Is Your Sole Security Your Pet Pooch?

March 28, 2010 by admin  
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Don’t Make Your Pet Take On An Armed Intruder! During my 20 years as a home security consultant there were many times when I ran into people who would say - “why do I need a security system…I have a dog?” My answer would typically be - “a good barking dog and a security system do a great job of deterring a criminal intruder.  However, is your pet really equipped to take on an armed intruder?”

There have been numerous home intrusions and home invasion robberies over the past six months in our local area and two in particular where burglars ransacked the homes and ended up shooting and killing the homeowner’s pet dogs as they left the homes.  Heartless Dirtbagsdogkilledrobbery_jpg!!


If you don’t want a security system because you feel pretty safe, think about your pet who is home most of the time when you aren’t - and considering putting a security system in to protect your pet.

cw-rocky-dog-for-blog3Rocky is our pet and guardian of the house when we’re gone.  It’s been a top priority to make sure that both my home and Rocky are well-protected.

Take one look at this pooch - that’s not a SMILE!!

Here is a friend’s new little puppy who will somestevie-sleeps2 day be the protector of the house.  It would be a serious shame if someone were to blatantly shoot a puppy as sweet as this little guy during a home invasion/intrusion!

One thing I encourage people I know who have a security system is to get into the habit of always turning  it on - both when you leave for the day or go to bed at night.

A security system provides a great early alert warning.  Plus when you have a barking dog chances are real good that you’ll know when something suspicious is happening around your home.  If an intrusion occurs when no one is home, the police are typically notified right away and dispatched to the home.

My recommendation is to be proactive and protect your home with a good quality home security system making sure your home, family, and beloved pets are well-protected 24/7.  That’s total peace of mind!!

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