Violent Home Invasions, Kidnappings, & Killers Dressed Like Cops

October 13, 2009 by admin  
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Doesn’t that title sound like something out of a Dirty Harry movie?  This type of crime has actually been happening in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona over the past year or so.  (See what Harry thinks of those who impersonate a police officer).

The landscape in Phoenix, Arizona is starting to be about as dangerous as ”Pakistan.”  That is what one top Phoenix cop had to say.   Another talks about the tremendous increase in deadly home invasions in Phoenix.  While another article says there’s no proof home invasion suspects were part of the Mexican Militia. 

What was that?  The Mexican Militia on U.S. soil all the way up into Phoenix, Arizona?  If that is a true case, where’s the U.S. military force?

Here’s an article link  Click Here that states after an incident at a home in Phoenix which resulted in the death of the homeowner, about 50 and100 rounds of ammo fired at the house.  A top member of the Phoenix police union said that the suspects in the shooting were active members of the Mexican Army hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and murders.

The fellow added that all of them were dressed in military tactical gear and armed with AR-15 assault rifles. 

Whether or not these criminals were part of the Mexican Army, the fact that someone approaches a home with the intent of a violent home invasion and are dressed like police should place homeowners in the Phoenix area on high alert.  

If you have not been involved in illegal activities, dealing drugs, smuggling illegal immigrants, then you probably don’t have too much to worry about.  You are probably not going to have a police officer knocking on your door.  However, if you are involved in these types of illegal activities, you could be possibly be the next victim!

Are the BAD guys dressed like the GOOD guys?  Be aware and be alert if you live in Phoenix, Arizona.

No matter where you live it seems we are seeing a tremendous increase in home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes.  Homeowners should take the necessary security steps to tighten up the perimeter of their home, install a good quality security system, set up an early alert warning system, and ensure their home and family are protected against a violent home invasion robbery crime!

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