Violent Carjacking Crimes & The 4 In 1 Emergency Tool

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Carjacking Robbery - Latest Violent Crime.  Be Aware/Be Alert/Be Prepared!

The local South Bend Tribune newspaper had an article about two 18 and 19-year old college sophomores who were victims of a robbery and carjacking Thursday night near their apartment.  They both were robbed and then stuffed into the trunk of the student’s vehicle.

cw-carjacking-pic1The students were arriving back to their apartment about 10:40 p.m. Thursday evening.  As they got out of the car they were surrounded by four young men - one of which was carrying a gun.  The robbers demanded the student’s money, wallets, bank access numbers, and debit/credit cards. The students were told if they didn’t do what the carjackers wanted they were going to be shot and thrown into the river that flows through town.  They were then stuffed into the trunk of the car.

The four punks then stole the vehicle with the students in the trunk.  As they were driving the vehicle at about 1:30 a.m Friday, police officers noticed the car’s high-beam headlights were staying on and started following the vehicle.  A chase ensued and the punks crashed the car into a fence and ran away.  Police officers were not able to catch the criminals; however, the students in the trunk were safely rescued.

One of the students said, “You never think that a carjacking will happen to you.  We were kind of blindsided.  I don’t know how you could have prepared.”  Well, that’s pretty much what everyone says after they’ve become a victim of a crime.  Whether it’s a personal assault, physical attack, home invasion, or home burglary - people say they never thought it would happen to them.

How you avoid a crime like this from happening to you “IS” to be PREPARED.  Be alert, be aware of your surroundings, be prepared, and stay alive!  Realize that violent crime is infecting every community and you need to understand that it could happen to you.  Don’t get into the mindset that “it won’t happen to me!”

Here is a 4 in 1 Emergency Tool that is clearly a lifesaver and should be in everyone’s car - both in the front seat area and in the trunk of your car.  Having this tool in your car may be your first step to being prepared.

Here’s how the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool functions and can provide added security for you:


  1. It has a super bright flashlight that can be used at night in any situation.  (Think of being in the trunk of your car - it would come in extra hand).
  2. It has a blinking emergency light that activates automatically upon removal from its base.   (Again, a great took if you are stuffed into the trunk of your car).
  3. If you are trapped in your car or the trunk of your car, the unit acts as a hammer to break the window out for an escape or can be used to break out the tail lights.  (Once again, great tool to have in the trunk).
  4. The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool also has a blade that can cut the seat belt in case you are trapped.  This tool can also cut through the duct tape that was used to wrap your wrists with.  (Don’t you think this would be a great tool to have in the trunk of your car?).

Lastly, because the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool can be used as a hammer, it can also be used as a weapon to fight off a carjacker who plans to do you harm.  Most carjackers, kidnappers, or those who abduct their victims by throwing them into the trunk of a vehicle and taking them to a second location usually don’t live to tell about it.  Be prepared to fight back if it means saving your life!

This is a versatile tool with four great uses in your car.  Because of the value pricing people should have a 4 in 1 Emergency Tool in both the front seat (maybe under the seat) and in the trunk of your car.

Also you might want to consider carrying Personal Protection such as Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun TASER C2, or Personal Alarm.  Check out all personal protection products at

To order the 4 in Emergency Tool go to

Remember, Stay Aware…Stay Alert…Stay Alive!



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