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February 17, 2009 by admin  
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Hello and welcome to Let’s Talk Home Security.  I am your host, Cheryl Watterson, and I come to you live every Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Each week I will be interviewing top crime prevention specialists and security experts who can offer the latest home security tips and solutions to the increasing number of home invasion robbery/home burglary crimes hitting our communities - all across the nation.

As a Security Expert myself with over 20 years in the home alarm industry, I believe having a security system in your home can be the No. #1 protection.  However, you cannot rely solely on the security system for your total protection.  It is vitally important to build a solid, impenetrable level of protection around your home.  You don’t have to build Ft. Knox, but do the things that will make your home extremely difficult to get through.  If an intruder wants into your home bad enough - he may not care if you have a security system because he knows the police won’t arrive for 5-10 minutes so he may attempt to kick the door in anyway. 

Because the police are overworked, understaffed, and can’t be everywhere, they may not be able to respond to your alarm call immediately.  Each homeowner should make it their responsibility to buy time until the police arrive by ensuring their home is well-protected, with an impenetrable perimeter, and their family will be safe until the police arrive.

These are things we will discuss with the security experts.  We plan to bring valuable home security information, the latest innovative home defense products, and security training that will help you become more proactive in protecting your home and keeping your family safe 24/7.

Remember, Let’s Talk Home Security is on Wednesday evenings, 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time/3:00 p.m. Pacific.  If you miss a show, you can always catch up and listen on the Let’s Talk Home Security button upper right side of the Home Page.

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One Response to “Let’s Talk Home Security”
  1. Kunal Malhotra says:

    Hi CherylI totally agree with you it is very important to take care of our home security. Here in India we have the some issues on burglary and unwanted intrusion in our home and workplaces; to fightback such intrusions many wireless security products are introduced in the market. These wireless products are very innovative, trust me you can keep your home safe at any point of time. I am using Zicom’s Burglar alarm system which have wireless unit attached to it like motion sensor, magnetic contact. The best this about it is the service which they provide called i-alert wherein any intrusion at your place when you are out on a trip will give signal to the Zicom centre; after reciving any such signal the Zicom personnel calls you and inform you about the intrusion.

    Zicom home security products are highly recomended

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