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October 10, 2010 by admin  
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Another must-have home security device is the Dual Function Steel Door Brace.  This is what every homeowner needs for their “Safe Room” door, front door, back door and/or basement door as a secondary layer of interior protection against forced intrusion.


The dual function door brace is a security bar made of rugged 20-gauge steel, is adjustable, and installs easily under the door knob to provide additional security for your doors. The door brace adjusts to most hinged doors and the cap on one end of the door brace can be removed and used on sliding glass doors. With a clean baked enamel finish, homeowners will find the door brace attractive enough to use in their home.

Another recommendation for the Door Brace is in your home’s SAFE ROOM. This may be the master bedroom, a closet, or another room within your home that you and family members would retreat to in the event of a home invasion. If that happened, one of the first things to do would be to press an alarm emergency panic button (if you have a security system), lock the bedroom door, and put the door brace under the knob handle to prevent he door from being opened or kicked in. If you have no alarm system, quickly call 911.

The door brace will prevent the intruder from opening the door giving the homeowner time to alert the police or grab their personal protection, e.g., pepper spray, TASER, stun gun, or a firearm.

Other ideal uses for the Door Brace would be when you travel, staying in hotels, college dormitories, added security for a son or daughter who lives alone, and much more.

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