Ron Daniels-Ultimate Lock, 12/04

December 6, 2009 by admin  
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Our guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio for 12/04/09 was Ron Daniels, President and inventor of The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system.  The discussion centered around the tremendous increase in home burglary and violent home invasion robbery crimes that are plaguing communities all across our nation.

Listen to the full conversation with Ron Daniels and learn how you can implement a targeted protection strategy that protects the weakest link in your home’s defense - entry door deadbolt systems.  Listen by clicking the radio widget below.

  • It takes the violent home intruder 1.7 seconds to kick in your door…can you respond that quickly to a home invasion? (You want protection that stops an intruder at the gate and buys you time to move to safety, grab your protection, & alert authorities to the crime).
  • Do you have a home security plan that defines what steps you are taking to implement overal security and what to do if a home invasion/home burglary crime happens to you? (If you don’t have a security plan, set one up for your home.  Knowing what to do in an emergency and proactively protecting your home and family should be a No. 1 priority. Click here to learn more.).
  • Is your existing deadbolt a single throw deadbolt? (If you answered YES, you need to upgrade to a deadbolt locking system designed to protect your door with ultimate security).
  • Does your deadbolt protect your home from the latest crime - lock bumping or key bumping by home intruders? (Most deadbolts are easy to get through using this simple strategy that criminals are learning from the internet. You can’t even tell there was a breakin through your door only that your home has been ripped off). 

As part of the Holiday Special  The Ultimate Lock can be purchased for $179.95, that’s a$50 savings.  If you purchase (2) Ultimate Locks the price is $299.95 + free shipping.  That’s an even bigger savings.

To learn more about The Ultimate Lock and purchase your “gift of security“, go to

Get a FREE security system ($850/value) with only a $99* installation fee and 24/7 monitoring service by ADT.  Just call 866-755-6137 and a professional security representative can assist with your security concerns.  Or you can CLICK HERE.

*Basic security system package.


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2 Responses to “Ron Daniels-Ultimate Lock, 12/04”
  1. Pamela says:

    Thanks for the post. I think too many people fail to realize the value of quality locks installed in solid doors and door frames in establishing a foundational layer of security.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Pamela - Thanks for commenting. I truly see the value in overall security protection instead of relying upon just one aspect of the security system. I can remember many many years ago thinking how weak the deadbolt appeared on our door but the thought that I had a security system with protection on the door gave me a sense of real security. Not today with the violent home intruders out there!! Strengthen the overall perimeter security and make it impenetrable!! Take care.

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