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August 21, 2009 by admin  
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On Friday, 8-21-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson interviewed Jack Krohn, owner of which is an online personal protection store and Detective Renee Witt from the Seattle Police Department.

Jack gave the listeners all kinds of great information about how women can keep themselves safe from physical attacks and assaults by knowing self-defense techniques, safety awareness, and carrying some type of personal protection product.

We discussed Personal Alarms which are basically noise makers and usually range in the 120-130 db range.  Most personal alarms have lights included making them very helpful for dark parking lots and stairwells.  When women leave the shopping mall at night going to their car, having a personal alarm and/or pepper spray would give them some options to defend themselves with.

Personal alarms are a non-lethal device, usually cost under $20, and are highly recommended for young women in high school, going off to college, those who regularly jog or walk, and really for any woman who is out and about by themselves.  Having a device that makes a tremendous amount of noise will alert the attention of anyone nearby.  Noise is definitely something the attacker doesn’t want!!

c2-taser-pinkWe also talked about Stun Gun Batons, Pepper Sprays, and TASERS.  These are non-lethal personal protection devices meant to throw off an attacker enough so a victim can get away to safety and call the police.

You can check out Jack’s online personal protection store at  It’s better to spend a little money now to protect yourself versus become a victim of a violent attack and perhaps not live to tell about it.

Jack is also offering his FREE ebook on women’s self-defense.  Go to the home page of and sign up for his 35-page ebook and get the latest details on how to keep yourself safe.

My second guest was Detective Renee Witt from the Seattle Police Department.  We talked about home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes in the Seattle area and some of the things that might be causing the increase in these crimes. 

I also asked what home security tips she would recommend.  She said homeowners should have a Home Security Action Plan (which is what I highly recommend) and that having a Neighborhood Watch Group has proven to be very effective in fighting neighborhood crime.

She did say that due to the warmer weather a lot of people have been leaving their windows open and some even leaving their doors unlocked which has made it very easy for the home intruders.  Locking doors and windows should be a habit in every home.  Always check the locks for both windows and doors before leaving the home or going to bed.

She also agreed with me that the #1 step on the Home Security Action pic-of-security-keypad1 Plan should be having a home security system.  If you want to know when an intruder is coming into your home at 3:00 a.m. or you need emergency help, install a security system that is monitored 24/7 and will alert the local police authorities. (Check the FREE home security offer below).

Thanks to both my guests today for sharing some great home security and personal safety/protection information. 

People can always listen to today’s show on the home page radio widget - which is on the right side of the page.

Take care and keep your home and safe & well-protected.





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3 Responses to “Personal Safety & Home Security”
  1. Pamela says:

    Thanks for the post, your guests offer some helpful information. I’m certain Det. Witt stressed the need to find a security monitoring center that verifies alarms and actively works to reduce false alarms. Seattle has an “Enhanced Call” policy in place and several other jurisdictions in the Puget Sound require verification with audio, video or eye witness before responding. You’ll know a security company takes this seriously if they have a false alarm guarantee.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Pamela: We didn’t go into detail on verification of the alarm, but I know having enhanced verification can eliminate many false alarms. I believe Seattle PD charges a hefty fee for false alarms. And I’m sure many cities across the country are doing the same. Thanks for the comment.


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