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February 20, 2010 by admin  
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What have you done to protect your front door from home intrusion?  Are you still living with a 1970’s mentality on crime - “it won’t happen to me?” Or have you proactively set up a solid, impenetrable level of perimeter protection to keep the criminal home intruder out?

Todays home intruders are a different breed of criminals.  They are bold, brazen, heartless predators who would rather shoot the homeowner when confronted rather than turn and leave.  As a homeowner it is your responsibility to ensure your family has a home that is safe, secure and well-protected.

As always stated I highly recommend a home security system that protects for home burglaries, violent intrusion, fire, and other emergencies with a quick notification to the police/fire authorities.  However, I also realize that the goal of any security protection is to ultimately keep the intruder OUT of your home.  The front door or any perimeter door may be the first intrusion point that the criminal uses and extra protection there is vitally important.

I remember hearing people say early in the 1990’s that they felt really comfortable having their security system protect their front door.  I also thought that was pretty good protection back then.  However, today you need to build an impenetrable level of protection - that actually stops intruders at the front door before they can enter, setting off a loud alarm or alert, that gives the homeowner time to react by either reaching for their personal protection or gathering their family to a safe room until police or help arrive.

Don’t wait to become a victim of a home intrusion!  Be proactive by implementing strategic home protection today!

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