7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself Against A Home Invasion

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cw-home-sweet-home-pic2Home Sweet Home - Or Is It?  Ladies (and men), be aware, be alert and learn how to protect and defend yourself, your home, and your family.  In our current economic condition, burglary and home invasion crimes are one the rise.  Don’t become a victim of this senseless crime…install a home security system for your best protection!!

If you are a woman who lives alone, whether you are young or old, consider your security and safety as a top priority.  There are too many predators who will take advantage of young women thinking they are easy prey.  That’s not to say that older women aren’t attacked by predators - it may be that older women view life differently and are more aware of things that younger women blow off as not being that important or they think “that won’t happen to me.”    Your home and personal security and safety should be a top priority. 

The first step to your protection is knowing you may be vulnerable to some kind of criminal attack.  Your goal is to do whatever it takes to reduce that vulnerability and avoid becoming a victim of a home invasion or burglary crime. 

Here Are 7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself Against A Home Invasion:

1.  Install a quality security system in your home and include a panic button.  Keep the panic button or a second keypad in your bedroom.  Make sure all entry doors to your home are protected, windows that are especially vulnerable, and combine with interior motion detectors.  Your alarm rep can make recommendations on the best protection.  And always consider fire protection too.  (As a security consultant for 20 years, I know how valuable fire protection is).  Be proactive and protect your home now before you become a victim.  (Get your security system installed and start your peace of mind today - protect your home with ADT).

2.  Make sure you have strong locks and updated deadbolts on your doors (with extra long bolts) and that the windows also have strong locks.  You can add some extra strength to your windows by placing dowel rods into the track of the windows.  Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked even while at home.  The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system is the most amazing lock for perimeter doors and interior Safe Room door.  (Check out www.theultimatelock.com for more information).

3.  Your perimeter doors should be solid core wood or metal doors with reinforced door frames.  If your doors are ten years or older, consider upgrading.  This is also the time to upgrade deadbolts and locks.  Consider adding a high quality storm door at the front entry to build another layer of protection.

4.  Look at putting a door guard at the front and back doors to your home that open in.  This again will add some extra strength to your doors.  If someone is going to intrude upon your home, make them have to work hard at getting in.  Most burglars don’t want to have to exert a lot of effort breaking into homes.  If you have built a strong and hardened perimeter, chances are the intruder will give up and go away.  HARDEN THE PERIMETER OF YOUR HOME. 

5.  Because the master bedroom is one of the first places the intruder is going have a good quality lock on this door as well.  Consider changing your door to a solid core door with reinforced frames.  You may want to have your master bedroom become your “Safe Room as you wait for the police to arrive.  (We are working with the manufacturer of the Chain Reaction door security and hope to offer it online soon).  

6.  Have a Safety Plan of Action on specifics you will do to maintain your safety and any family members’ safety.  The plan should include your taking a self-defense class to learn techniques and tactics to defend and protect yourself and carrying some kind of personal protection products like pepper spray, mace spray, Taser C2, Stun Gun or Pepper Gun that can be used to fend off an intruder.  These are all non-lethal devices only meant to throw off an attacker giving you a chance to escape to safety and call the police.  Many women who have been stalked or previously attacked are resorting to firearms for personal protection.  Lethal or non-lethal - make sure you follow the legal requirements and that you are properly trained in how to use the device.

7.  Develop a safety and security awareness about things around you, the people around you, and any gut feelings about social situations you may be in.  You will want to develop a more heightened sense of security and common sense about situations you may have ignored before.  My daughter told me I am too paranoid about personal security and safety.  I tell her it’s not being paranoid, it’s been realistic and using common sense about safety, being aware of what is going on and knowing how to protect yourself so you don’t become a victim of crime.

For women who have experienced an assault, a violent attack, or a rape, their whole outlook on life has forever changed. Please consider the above recommendations and make sure you place your security and safety high on your priority list.

Again, put a security system in your home!  Check this link on how to get a high quality, affordable security system monitored 24-hours a day by the world’s #1 alarm company - ADT.

Protect your family and home now!

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4 Responses to “7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself Against A Home Invasion”
  1. April says:

    Your tips are great. What sources do you use? Do you use homesecurityadvice.com? or something else

  2. admin says:

    Hello April: For 20 years I was one of the top ADT Security Consultants for residential customers. Now that I have my own business I am able to utilize all the knowlege and experience I learned over my years working for the largest and best security alarm company. I just take a topic or subject that I am familiar with (and there are many) and expound upon it. I am passionate about homeowners keeping their home and family safe from home burglary and home invasion robbery crime. Everything you see is what I know.

    Check out my other websites http://www.homesecurity911.com and http://www.selfdefensewithanattitude.com. If you have any other comments, let me know. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Matt says:

    You have some good tips in the article.

    However, recommending pepper spray and other less than lethal options are a joke. A group of armed attackers are not going to be subdued by these products. Violentforce must be met with violent equal or greater force. A firearm should be recommended along with proper training and defensive tactics.


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