Fighting Back Against Violent Home Intruders Who Kill Dogs

November 17, 2009 by admin  
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Fight Back Against Violent Home Intruders Who Kill Dogs!!

Another family dog gets killed in a violent home burglary in South Bend, Indiana.  Homeowners please don’t rely upon your dog(s) to provide the security protection for your home.  This new wave of home burglars and home invasion intruders are violent - and they are carrying guns. They also have NO QUALMS ABOUT KILLING YOUR DOG - and that might even include YOU if you get in their way!!

Protect Your Home With Impenetrable Home Protection

Set up a home security plan and begin protecting your home and family with top level protection that includes a security system.  Build an impenetrable level of protection around your home so intruders aren’t able to come right the front door or one of your windows!!

Do it now!! There is absolutely no excuse for not having a security system in our current economy.  Many people don’t realize it doesn’t take thousands of dollars for a good quality home security system.  Right now you can setup some simple common-sense protection around your home by going to your local hardware store. (Click simple common-sense link for info).

Fight back and protect your home, family and your pets.  These criminals are CRAZY VIOLENT and it doesn’t appear that crime is slowing down - especially as we head into the holidays.  (A time when it usually gets worse). Remember, desperate people do desperate things - however, I think these criminals actually enjoy what they are doing.  HEARTLESS DIRTBAG PUNKS!!

I  wrote an article on Friday the 13th about a sheepdog who was killedpet-sheepdogr2 when burglars broken into a home in South Bend, Indiana.  After these punks ransacked the home and ripped off the homeowner’s electronics and other valuables, they shot and killed the crippled sheepdog.

Then a few days later two family dogs were shot and killed during another burglary in South Bend.  Imagine coming home to find out your home has been broken into and all your valuables stolen.  That would be hard enough to fathem.  But on top of that the burglars shot your dogs as they made a clean break!  Heartless criminals!!

Home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are plaguing neighborhoods all across the country.  Law enforcement officials can’t be everywhere so we need to personally take action to ensure our home and family are safe 24/7.  You can do that!!  There are effective steps and actions you can implement that will give you tremendous peace of mind. 

Be proactive and start today by implementing these actions!!

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