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Do you have an early alert warning system for your home?  We discussed this topic on Lets Talk Home Security radio today Friday, 7-24-09.  This is an important topic because it is so much a part of your overall Home Security Plan and if you leave it out - it could prove to be deadly.

A few examples of how an early alert warning system might have caused a different outcome are the two home invasions that made TV news over the last two weeks.

The deadly home invasion robbery of Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Billings in Escambia County, Florida made headline news from the shear brutal murder of this couple that left behind 17 young children.  The Billings had an elaborate security camera surveillance system which was on at the time of the home invasion.  However, the surveillance system may have been more for keeping track of the children on the property than for actual home security.

voice-alert-system1More and more people who live in remote areas are installing high dollar property alert systems that can detect cars or people coming onto their property.  These systems can also be tied into a camera surveillance system.  If cost is a factor, a simple Voice Alert Driveway System can also alert and warn the homeowner when someone drives through their main entrance or approaches the front doorHomeowners who are aware that they have visitors on their property at whatever hour of the day or night can take appropriate security action at that time.  Click Here for detailed information on the Voice Alert Driveway System for your home.

It is easy to let your guard down and fall into a false sense of security that home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes happen to others….not me!   Especially when you live in a community that is considered relatively safe. By being proactive and prepared well ahead of time you may ultimately save yourself and your family from being victims of this type of crime.

pic-of-security-keypad-3In today’s world there is no reason not to have a home security system.  For a minimal cost you can protect your home and family from burglary, home invasion, and even include fire, carbon monoxide and flood notification.  The peace of mind you have knowing your home and family are safe and well-protected 24/7 is priceless!

The other home invasion crime happened in the South Park area of Seattle, Washington.  An intruder broke into the home of two single women reportedly through an unlocked or opened window and went straight to their bedroom.  The intruder began stabbing the women as they slept, subsequently killing one of the ladies and hospitalizing the other.  The women did not hear the intruder enter their home.

One very important security note - leaving windows unlocked or opened at night (or anytime) is not a good thing to do especially if the windows are on the main floor.  If there had been an alarm system in the home with sensors on the windows then opening the windows would’ve immediately set off the alarm.  If there was no window sensor, then more than likely a motion detector would have been setup to protect the main level leading to the bedroom area.  That sensor device would’ve detected the intruder and activated the alarm siren.

With the siren going off and alerting the homeowners they could have quickly shut and locked the bedroom door; activated a police panic button either on a second keypad or a remote panic fob alerting the alarm company, and retreating immediately to a Safe Room area until police arrived.

It may be prudent to consider some type of personal protection whether it be lethal or non-lethal to help save your life.  Keeping some type of pepper spray, mace spray, stun gun, or TASER may be an option. (Be sure to know how to use these devices).  Many homeowners are turning to lethal firearms for protection.  If you take this option, become fully trained.

Again, we need to heighten our awareness that these types of crime are happening in communities all across our country.  It’s time we learn from someone else’s misfortune and become proactively engaged in making sure our home and family’s safety and protection is No. #1. 

If you haven’t already done so, start your home protection today!!

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