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Video Courtesy Of Montgomery County-MCSO

Aggravated Robbery - The Woodlands, Texas

At approximately noon today, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Gate Hill Drive in The Woodlands, Texas from a victim who reported that he had just been robbed at his home by two individuals.

“The 24 year-old victim called 911 today around noon reporting that two black males, one of whom appeared to be dressed as a police officer, knocked on his door and when he opened it, was threaten with a gun, restrained, struck on the head with a gun and robbed. The victim reported that the suspects had stolen his car. The victim sustained only minor injuries.” To read the full story CLICK HERE.

Knock..Knock..Who’s There? Know who is there before opening your front door or you could be inviting the criminal in!

When you have someone knocking at your front door and you aren’t expecting anyone - DON’T OPEN THE DOOR - unless you can identify the person.  Use a peephole or sidelights next to your door to see who is there and communicate with them without opening the door.  If they state they are some type of utility person checking the gas, electric, cable, or phone, have them show identification and let them know will verify with their office.  But do not open the door.  Once the door is opened even slightly, an intruder can push their way in and overpower the homeowner.

It’s sad but with a downward spiraling economy and more and more people out of work, the incidents of home burglaries and home invasion robberies have steadily increased across the nation.  When people get desperate, they tend to resort to crime of robbery or home burglaries because of the ease with which they can operate.  Most homeowners and individuals do not expect this type of situation to happen to them and may be overly trusting and just open their door when someone knocks.

Many scam artists and perpetrators try to gain access into the victim’s home by using deceptive measures such as saying they are doing a “survey”, or that they have a parcel that needs to be signed for or that they need to use your phone because they ran out of gas.  There are a number of reasonable sounding excuses that can be used to get someone to open the door.  Once the door has been opened a perpetrator can force their way into the home.  Don’t be fooled by these ploys.  It is time to educate yourself and protect your home and family.

Here are some suggestions on what to do when strangers come knocking at your door:

1.  If you are not expecting anyone, ask who is there before opening the door.  If you only have a peephole, make sure it has at least a 180 degree angle so you can clearly see who is at the door.  Try to get a good vantage point to see who is at the door.  Are they canvassing the neighborhood, how many of them are there, what is their dress, and demeanor?  Trust your instincts! If it doesn’t look, feel, or seem right, call 911.  Carry a wireless telephone with you when you go to the door in case you need to call and check identification or in case you need help.  If you have a security system, consider having a wireless remote panic button that you can carry and press to alert the police if you feel threatened.

2.  Keep some type of personal protection device like pepper spray or mace spray near the main entry door.  If someone does gain access by forcing their way in, having pepper spray to defend yourself may actually throw off the intruder enough for you to escape to and get help.  Many people are investing in firearms for personal protection.  Make sure you are well-trained in how to use the firearm and keep away from children.

3.  Don’t think a small door chain lock is going to keep an intruder out when you open the door a few inches to talk.  These guys are breaking into homes because it is a job to them.  They know exactly how to force their way through a small chain lock.  Once inside you may be defenseless and at their mercy.  Remember- DON’T open the door unless you precisely know who is there.  Better safe than sorry.   Checkout the Chain Reaction security door device for a stronger, more solid level of front door protection @ www.strandna.co.uk.

4.  If someone is knocking, it may be best to respond to let them know that someone is home.  Some criminals will knock at the front door and if they get no answer, assume no one is home and either kick in the front door or go to the back of the house and break in.

5.  If the person claims to have an emergency situation, let them know you will call 911 right away and get help.  Or if they say they are from one of the local utility companies — but you did not request their services, let them know you will call the business office to get clear, accurate identification.

6.  If you are alone when a stranger comes to your door, you might pretend that there are other people in the house by call out someone’s name.  Keep the radio or television on and be sure to have a portable house phone or cell phone in your hand when going to the door.

7.  If you see suspicious people, activities, or vehicles in your area, don’t hesitate to call 911 right away.

You are under no obligation to answer the door when someone knocks.  If you are not expecting anyone and don’t recognize the person at the door, let them know through the door that you are not interested and to go away.  Always have a home security plan of action of what you will do in this type of situation.

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2 Responses to “Home Security - Knock..Knock..Beware Who’s There!”
  1. I enjoyed your post, thanks. I belive everyone should arm themselves and homes with some form of personal protection, whether it be a home alarm system, spy & surveillance capibilities, to a small can of Mace, any deterant, anything. I have made sure my daughter in college is well armed with some of these weapons, my wife as well. Arm youself America, you never know.

  2. Grest blog, keep up the good work

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