Would You & Your Family Survive A Violent Home Invasion Disaster?

September 23, 2009 by admin  
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“It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected home invasion and hope it never happens, than to become a victim and wish you’d planned better.” ~ Cheryl Watterson, Lets Talk Home Security, Radio Host, Home Security Strategist.

I just watched one of the most intense videos entitled “Surviving a Home Invasion Disaster” from Spike TV.  This is an excellent home invasion survival video that each person should take the time to watch.  Pay close attention to the details and you’ll see that a home invasion robbery can  happen to anyone.  However, by taking home protection measures to strengthen and tighten the security in and around your home, you make your home a more difficult target for the would-be home invasion intruders.  Target harden your home’s perimeter - don’t make it easy for the criminal!

When we take the attitude that these types of crimes happen to other people -not me, that’s when we let our guard down and miss taking the necessary protection precautions that we should.  Our instincts may even tell us something is wrong but we don’t listen - because our guard is down.

This movie is about 45 minutes so you’ll want to allow plenty of time.  It’s intense and will make you realize just how vulnerable we can be to a home invasion crime.  The first step to prevention is to be aware and prepared, take the necessary steps to build a defensive perimeter level of protection around our home, learn some basic and valuable self-protection techniques, and determine that you’re not going to be a victim of a home invasion robbery crime!!  You get to decide!

Click this link to the Home Invasion movie:  http://bit.ly/PB2jE

Be proactive - protect your home and family today!

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