Violent Home Invasion/Murder In Escambia County, FL

July 22, 2009 by admin  
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On July 9th a violent home invasion robbery occurred in Escambia County, Florida and left a couple dead and their 17 children parentless.  According to deputies, Byrd and Melanie Billings were shot just before eight Thursday night at their home in the Beulah Community.

Investigators say children ranged in ages 8-14 (some with special needs) and were home when the couple were murdered.  One of the kids heard the gunshots and called a family friend.   Read More…

This is a such a senseless crime that you wonder what has happened to a certain core of our society that someone would do such a horrific and murderous crime.  The perpetrators should be prosecuted with the entire book thrown at them!

Don’t become a victim of a violent, senseless home invasion robbery! 

Be aware, be proactive, and ensure you have hardened the perimeter of both your home and your outside property.  You don’t want to be a surprised victim of a violent home invasion robbery with no options.

Protect your family and home now!

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