Burglarized 4 Times In 13 Months?!?!

January 9, 2010 by admin  
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Spike In Home Burglaries - Courtesy of KXAN.com

The South Bend Tribune did a front page article last week about a homeowner who had been burglarized 4 times in the last 13 months.  Each time she was burglarized she replaced her stolen valuables with “new” stuff.  And guess what happened - NO SECURITY SYSTEM!! The burglars got brand new stuff again!

What would YOU do if you were burglarized after the first time?  Now please tell me you’re smart enough and you care enough about your family to proactively protect them BEFORE a burglary happens!  However, if you have no alarm system or strategic protection set up in your home once you have that first burglary that’s your cue to install a home security system or at least beef up overall protection.

For a homeowner to be burglarized “4″ times and still have no security system - that is plain CRAZY!! There is a desperation among criminals at this particular time that is running rampant.  They are breaking into homes - whether homeowners are there or not - like it’s their job!!  They blatantly come in during the day when people are gone and at night while people are asleep.

The first thing you want to do is realize that no matter where you live crime is nearby - and potentially coming to your home.  The best protection would be to install a quality security system and ensure you have hardened the perimeter of your home making it extremely difficult for an intruder to get through.  One thing to remember - if these lazy bums have to work with any effort to get into your home, they will more than likely leave and go to a much easier home.  Remove the ease and target of opportunity and they will go elsewhere!!

If you leave your doors or windows unlocked, you are only inviting burglars and intruders into your home.  With home burglary crime part of our daily news, you are being irresponsible if you leave doors unlocked when away from home or asleep at night.  Make it a habit not to do that!

Here is a recent article on 7-steps you can take to protect your home and family from becoming a home crime victim:

7-Steps To Protect Your Home Against Burglary/Home Invasion Robbery Crimes

1. Install a good quality home security system with 24/7 alarm monitoring. This should be your #1 “To Do” in order to protect your home.  Set up your security protection to deter intruders.  Make them think twice before selecting your home by initially placing visible alarm yard signs in the front and back areas of your home and put alarm decals on windows.  Your alarm company will be alerted to any type of home intrusion, burglary or emergency and can immediately dispatch the local police.  There really is no excuse not to protect your home and family with a security system.  Remember the police can’t be everywhere and the security and safety of your home and family is your responsibility.  Be proactive and protect your home.  (Get your security system installed and start your peace of mind today - Call 866-755-6137 or CLICK HERE).

2. Harden the perimeter of your home.  Evaluate perimeter doors, windows, and locks.  Make sure to have solid core wood or metal doors for the main entry doors.  Reinforce frames around doors that are older or outdated. Consider upgrading deadbolts and locks to ensure they can provide solid protection in case of a forced intrusion.  If your door gets kicked in with the forced kick of a 250 lb intruder, you want to ensure your deadbolt lock will hold the door in place.  Check our security partners at www.theultimatelock.com to see how effective this locking system can be.  Windows and glass slider doors that are especially vulnerable can have a security window film applied on the inside glass to make it virtually  impenetrable to be broken through in an attack.  Check our security partners at www.shattergard.com.

3. Install an Early Alert Warning System for your home.  The Voice Alert System will let you know when someone is on your property and within a specific radius of your home.  Outdoor sensors transmit an alert warning to a voice enunciator inside your home to let you know what area of your property is being breached by potentially unwanted visitors.  Wouldn’t you like to know well ahead of time that someone is trying to enter your home so you have time to respond?  Go to www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com/voicealert.htm.

4. When you are at home, be sure to keep all doors and windows locked. If a stranger comes to your door, DO NOT open your door unless you know precisely who it is.  The majority of home invasion robberies happen right through the front door.  A homeowner automatically opens the front door without thinking and is confronted by a violent home intruder.  Make it a habit to ask who is at the front door before opening.  You can always communicate through a closed door. You are under no obligation to open your door to anyone - especially strangers.  Ask for identification if it is someone claiming to be from a utility or delivery service company.  Carry your phone and call to confirm their identity or call 911.  We hope to be to provide the Chain Reaction Home System in the near future.

5. Be sure to keep trees and shrubs trimmed around your home so you don’t give home intruders an easy place to hide.  Adding motion sensor lights around the home can also provide deterrent value.  The best place to install motion sensor lights would be in the front, back, and garage side of the house.  A suggestion would be to have the motion lights connected to a light or lamp inside the home.  That way if the outdoor motion light is activated it also turns a light on inside the house.  This gives the real impression to the burglar that someone may actually be at home.

6. When you pull into your driveway keep your car doors locked and observe if there are strangers around as you pull into the garage.  While still in your car, close the garage door and make sure it if fully closed as you exit your vehicle.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with groceries, packages, and work-related items to the point we aren’t paying close attention to what is going on in and around the garage area.

7. Keep some type of personal protection like pepper spray or mace near the front door - easily within reach in case of a forced intrusion. If you have small children, keep it out of reach and away from them.  Some homeowners resort to other non-lethal protection like a TASER or Stun Gun, other homeowners use lethal firearms for their family personal protection.  Be sure to follow local, city, and state laws regarding this protection and always make sure you know how to properly use the personal protection you select.  Keep in mind that the intruder may be armed so use your best judgment on how you will defend yourself. (www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com).

Be proactive and protect your home and family starting today!!

Get an ADT Security system installed for Only $99* (after $200 mail-in cash back rebate) and 24/7 monitoring service by ADT.  Just call 800-699-9238 and give Promotion Code 12590 and a professional security representative can assist you.  Or you can CLICK HERE.Get a copy of the FREE Report “Home Invasion Prevention” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com.

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One Response to “Burglarized 4 Times In 13 Months?!?!”
  1. Al says:

    This story is incredible, but sadly all too common with regards to the breaking of windows. With over 20 years experience in the security field we see this all to often.

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    Al Montgomery
    Shatter Safe Security Window Films.

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