Day 4 Of The 14 Days Of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 4 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Stay Aware & Alert To Avoid Being A Victim Of  An Attack & Know How To Effectively Protect & Defend Yourself!

Problem:  It’s like a “war zone” out there!  Everyday you read or hear about the rash of personal assaults and attacks upon women, elderly folks, children, and college students.  These attacks are happening in shopping malls and grocery store parking lots.  People are being robbed once they  leave nightclub and restaurant establishments late at night.  And there has just been an overall increase in violent street crimes.

Solutions:  First consider where crime tends to happen and avoid those places when you are by yourself.  If you are out late at night, go with one or more friends and shop at the mall or grocery stores during daylight hours.   Women tend to be the more likely victim of personal attacks or assaults.  Therefore, I suggest taking some type of self-defense training to learn how to effectively fight back to protect and defend yourself against an attacker.  Just knowing a few common-sense techniques can help you fend off an attacker enough to get to safety.  In addition to learning self-defense – we  should heighten our personal safety awareness to what is happening around us whenever we are out – especially when alone!  Lastly, consider carrying some type of non-lethal personal protection such as Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun, TASER, or Personal Alarm with an audible 130 db alarm.  More and more people are getting a concealed carry firearm permit.  It’s unfortunate that things have gone this far but the majority of violent attacks have been by criminals who are carrying guns and other weapons.  Make sure whatever protection you carry it is done legally, following local and state laws, and that you are well-trained in how to properly use your protection.

Tips To Keep You Safe & Well-Protected Wherever You Are

1.  Check with the local law enforcement to see if they offer a self-defense training class.  If they don’t, check both the yellow pages or local newspaper.  Many colleges and police departments offer a RAD Self-Defense program for women.  If you are unable to find a class nearby, go online and find a reputable self-defense professional who offer self-defense training on DVD’s to train at home. One such professional is Melissa Soalt aka Dr. Ruthless who offers a DVD training program “Fierce & Female.”  As mentioned heighten your safety awareness, listen and trust your instincts or “gut feelings.”  Doing this may save your life!!  (The following video shows how to use some common things to defensively protect yourself against an attacker).

Courtesy of Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect

2.  Non-lethal personal protection can easily be carried on a keychain, in your purse, coat pocket, or concealed in your hand as you are walking to your location.  It is imperative that you know how to use pepper spray or mace so you are not adversely affected by the spray/mist if used.  If you are attacked, you want to effectively spray and disable an attacker enough to quickly escape to safety.  This holds true for using a TASER or Stun Gun.  In many personal attacks the victim will be in close personal contact with the attacker. Be well-prepared to defend yourself and fight back using every self-defense skill and non-lethal protection that you have. Your life will depend upon it!!

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