting women who live alone in the City of Elkhart, Indiana.  Within the past week approximately four homes were broken into while the women were there alone. 

Women who live alone - young, middle-aged, or elderly - should take every security precaution to ensure their personal safety and that they have a safe and well-protected home.  Many women become targets for these criminals by the mere fact that they live alone - and women don’t even realize it.    If you live alone, you should be on heightened alert whether you are at home, going to work, or wherever you are.  Women are typically a much easier victim for a home intruder or an attacker.  These home invasion intruders are becoming more emboldened and violent! 

Many women are complacent about their personal and home security protection thinking “it won’t happen to me.”  Yet, thinking that way can cause you to let your guard down.  Once that happens - you become an easy target for a home invasion robbery attack.

Here’s an article I wrote back in October 2008 that describes what happened to one young lady who lived alone.  The time is right now to become proactive with your home security protection.  The slumping economy is causing more and more home invasion intruders to come out of the woodwork - sort of like cockroaches

Many are out of work, looking for drug money, involved in gang-related initiation activities, and are going after the easiest way to get cash!!  Become Proactive Today in your home and personal security protection!!!

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Ladies, if you are living alone and don’t have a security system for protection you are being very naive.  In today’s world and in today’s economy it only makes sense to have a security system that protects your home, your family, and you. 

We just saw in the news this week a young anchorwoman, Ann Pressly, who was violently attacked - beaten, stabbed, and left for dead - after someone got inside her home.  This is a young 26-year old woman who lives alone and has a high visibility position.  People know her because she is seen on TV each day so they know a little about her schedule - when she is at home and when she is not.   If you are a high profile person like Ann Pressly, you may be more vulnerable to a predator attack than the average person.  Be proactive and install a security system for your protection!  

When you are alone at night, you can set your alarm while watching late night TV or right before you go to bed.  If there is a burglary or home invasion your alarm will alert you, make a tremendous amount of noise - also alerting the intruder, and will automatically notify your alarm company to immediately send the police.  If the perpetrator missed the alarm security sign in the front of your home (which is your first line of defense), then the high decibel alarm noise will be a big deterrant in scaring him away.

If you are in bed when the alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. indicating there is a possible home intrusion, your first instinct may be to grab your personal protection, baseball bat, or your firearm. An intruder who breaks in at 3:00 a.m. is someone to be very wary of because he is more than likely a violent intruder.  You want to make sure you block any access the intruder may have to you.  As long as you are the only one home, immediately lock your door and place a door guard against the door to prevent the intruder from opening.  If you have a keypad or panic button in your bedroom,  press the panic button right away.  That way your alarm company will know you are in the home and need IMMEDIATE help!!  Your alarm siren should sound off for about 5-10 minutes.  The police should respond and be at your home well before then.

In my Home Invasion Prevention Training, I recommend that homeowners have a Home Safety Plan of Action so they specifically know what to do should they have a burglary or home invasion while at home.  With a well-thought out action plan, you know automatically what you will do ahead of time.  If you wait until the home invasion happens to decide what you should do, you may freeze up with fear and do nothing.  Don’t let that happen - be prepared, be proactive, and plan ahead.

If you are a young lady who lives alone, consider your security and safety as a top priority.  There are too many predators who will take advantage of young women thinking they are easy prey.  The first step to your protection is knowing you may be vulnerable and that you are going to do whatever it takes to reduce that vulnerability and avoid becoming a victim of a home invasion or burglary crime. 

Here are some steps to take to be proactive in your overall security protection:

1.  Install a quality security system in your home and include a panic button.  Keep the panic button or a second keypad in your bedroom.  Make sure all entry doors to your home are protected, windows that are especially vulnerable, and combine with interior motion detectors.  Your alarm rep can make recommendations on the best protection.  And always consider fire protection too.  (As a security consultant for 20 years, I know how valuable fire protection is).

2.  Make sure you have strong locks and updated deadbolts on your doors (with extra long bolts) and that the windows also have strong locks.  You can add some extra strength to your windows by placing dowel rods into the track of the windows.  Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked even while at home.

3.  Your perimeter doors should be solid core doors with reinforced frames.  Weak doorframes with high quality deadbolt locks can be kicked in with the frames giving way, but the door with the strong deadbolt is still intact.

4.  Look at putting a door guard at the front and back doors to your home that open in.  This again will add some extra strength to your doors.  If someone is going to intrude upon your home, make them have to work hard at getting in.  Most burglars don’t want to have to exert a lot of effort breaking into homes.  If you have built a strong and hardened perimeter, chances are the intruder will give up and go away.  HARDEN THE PERIMETER OF YOUR HOME.

5.  Because the master bedroom is definately where the intruder is going (at least at some point), have a good quality lock on that door as well.  Consider changing your door to a solid core door with reinforced frames.  You may want to have your master bedroom become your “Safe Room as you wait for the police to arrive.

6.  Have a Safety Plan of Action on specifics you will do to maintain your safety and any family members’ safety.  The plan should include your taking a self-defense class to learn techniques and tactics to defend and protect yourself and carrying some kind of personal protection products like pepper spray, mace spray, Taser C2, Stun Gun or Pepper Gun that can be used to fend off an intruder.  These are all non-lethal devices only meant to throw off an attacker giving you a chance to escape to safety and call the police.  Many women who have been stalked or previously attacked are resorting to firearms for personal protection.  Lethal or non-lethal - make sure you follow the legal requirements and that you are properly trained in how to use the device.

7.  Develop a safety and security awareness about things around you, the people around you, and any gut feelings about social situations you may be in.  You will want to develop a more heightened sense of security and common sense about situations you may have ignored before.  My daughter, who is 28, has told me I am too paranoid about personal security and safety.  I tell her it’s not being paranoid, it’s been realistic and using common sense about safety, being aware of what is going on and knowing how to protect yourself so you don’t become a victim of crime.

For women who have experienced an assault, a violent attack, or a rape, their whole outlook on life has totally changed forever. Please consider the above recommendations and make sure you place your security and safety high on your priority list.

Again, put a security system in your home!  Check this link on how to get a high quality, affordable security system monitored 24-hours a day by the world’s #1 alarm company - ADT Security.

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Stay Aware…Stay Alert…Stay Alive!!

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