Is Your Sole Security Your Pet Pooch?

March 28, 2010 by admin  
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Don’t Make Your Pet Take On An Armed Intruder! During my 20 years as a home security consultant there were many times when I ran into people who would say - “why do I need a security system…I have a dog?” My answer would typically be - “a good barking dog and a security system do a great job of deterring a criminal intruder.  However, is your pet really equipped to take on an armed intruder?”

There have been numerous home intrusions and home invasion robberies over the past six months in our local area and two in particular where burglars ransacked the homes and ended up shooting and killing the homeowner’s pet dogs as they left the homes.  Heartless Dirtbagsdogkilledrobbery_jpg!!


If you don’t want a security system because you feel pretty safe, think about your pet who is home most of the time when you aren’t - and considering putting a security system in to protect your pet.

cw-rocky-dog-for-blog3Rocky is our pet and guardian of the house when we’re gone.  It’s been a top priority to make sure that both my home and Rocky are well-protected.

Take one look at this pooch - that’s not a SMILE!!

Here is a friend’s new little puppy who will somestevie-sleeps2 day be the protector of the house.  It would be a serious shame if someone were to blatantly shoot a puppy as sweet as this little guy during a home invasion/intrusion!

One thing I encourage people I know who have a security system is to get into the habit of always turning  it on - both when you leave for the day or go to bed at night.

A security system provides a great early alert warning.  Plus when you have a barking dog chances are real good that you’ll know when something suspicious is happening around your home.  If an intrusion occurs when no one is home, the police are typically notified right away and dispatched to the home.

My recommendation is to be proactive and protect your home with a good quality home security system making sure your home, family, and beloved pets are well-protected 24/7.  That’s total peace of mind!!

Are You Telling Too Much Personal Info On Your Social Media Sites?

March 27, 2010 by admin  
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Last September I did a blog on how posting your personal whereabouts on  social media sites like Twitter and Facebook may be giving potential online criminals too much information.

Below is the article we posted back in September and this type of crime is continuing to happen even more today.  The key is to be smart, be aware of online safety issues, and recognize who you are allowing to become your “friend.” If you’re “tweeting” and “commenting” to your friends about your whereabouts - that you are on vacation, dining out…or whatever, at least make sure your home is protected with some type of security system.

Leaving your home vulnerable and unprotected makes it easy for online criminals to do their “offline” job of burglarizing homes.  There are way too many of these “criminal predators” trolling the social media sites.

Listen Up - Could your Twitter and Facebook postings tip off quasi-criminals - i.e. home burglar type “friends” to the fact that you aren’t home?

facebook-pic1When you tweet where you are or comment on Facebook to all your friends that you’re having the best cup of coffee at Panera Bread or Starbucks, are you alerting some unscrupulous “friend” that you’re not at home and that may be the opportunity for a home break-in?

Your first inclination may be “NO WAY” - who would possibly do that?  A savvy “professional” burglar that’s who.  Look at the number of burglaries and home invasion robberies that have dramatically increased over the last 18 months.  Anything is possible - you just need to be ahead of the game.

You see “online” child predators disguising themselves as “friends.” Who’s to say there aren’t “online” local home burglars who carry their cell phones set up with Facebook/Twitter apps so they can keep up with what their “friends” are doing 24/7.

Someone could potentially “friend” local community peeps on both Facebook and Twitter and just watch the conversations.  When someone is on vacation - talking about how great the oceanview is in Florida or that they are visiting family in California, this may be a great opportunity to checkout the home to see if anyone is REALLY home.  Bingo!! The home is totally empty — AND NO SECURITY SYSTEM!!

My suggestion is protect your home and family right now so you don’t have to worry what you say on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you use.  What is holding you back?  Taking action now means you’ll spend less money, get a good level of protection without breaking the bank, and have total peace of mind whether at home or away on vacation.

Install a home security system today and tweet all you want about the wonderful coffee at Starbucks!!

Young Boy Thwarts Home Invasion Robbery By Calling 911

March 10, 2010 by admin  
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Do your small children know how to call 911 in case of an emergency?  Do you have a Home Security Plan that lays out protection for your home and what family members should do in case of a major emergency - like a home invasion robbery? If not, it’s a good idea to set one up especially if you have small children.

When parents educate their children - even at a young age - they will know what to do and many times can respond proactively in ways that may save lives.  Watch this video and read the story of a 7-year old boy’s heroic actions that did just that.

Courtesy of

A terrified 7-year-old boy begged emergency dispatchers to send police to his Southern California home where three armed robbers threatened his parents, according to a recording of the call released Tuesday.

The three men remain at large. g 7-year old who was smart enough to hide from the home intruders and call 911 when his home became the target of a violent home invasion robbery crime.

Gunmen broke into the boy’s home Tuesday morning and announced that they would take whatever they wanted, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Steve Kenny said.

The boy and his 6-year-old sister hid unnoticed in the locked bathroom while the suspects threatened his mother and father at gunpoint.

“There’s some guy who’s going to kill my mom and dad,” he said breathlessly. “Bring cops. A lot of them! … And soldiers, too.”

Click to listen to 911 Call

The suspects eventually broke into the bathroom and someone screamed. The 911 operator sounded shaken as she explained what happened to her colleagues.

Kenny said the suspects grabbed the boy and asked who he called. He responded, “911.” The gunmen fled without taking anything or injuring the family.

“If not for the brave and educated actions of the 7-year-old boy, this might have ended tragically,” said sheriff’s Capt. Pat Maxwell.

This type of crime is happening more and more all across our country.  Have a plan of action and educate family members so they know what to do in case you experience a home invasion crime like this.

My recommendation is to build a solid level of security protection around your home.  That means installing a home security system, solid deadbolt locks, and an early alert warning system - and that’s just for starters!!!

Become more proactive and protect your home and family today!