Jordan Frankel-ShatterGARD 2/4/09

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Today we will talk with Jordan Frankel, Founder and VP of ShatterGARD Glass Protection, Inc. ShatterGARD’s home product - BurglarGARD protects windows and doors against thieves and vandals.

The windows of businesses and homes can now be “shielded” against thieves, vandalism, and even riots with a glass fragmentation film called BurglarGARD from ShatterGARD, Inc. Applied directly to the glass, BurglarGARD works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the building/home’s “weakest security link” - the glass.

Another remarkable product from ShatterGARD for vehicle owners is the VehicleGARD security film. When applied directly to automotive glass surfaces, VehicleGARD film multiplies the strength of ordinary vehicle glass. This product was initially used to help protect our soldiers serving in Iraq from bomb blasts and serious glass related injuries in the combat zone.

Another protection option for VehicleGARD would be securing the glass on our personal vehicles. Think of the car thief who is prowling through the parking lot looking to break into your car and steal whatever you have of value, plus your registration papers in the glove compartment, and probably your garage door opener. Besides stealing your CDs and electronics, the criminal has all the information he needs to easily break into your home. Especially if he has your garage door opener. This may be an easy home burglary.

BUT with VehicleGARD on the car windows there is an impenetrable level of protection that has been formed. To break through the glass it would take a massive amount of energy, effort, and time. Since most car thieves are lazy, they will most likely give up and go someplace else.

And don’t forget the violent carjacking criminals. That crime is on the increase as well. Remember, always keep your doors locked and consider having your glass windows secured with VehicleGARD protection.

View the VehicleGARD film in acton:

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