Could Social Media Tip Off Home Intruders?

September 16, 2009 by admin  
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Listen Up - Could your Twitter and Facebook postings tip off home burglars to the fact that you aren’t home?

facebook-pic1When you tweet where you are or Facebook all your friends that you’re having the best cup of coffee at Panera Bread or Starbucks, are you alerting some unscrupulous “friend” that you’re not at home and that may be the opportunity for a home break-in?

Your first inclination may be “NO WAY” - who would possibly do that?  A savvy “professional” burglar that’s who.  Look at the number of burglaries and home invasion robberies that have dramatically increased over the last 18 months.  Anything is possible - you just need to be ahead of the game.

You see “online” child predators disguising themselves as “friends.”   Who’s to say there aren’t “online” local home burglars who carry their cell phones set up with Facebook/Twitter apps so they can keep up with what their “friends” are doing 24/7. 

Someone could potentially “friend” local community peeps on both Facebook and Twitter and just watch the conversations.  When someone is on vacation - talking about how great the oceanview is in Florida or that they are visiting family in California, this may be a great opportunity to checkout the home to see if anyone is REALLY home.  Bingo!! The home is totally empty — AND NO SECURITY SYSTEM!!

My suggestion is protect your home and family right now so you don’t have to worry what you say on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you use.  What is holding you back?  Taking action now means you’ll spend less money, get a good level of protection without breaking the bank, and have total peace of mind whether at home or away on vacation.

Checkout the great offers through ADT Security.  I’ve had ADT for 23 years and it’s the best peace of mind you can have when you consider your families’ safety and your home protection.

Install your security system today and tweet all you want about the coffee at Starbucks!!




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5 Responses to “Could Social Media Tip Off Home Intruders?”
  1. Pamela says:

    Thank you for highlighting this problem. People don’t always realize the risks of posting seemingly simple information about themselves on digital media. It’s important to be cautious about private information made public and vary of who you “friend” or who “follows” you.

  2. Sylvain says:

    This is something I’ve been saying for years and most of the time, people told me I’m paranoid. I’m glad to find out I’ve been highlighting a real problem.

    A lot of people use social media (especially Facebook) naively. They show and tell their life without any fear of consequences.

    Social media is great, but when used with poor judgement, it can cause serious consequences, including burglary when you share your whereabouts with the friends of your friends’ friends.

  3. admin says:

    In writing the article and putting it on Twitter/FB I mentioned people may think I’m paronoid. However when you look at the # of online child predators who work a targeted area, who’s to say there aren’t online professional home burglars/intruders working a targeted community/area as well. It’s new - and because most think this crime won’t happen to them - they don’t give it a lot of credit. We should monitor how much personal info we put out there to our “friends” and the whole world. Someone may be listening & watching.


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