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home-pic-for-website-8-6-08rStrengthen The Perimeter Of Your Home With A Quality Security System And Common-Sense Products From Local Hardware Stores

Here is a list of simple but effective products that can be used to upgrade and give your home a stronger more impenetrable level of protection. These products will work exceptionally well with your home security system and make your home a less vulnerable target of a home invasion or home burglary.


These products can be purchased from your local Lowes, Home Depot, or Menard’s hardware store, and are excellent common-sense products that  help build layers of protection to an existing security system or one that you are planning to have installed.

1.   Solid core wood or metal doors for main entry and perimeter doors.  Reinforce frames around doors that are older or weaker.

2.   Upgraded solid, multi-strong locks for both doors and windows.  Deadbolts should have a minimum of 2-3″ bolt with reinforced strike plates. The Ultimate Lock is an exceptional lock for main entry doors. This lock can also be used on a designated Safe Room door and glass slider doors as well.  Make sure you have strong upgraded locks.

3.   Secure existing windows with new locks and/or replace with upgraded windows. To strengthen single pane glass windows install security film to given an impenetrable shield. If this is not available at the hardware store, ShatterGARD security window film is an exceptional product.

4.   One-way wide angle viewing peephole for front door if you have no sidelights next to door.  Before opening your door you need to KNOW who is there first! Otherwise DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!

5.   Intercom System - install a unit at the front door to talk with whoever is knocking. Gives better communication without having to open the front door. If budget permits, install a video intercom system so you can actually see who is at the front door.

6.   Automatic outdoor lighting system with lights that come on at a pre-set time.  Install motion detector lights in the front, back, and garage side of the house. For best results install lights on all 4-sides of the house.  Also consider having outside lights connected to one or more lamps/lights inside the home that will come on at the same time. This gives the appearance that someone is home. Most burglars don’t want to confront homeowners!

7.   Outdoor surveillance camera at front and garage area and/or interior webcam.  These cameras can send an alert to your cell phone and computer with video viewing.  Great technology!

8.   Make sure your home phone system has a wireless unit that you can carry with you.  Also keep a cell phone handy in case your phone lines are cut.

9.  Dowell rods can be placed inside windows that slide up/down or sideways as well as slider doors making it difficult to open without breaking. These rods come in various diameters and offer excellent strength to windows and slider doors at a reasonable cost.

10. Adding a quality storm door to the front entry can add an extra layer of protection and strength.  This will make it even harder for a home invasion attack on your front door.  You could also do the same to the garage entry door. 

Your first line of defense is having a good quality security system.   Make sure you place a security yard sign in both the front and back of your home as well as putting window decals on all vulnerable windows.   Intruders can see the signs and stickers from the street and will typically move to an easier home (one that doesn’t have a security system).

Intruders also know that people who have made the effort to protect their home with a security system are usually more security conscious and have hardened other areas of the home as well. 

Your goal should be to build layers of protection making your home’s  perimeter stronger and hardened enough to withstand an attack by a home intruder.  When you slow down the home intruder’s progress and make him work hard to get through, he will likely give up and move to an easier home to attack!  (One with NO security system).

Starting today take action and protect your home and family! 


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