Holiday Panhandling Grows During Economic Downturn

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The economic downturn coupled with the holiday season seems to be bringing out a lot of “panhandlers” who are set up on street corners - maybe near your neighborhood - and desperately seeking your money.  Are they scammers or are they really in need of help?

Watch this video to see if this scene looks familar as you travel to and from your home:

Courtesy of Volkomenkut

The headlines in the local paper talked about the “economic downturn thatpanhandlers-in-sbendr-in-article is forcing more to seek help along the road.”  This is an important article to read as people are panhandling on neighborhood street corners at an alarming rate throughout the country.

It is sad that this type of “begging or panhandling” is happening.  If people are truly desperate and not simply “scamming” the system, there are social agencies that can help.  However, in reading this article it indicated that the lady who holds a “job” on one of the street corners near our neighborhood claimed to have made $700 in a single evening.  She and her husband are both working the street corner.  If someone is earning that amount of cash in a single day, why would they bother trying to find of job??

When the paper checked the husband’s background, records showed he had been booked in the county jail 36 times since 1990 on a variety of charges including burglary, domestic violence, public intoxication, and criminal mischief.  CLICK HERE for the full article.

The mere fact that the newspaper reported how much money the panhandlers made in one day may cause more and more panhandlers to grab a street corner in one of the higher end neighborhoods.  The last thing people will want to see are panhandlers “setting up shop” on street corners watching as people leave their neighborhoods.

We’re already seeing a tremendous increase of home burglaries.  What happens when panhandlers decide to come into your neighborhood going door to door asking for money?  This type of activity needs to be stopped before it gets much worse.

It is up to each and everyone of us to decide where and to whom we give our money donations to.  Of course, it hits at your heart when you see someone who appears to be homeless or destitute on a street corner and they have their children begging with them.  Most authorities say when you give money you only encourage this type of behavior to continue - which may be illegal in many states.

You never really know the person’s “story” - if it is for real or if it’s a scam!   All I know is when the backgrounds were checked of many of the men panhandlers, they were found to have many violations and one prominent violation was home burglary.  And having panhandlers working on street corners near your neighborhood may actually be too close to home!!

Be sure you have protected your home’s perimeter with solid, impenetrable protection, and a quality home security system.

Be proactive and take action today!!

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Day 4 Of The 14 Days Of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 4 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Stay Aware & Alert To Avoid Being A Victim Of  An Attack & Know How To Effectively Protect & Defend Yourself!

Problem:  It’s like a “war zone” out there!  Everyday you read or hear about the rash of personal assaults and attacks upon women, elderly folks, children, and college students.  These attacks are happening in shopping malls and grocery store parking lots.  People are being robbed once they  leave nightclub and restaurant establishments late at night.  And there has just been an overall increase in violent street crimes.

Solutions:  First consider where crime tends to happen and avoid those places when you are by yourself.  If you are out late at night, go with one or more friends and shop at the mall or grocery stores during daylight hours.   Women tend to be the more likely victim of personal attacks or assaults.  Therefore, I suggest taking some type of self-defense training to learn how to effectively fight back to protect and defend yourself against an attacker.  Just knowing a few common-sense techniques can help you fend off an attacker enough to get to safety.  In addition to learning self-defense – we  should heighten our personal safety awareness to what is happening around us whenever we are out – especially when alone!  Lastly, consider carrying some type of non-lethal personal protection such as Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun, TASER, or Personal Alarm with an audible 130 db alarm.  More and more people are getting a concealed carry firearm permit.  It’s unfortunate that things have gone this far but the majority of violent attacks have been by criminals who are carrying guns and other weapons.  Make sure whatever protection you carry it is done legally, following local and state laws, and that you are well-trained in how to properly use your protection.

Tips To Keep You Safe & Well-Protected Wherever You Are

1.  Check with the local law enforcement to see if they offer a self-defense training class.  If they don’t, check both the yellow pages or local newspaper.  Many colleges and police departments offer a RAD Self-Defense program for women.  If you are unable to find a class nearby, go online and find a reputable self-defense professional who offer self-defense training on DVD’s to train at home. One such professional is Melissa Soalt aka Dr. Ruthless who offers a DVD training program “Fierce & Female.”  As mentioned heighten your safety awareness, listen and trust your instincts or “gut feelings.”  Doing this may save your life!!  (The following video shows how to use some common things to defensively protect yourself against an attacker).

Courtesy of Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect

2.  Non-lethal personal protection can easily be carried on a keychain, in your purse, coat pocket, or concealed in your hand as you are walking to your location.  It is imperative that you know how to use pepper spray or mace so you are not adversely affected by the spray/mist if used.  If you are attacked, you want to effectively spray and disable an attacker enough to quickly escape to safety.  This holds true for using a TASER or Stun Gun.  In many personal attacks the victim will be in close personal contact with the attacker. Be well-prepared to defend yourself and fight back using every self-defense skill and non-lethal protection that you have. Your life will depend upon it!!

For all your Personal Protection needs - go to

Stun Gun
Pepper Spray
Mace Gun
Personal Alarm

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Day 3 Of The 14 Days Of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 3 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Install Outdoor Motion Detection Sensors On Your Home & Be Quickly Alerted Before A Car Break-In Or Home Intrusion Happens!

Problem:  There has been an overwhelming increase in the number of home burglaries and invasion robbery crimes while people are at home.  There has also been a dramatic spike in the number of homeowners reporting car break-ins of vehicles left in the driveway.  These  crimes are happening in just about every neighborhood throughout the U.S. and the police are not able to keep up with the high amount of criminal activities.

Solutions:  Install a perimeter system that gives an “early alert warning” that someone is approaching your home, attempting to break into your car in the driveway, trying to enter the garage area, or breaching the perimeter of your property.  Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time that an intruder is potentially about to break into your home or bust out your car’s windows or rip-off  the wheels on your car left in the driveway?  For many homeowners the most frightening scenario is the thought of being awakened at 3:00 a.m. with an intruder standing above you with a gun pointed at your head.  The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System is an alert notification that does just that - it alerts you in a voice the precise location of a potential intruder on your property.

Tips For Implementing Solid Perimeter Protection Using An Early Alert Warning System  - The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System

  1. The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System uses outdoordriveway-alert-system-picr-12-8 wireless motion sensors that detect movement and then triggers a signal to a receiver/control unit inside the home.  A voice message will identify the location of where the intruder is by the exact area or zone.  If the owner is at home when the property is breached, they will immediately be alerted and can respond appropriately.  (Be sure to have a home security plan of action).
  2. An intruder coming onto your property at 3:00 a.m. is not expecting anyone to be awake.  The element of surprise is what they are looking for.  A home intruder who comes in while people are at home and asleep expect to catch the homeowner off-guard and within their control.  Therefore, we suggest you connect an outside siren with a loud decibel alarm to your Voice Alert System.  Noise is a big deterrent and most intruders will leave when a siren goes off as they don’t want to be caught or identified.  You can also connect the Voice Alert System to lights inside the home that will come on when an intruder moves through the outside sensors.  (This usually requires an electrician to setup).  Again, the intruder wants the element of surprise.  If lights come on that may indicate that someone is home and surprise is gone.
  3. Typical locations for installing the outdoor protection sensors would be covering the front door area or front of the home; the garage and driveway area; the back yard and back door area; and other vulnerable areas the may require alert notification.
  4. Other important applications you can use The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System for - Child monitoring, Pool safety, Home automatic and for Small business security. 

The primary key is KNOWING well ahead of time that a potentially “bad situation” is about to happen.  You would certainly want to know if someone is breaching the perimeter of your home or about to bust out the windows in your car or even that a car is driving into your driveway at 3:00 a.m. 

Check out The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System as part of your overall home security protection plan.  Remember, building levels of protection around your home will make your home more difficult to get into and less likely a target for home intruders.

For more information on The Voice Alert Home & Driveway System go to

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Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder While On Line W/911 Operator

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If you haven’t beefed up the protection around your home, after reading this article and watching this video you will definately want to ensure the perimeter of your home has an impenetrable level of protection to keep crazy criminals OUT!!

Video Courtesy of Kerrville 911 Truth

The Oklahoma woman spent 10 long minutes on the phone with a 911 operator waiting for the police to arrive as the home intruder pounded on her front door.  He then went around to her back patio area where he ended up throwing a table through her glass patio door and entered her home.

The homeowner - who was alone at the time - couldn’t wait for the deputies any longer and had to protect herself.  She ended up shooting and killing the home intruder with a 16-gauge shotgun. 

To read the full story CLICK HERE.

Because home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are on the rapid increase, homeowners should do everything possible to implement optimum protection strategies that  keep home intruders out.  By making it extremely difficult to get through your perimeter this can help buy time until the police or deputies arrive.

Some immediate defensive protection measures would be:

1. Install a home security system with complete perimeter & interior protection.  Make sure you have an extremely high decibel alarm siren

2. Install an early alert warning system - The Voice Alert Driveway System - that lets you know someone is approaching or breaching your property 24/7.

3. Install The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system on all perimeter doors plus your interior Safe Room door (master bedroom or room that is centrally located).

4. Install top grade security film for vulnerable glass doors and windows from ShatterGard Security Films.  This security film strengthens the inside of the glass making it virtually impenetrable.   Again you want to buy time and slow the home intruder down until help arrives.

5. Have some type of personal protection to protect yourself and your family.  Many people opt for non-lethal protection like TASER, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, or Mace.  However, homeowners are realizing that the majority of violent home intruders are forcing their way into homes while brandishing guns and weapons - and are not timid about using them.  Each person must make the decision on their personal protection.  Ensure you are well-trained to use your protection, comply with state andlocal laws, and maintain a responsible attitude with your protection.

Be proactive and protect your home and family starting today!

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Get a FREE security system ($850/value) with only a $99* installation fee and 24/7 monitoring service by ADT.  Just call 866-755-6137 and a professional security representative can assist with your security concerns.  Or you can CLICK HERE.

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Ron Daniels-Ultimate Lock, 12/04

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Our guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio for 12/04/09 was Ron Daniels, President and inventor of The Ultimate Lock deadbolt system.  The discussion centered around the tremendous increase in home burglary and violent home invasion robbery crimes that are plaguing communities all across our nation.

Listen to the full conversation with Ron Daniels and learn how you can implement a targeted protection strategy that protects the weakest link in your home’s defense - entry door deadbolt systems.  Listen by clicking the radio widget below.

  • It takes the violent home intruder 1.7 seconds to kick in your door…can you respond that quickly to a home invasion? (You want protection that stops an intruder at the gate and buys you time to move to safety, grab your protection, & alert authorities to the crime).
  • Do you have a home security plan that defines what steps you are taking to implement overal security and what to do if a home invasion/home burglary crime happens to you? (If you don’t have a security plan, set one up for your home.  Knowing what to do in an emergency and proactively protecting your home and family should be a No. 1 priority. Click here to learn more.).
  • Is your existing deadbolt a single throw deadbolt? (If you answered YES, you need to upgrade to a deadbolt locking system designed to protect your door with ultimate security).
  • Does your deadbolt protect your home from the latest crime - lock bumping or key bumping by home intruders? (Most deadbolts are easy to get through using this simple strategy that criminals are learning from the internet. You can’t even tell there was a breakin through your door only that your home has been ripped off). 

As part of the Holiday Special  The Ultimate Lock can be purchased for $179.95, that’s a$50 savings.  If you purchase (2) Ultimate Locks the price is $299.95 + free shipping.  That’s an even bigger savings.

To learn more about The Ultimate Lock and purchase your “gift of security“, go to

Get a FREE security system ($850/value) with only a $99* installation fee and 24/7 monitoring service by ADT.  Just call 866-755-6137 and a professional security representative can assist with your security concerns.  Or you can CLICK HERE.

*Basic security system package.


Day 2 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful, sometimes common-sense solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season!

Build An Impenetrable Layer Of Protection Around Your Home & Upgrade Deadbolts With Superior Quality Locks!

Problem: You just read the paper this morning and the front page stated, “Burglars hit area hard” and see that most of the burglaries have been right through the front door.  The daily crime news alone should motivate you to become more proactive and ensure you have the best possible deadbolt protection on all perimeter doors (and interior Safe Room door).  You should ensure that your deadbolt locks are strong enough to withstand a powerful forced kick from a 250 lb intruder.  Let’s say upon my advice - you check your deadbolt locks and realize that even you could easily kick in your doors.  Upon further inspection you notice the deadbolts and some of the doorframes are not very solid and are at least 10 years or older.

Solutions:  Most people don’t realize that doors are actually the first entry point for most home burglary/home invasion robberies.  Home intruders know exactly where and how to kick the door/deadbolt just right to force the door in with one powerful kick.  Your goal should be to build an impenetrable protection field around your home that starts with having rock solid doors, reinforced doorframes, and superior deadbolt locks designed to keep the criminals OUT! The Ultimate Locking System is a powerful lock designed to do just that.

Tips For Building Solid Perimeter Protection

• Initially, start replacing your existing deadbolts with a superior deadbolt locking system like The Ultimate Lock. This is a premium deadbolt locking system that is able to withstand up to 4,000 pounds of pressure and protects against bump keys or lock bumping*, helps prevent door kick-ins, and has a panic button feature to render duplicate keys useless.  You don’t have to take my word for it – watch this amazing video to see what this deadbolt locking system can withstand.

• On Day 1 you decided to have a home security system installed.  Great! But protecting your home with a security system alone is not enough if the weakest link in your home – your deadbolts are outdated and inadequate.  The main objective is to keep the criminals out of your home - PERIOD! By stopping intruders at the gate you keep them from violently confronting family members.  Implementing optimum protection strategies using The Ultimate Lock will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break through the front door.  In most cases they will give up and go elsewhere.  With a hardened perimeter, the intruder will more than likely make enough noise to alert the homeowner who can potentially take action by setting off an emergency alarm, calling the police, or grabbing the personal protection, e.g., firearm, TASER, or stun gun.

*The “Lock bumping, Key bumping or Bump Locking” technique is an extremely slick way that home burglars and intruders are using to break-in to homes.  It’s quick, easy, and leaves virtually every home vulnerable to thieves who have the right key.  Plus there is basically no sign or evidence of forced intrusion.

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection.

If you missed Day 1 - CLICK HERE!

Get an ADT security system installed and receive a $200 Cash Back Rebate.  Call 800-699-9238 and give Promotion Code A51539.

*Basic security system package.

Burglars Hit Hard In South Bend

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Once again the front page of the Local South Bend Tribune states, “Burglars hit area hard.” There has been a recent surge of burglaries on the cities northwest side and South Bend - like other cities - only has so many police officers who can handle these crimes.  Burglars know this and are out in force!

During the past few months I have been saying that there would be a dramatic increase over the holidays in home burglary crimes.  Criminals are desperate and don’t care one bit whether they violate your property or your rights!  So what do you do?  Fight Back!!

Homeowners this message is for YOU! Take action to protect your home and family.  Stop being complacent and thinking this type of crime won’t happen to you. Here are steps you can take to fight back by implementing optimum protection strategies to target harden your home against intruders!!

7-Steps To Fight Back Against Home Burglary/Home Invasion Robbery Crimes

1. Install a good quality home security system with 24/7 alarm monitoring. This should be your #1 “To Do” in order to protect your home.  Set up your security protection to deter intruders.  Make them think twice before selecting your home by initially placing visible alarm yard signs in the front and back areas of your home and put alarm decals on windows.  Your alarm company will be alerted to any type of home intrusion, burglary or emergency and can immediately dispatch the local police.  There really is no excuse not to protect your home and family with a security system.  Remember the police can’t be everywhere and the security and safety of your home and family is your responsibility.  Be proactive and protect your home.  (Get an ADT Security system installed and start your peace of mind today.  Call 800-699-9238 and use Promotion Code A51539 and get a $200 mail-in Rebate. Be sure to give the Promo Code A51539 for full credit).

2. Harden the perimeter of your home.  Evaluate perimeter doors, windows, and locks.  Make sure to have solid core wood or metal doors for the main entry doors.  Reinforce frames around doors that are older or outdated. Consider upgrading deadbolts and locks to ensure they can provide solid protection in case of a forced intrusion.  If your door gets kicked in with the forced kick of a 250 lb intruder, you want to ensure your deadbolt lock will hold the door in place.  Check our security partners at to see how effective this locking system can be.  Windows and glass slider doors that are especially vulnerable can have a security window film applied on the inside glass to make it virtually  impenetrable to be broken through in an attack.  Check our security partners at

3. Install an Early Alert Warning System for your home.  The Voice Alert System will let you know when someone is approaching or on your property within a specific radius of your home.  Outdoor sensors transmit an alert warning to a voice annunciator inside your home to let you know what area of your property is being breached by potential intruders.  Wouldn’t you like to know well ahead of time that someone is trying to enter your home or break into your car in the driveway?  The Voice Alert System lets you know giving you time to respond and alert 911.  Go to for details.

4. When you are at home, be sure to keep all doors and windows locked. If a stranger comes to your door, DO NOT open your door unless you know precisely who it is.  The majority of home invasion robberies happen right through the front door.  A homeowner automatically opens the front door without thinking and is confronted by a violent home intruder.  Make it a habit to ask who is at the front door before opening.  You can always communicate through a closed door. You are under no obligation to open your door to anyone - especially strangers.  Ask for identification if it is someone claiming to be from a utility or delivery service company.  Carry your phone and call to confirm their identity or call 911.  We hope to be to provide the Chain Reaction Home System in the near future.

5. Be sure to keep trees and shrubs trimmed around your home so you don’t give home intruders an easy place to hide.  Keep shrubs, bushes and trees well-trimmed - especially around ground level windows - so they do not block out light or serve as a hiding place.  Also  adding motion sensor lights around the home can provide a strong deterrent.  The best place to install motion sensor lights would be in the front, sides, back, and garage side of the house.  A suggestion would be to have the motion lights connected to a light or lamp inside the home.  That way if the outdoor motion light is activated it also turns a light on inside the house.  This gives the real impression to the burglar that someone may actually be at home.

6. When you pull into your driveway keep your car doors locked and observe if there are strangers around as you pull into the garage.  While still in your car, close the garage door and make sure it if fully closed as you exit your vehicle.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with groceries, packages, and work-related items to the point we aren’t paying close attention to what is going on in and around the garage area.  If you must park your car in the driveway or along the street in front of your home, take any valuables inside your home or place in the trunk.  Leaving valuables in plain view of a car burglar will make your vehicle extremely vulnerable.  Always lock doors, roll up windows, and if you have a door opener, take it inside.  Remember in a car break in the burglar can likely get inside your glove compartment and steal personal information such as car registration, etc.  Consider investing in a quality car alarm.  Also the Voice Alert System is another option letting you know when someone is near your car.

7. Keep some type of personal protection like pepper spray or mace near the front door - easily within reach in case of a forced intrusion. If you have small children, keep it out of reach and away from them.  Some homeowners resort to other non-lethal protection like a TASER or Stun Gun, other homeowners use lethal firearms for their family personal protection.  Be sure to follow local, city, and state laws regarding this protection and always make sure you know how to properly use the personal protection you select.  Keep in mind that the intruder may be armed so use your best judgment on how you will defend yourself. (

These are also important steps that should be included in your overall home protection.

  • Have a Home Security Plan of Action that states exactly what you will do to maintain the safety of your home and family.  This plan should outline some specific strategies that will help to strengthen the perimeter of your home and outline things that you can do to help provide additional protection for family members if you are involved in a home invasion attack.  The plan may also encourage taking a self-defense and/or personal safety awareness training class.  By learning safety awareness and self-defense techniques and tactics, you will know defensive ways to protect yourself against an attacker whether at home or on the street. (
  • Join or form a Neighborhood Watch Group where neighbors know each other in the immediate vicinity. Get to know the neighbors across from you. Have a form and get to know your neighbors so you can all watch out for each other.  Go across the street 5 houses to the left and 5 houses to the right and do the same on your side 5-houses to the left and 5-houses to the right.  Then exchange names, phone numbers, addresses, and vehicle types.  Recognize any unfamiliar vehicles especially those driving slowly looking at individual homes.  When you arrive home, if there is an unfamiliar vehicle parked in front of your home with people inside, you should drive on especially if you are the least bit in doubt or have a “gut feeling” that says drive on. (Form attached at the end the FREE Report for neighbor names/addresses).
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes your intuition or instincts will let you know when something isn’t right.  Listen!  When you are out and about be aware if someone - perhaps a stranger - seems to be watching you too closely, seems overly friendly, or way too interested in your personal affairs.  Be aware of any vehicle that you feel is following you a little too closely as you drive home.

Target Harden Your Home - get common-sense tips and products from your local hardware stores that help build layers of protection to an existing security system by CLICKING HERE.

Our website has plenty of home security tips, home protection strategies to keep your home well-protected and safe 24-7, personal safety tips, and home security resources.

Stay safe and protect your home and family.

Get a copy of the Free Report-”HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @

14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

December 1, 2009 by admin  
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Welcome to Day 1 of the 14 Days of Home Security & Personal Safety Protection

Thanks for joining us for 14 days as we discuss problems and helpful solutions to maintaining a safe and well-protected home and strategies to keep personal safety a high priority this holiday season! 

Be Proactive & Determine That Now Is The Time To Install A Home Security System!

Problem:  You are seeing more home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes in your  community but keep thinking “it won’t happen to me and my family.”  However, you know it could be just a matter of time - your home could be attacked as easily as the next home.  And you still DON’T have a security system!  You are now beginning to realize the value a home security system provides - an early alert warning, protection for your home and family, plus 24/7 peace of mind knowing someone is always on the other end to get help.

Solution:  Determine a budget for your security system and takepic-of-security-keypad1 immediate action.  A quality standard security system can cost between $99-500+.  This will depend upon the size of your home and protection level.  When you speak with a professional alarm representative, they will can give you an estimate over the phone for your security investment.  In fact if cost is a major factor – start out with the basic protection coverage and add to the security system as your needs and budget allow.

Tips To Accomplishing This Task

• Be proactive and take action.  There are many good alarm companies you can check with.  A great  security resources is to protect your home with ADT.  Representatives will schedule a professional consultant to meet with you to discuss your security concerns.  Just call 800-699-9238 and give the Promo Code A51539 to receive a $200 Cash Back Rebate.  

• When you speak with the alarm professional, be sure to protect all entry doors that lead into your home; include a motion detector** on both the main and basement levels; a keypad at the primary entry (+ master bedroom); and protection on any vulnerable windows.  When the alarm technician arrives, he will review your protection and can make further changes, recommendations, or upgrades to your security protection.  Your installation can usually be scheduled within 4-5 business days after you sign up.

**Pets - cats and big dogs - may be a factor in motion detector locations

Remember the tendency is for home burglary and personal crimes to increase during the holiday season.  Be proactiveimplement optimum protection strategies for your home security and personal safety so you avoid becoming a crime victim!

* Basic Protection Coverage Includes:

  • Control & Keypad / (2) Door/Window Sensors /(1) Motion Detector
  • (1) Inside Siren / (1) Phone Connection Jack /(1) Remote Keyfob
  • Yard Signs & Window Decals

P.S. Go ahead and share this with friends or loved ones you know who may need to increase their personal safety & home security.

P.S.S. The questions I’ll be asking over and over, are you protecting your home and family?

Get a copy of the FREE Report “Home Invasion Prevention” @

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*Basic security system package.