Gun Sales Rise As Home Burglary & Home Invasions Increase!

August 17, 2009 by admin  
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Many homeowners ARE taking action when it comes to protecting their home and families against home invasion intruders.  As crime increases and more and more homes are burglarized and violent home invasions take place, homeowners have decided to protect their families with lethal weapons.  Intruder -  Beware Of Homeowner should be the sign to let intruders know that homeowners aren’t going to be complacent and take it anymore. 

If you are one of the homeowners who is purchasing a firearm to protect your home and family, be sure to follow some common-sense rules.  Become properly trained in how to use the weapon, purchase the right firearm for your needs, keep firearm safety a high priority, and get a home security system too!

If you become a victim of a home invasion crime while sound asleep, you may not hear the intruder get into your home so the firearm is useless.  If you have  no noise to alert you - an intruder can be in your bedroom before you even know it with a firearm pointed at your head.  At least the security system will have protection points that the intruder has to violate or set off as he tries to get into or move about your home.

A really good level of protection is a security system, your personal protection of choice (firearm), and a loud barking dog! 

Take a look at my article Home Security Action Plan for some steps to protect your home and family.

Stay safe & protect your home and family!!  Keep firearm safety a priority.

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