Burglars Ransack Home & Kill Family Dog

November 13, 2009 by admin  
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The morning South Bend Tribune headline news reads - BURGLARS KILL SHEEPDOG.  The homeowner came home in the mid-afternoon on Monday only to find his home totally ransacked by burglars and his beloved eight year old sheepdog had been shot and killed.

These are the lowest of the low-life criminals who would kill a dog - especially one who was not considered an aggressive animal.  The homeowner stated that his dog was not aggressive and when he sensed aggression in people, he would get a toy to play together with. (Picture courtesy of South Bend Tribune).

Don’t think just because you have a pet dog that you are totally secure.  A good barking dog is definately a part of the deterrent value, but don’t rely solely on your pet.  Violent home intruders can easily disgard your pet with one swift kick or with a single shot. During my 20 years as a security consultant I told many homeowners that a pet dog and an alarm system is actually pretty good protection.

If you haven’t started your security protection, start now before the holiday season begins.  Protect your home by installing a security system and implementing protection strategies that will make your home impenetrable to these violent home burglars and criminal intruders. 

When we leave home, our dog Rocky is always well-protected.  The security system is for him as much as it is for protecting our home.  These criminals are rotten, maniacal low-lifes who don’t care who or what gets in their way. They will use whatever force it takes to do their job and that is usually with a lethal weapon.

If you haven’t installed a security system already, be proactive and protect your home and family starting today.

Burglars Kill Sheepdog…read the story CLICK HERE.  Don’t let your dog or home become the victim of a violent home intruder - protect your home and family now.

Starting today take action and protect your home, family, and pet! 

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