Sgt. Lee Ross, South Bend PD, 2-25-09

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Our security expert is Crime Prevention Specialist Sgt. Lee Ross, South Bend PD. The police can’t be everywhere - they are overworked and understaffed.  Learn what proactive home protection strategies you can use to make your home impenetrable to a home invasion robbery/home burglary.

South Bend, Indiana is like most cities across our country.  It is a fairly small city compared to surrounding cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, yet it has been plagued over the last 20 plus years with crimes like the larger cities. 

Gangs, drugs, shooting, home invasion robberies, and home burglaries  have been a major hit on this city since I moved here in early 1990.  In fact, as an ADT Security Consultant during that time I would listen to the morning news as I was getting ready for work.  When I would hear about residential crimes that happened the night before on a particular street, I would check my daily appointment schedule only to find that some of my appointments were right in that  area.

During this time I  found myself in the midst of residential crime plaguing South Bend and the surrounding areas.  My job as an ADT Consultant was to help provide the best protection and solutions for homeowners, and yes - probably even for the criminals causing a lot of the caos!!! 

Join us as we talk with Sgt. Lee Ross to see what can be done to reduce the crime in the South Bend/Michiana Area and how we can avoid becoming a victim of these home invasion/home burglary crimes.

Join us Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 6-7:00 p.m. EST at or listen via the telephone/cell at (646) 727-3396.

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