October Is Fire Safety Month

October 8, 2009 by admin  
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We all know October as the month we change our smoke detector batteries.  So right now - if you have battery operated smoke detectors - change your batteries.  The last thing you want is a deadly fire with no smoke alarm going off.  Smoke detectors are very important life safety devices!  Make sure your detectors are in proper working condition.

October is the time out of the entire year that we start hearing the horrible, sad stories of people who die in house fires.  A house fire is one of the biggest threats to your home and family. The sad part about house fires is most of them could have been prevented.  

When a fire starts, time is of the essence.  People need to be alerted immediately and have enough time to respond before the fire overtakes the entire house.  If there are children or elderly individuals in the home, it is even more urgent that you have ample time to react.  A smoke detector can give you time. 

The first thing that all homeowners, apartment dwellers, and college students living in dormscw-housefire-10-08 and off-campus housing should do is make sure there are adequate smoke detectors in the home or dwelling.  Don’t skimp on your smoke detectors – whether it is the cost or the number of smoke detectors.

There should be at least one smoke detector on each level p preferrably more.  On the main level make sure there is a smoke detector in a hallway, laundry room, and any bedrooms.  On the second level have a smoke detector in the main hallway and again in each bedroom.  If you have a basement, put one near any major electrical panel, furnace area, or at the top of the stairs leading out of the basement.

Be sure to test your smoke detectors at this time and during the year – again ensuring they are working properly.  Follow these guidelines as you want your smoke detectors to work when you absolutely need them to. 

I am a huge proponent of having a home security system that is monitored 24/7.  Not only does the security system protect your family from burglaries and intrusions, but can also be set up to provide 24-hour monitored fire protection.  This is life saving protection that is so valuable for your family! Whether you are home or away, a fire alarm coming from your home will immediately alert the monitoring facility so they can dispatch the fire department and others to your home.

That’s peace of mind—for you, your family, and even your insurance company! (Check with your agent on any homeowner discounts for having a security system that includes fire protection).

Keep your home and family safe 24/7!

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6 Responses to “October Is Fire Safety Month”
  1. Pamela says:

    Thank you for this post. I fear far too many people are far too cavalier about fire protection, detection and prevention.

  2. This is a useful post. It is good to inform people about safety and security.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks. In many cases a fire disaster may have been preventable. Reiterating fire safety and prevention is so important - even if only once a year. Although I think it’s very important to talk about fire safety throughout the year - especially during the winter months. Sometimes a little “heads up” article is all people need to remember fire safety!


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