Have a Happy Thanksgiving & Stay Safe During The Holidays!

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lg-thanksgiving-dayrI personally would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you get to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.  Thanksgiving has always been a special time full of fun and fond  memories with our family and all those we love.  We have so much to be thankful and grateful for and this is an important time of year to express it. 

Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday because I get to make Turkey - which we hardly ever have except on Thanksgiving - and all the yummy fixings that go with it.  I’m such an oyster dressing nut that I drive everyone crazy by making two types of dressings - plain and oyster!!  (and it’s the best).

The day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 27th is Black Friday - the biggest shopping day that officially starts the holiday season.  Enjoy that day and be sure to keep your personal safety a high priority as you brave the shopping malls.  Remember the really bad criminal types are going to the malls also  - lurking and checking out their “potential victims.”  

They’ll also be hanging out in the parking lot areas to try and pick off a few unsuspecting victims.  Keep your guard up - stay alert and be aware of your surroundings and the people you come into contact with.

Here are two articles on Shopping Mall Safety:

Take a moment to review some of the tips that you may already know - yet it never hurts to have a safety reminder!!  

Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday shopping weekend!!

Do Burglars Have It Way Too Easy?

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There was an article in Sunday’s South Bend Tribune Voice of the People section entitled “burglars have it way too easy in her neighborhood.”  The writer asked “who’s going to do something about it?”

cw-pic-burglar-break-inr3My response is that the police need to CLEAN UP the crime mess, but like every other city throughout the U.S. crime is like a cancer that no matter how much chemo or radiation you throw at it – it just continues to grow. 

Therefore, my suggestion is to “fight back against crime” and if the burglars have it way too easy it’s because homeowners have NOT done everything they can to make their homes more difficult to get into. 

Homeowners need to take responsibility to ensure their homes are well-protected, secure, and safe 24/7.  People cannot rely soley upon the police because there just aren’t enough of them.  Crime is increasing every day and with the holidays coming on – there will be a tremendous spike in all types of crime.

We all need to take proactive action and begin implementing optimum protection strategies for both your home security and personal safety.

Here is an excerpt from the free report on Home Invasion Prevention .  Get a copy of the 22-page  report - Home Invasion Prevention by clicking here.

Ways To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Home Burglary/Home Invasion Robbery

1. Install a good quality home security system with 24/7 alarm monitoring.  This should be your #1 “To Do” in order to protect your home.  Set up your security protection to deter intruders.  Make them think twice before selecting your home by initially placing visible alarm yard signs in the front and back areas of your home and put alarm decals on windows.  Your alarm company will be alerted to any type of home intrusion, burglary or emergency and can immediately dispatch the local police.  There really is no excuse not to protect your home and family with a security system.  Remember the police can’t be everywhere and the security and safety of your home and family is your responsibility.  Be proactive and protect your home.  (Get your security system installed and start your peace of mind today.  My recommendation is ADT Security.  Get $200 mail-in cash back rebate.  Call 1- 800-699-9238 and give Promotion Code A51539 to ensure you get the $200 rebate).

2. Harden the perimeter of your home.  Evaluate perimeter doors, windows, and locks.  Make sure to have solid core wood or metal doors for the main entry doors.  Reinforce frames around doors that are older or outdated. Consider upgrading deadbolts and locks to ensure they can provide solid protection in case of a forced intrusion.  If your door gets kicked in with the forced kick of a 250 lb intruder, you want to ensure your deadbolt lock will hold the door in place.  Check our security partners at www.theultimatelock.com to see how effective this locking system can be. 

3. Install an Early Alert Warning System for your home.  The Voice Alert System will let you know when someone is approaching your  property and within a specific radius of your home.  Outdoor sensors transmit an alert warning to a voice annunciator inside your home and let you know what area of your property is being breached by potentially unwanted visitors.  Wouldn’t you like to know well ahead of time that someone is trying to enter your home so you have time to respond?  Go to www.VoiceAlert911.com.

4. When you are home, keep all doors and windows locked.  Also keep your garage down closed if you are not using the garage.  It’s an open invitation to criminals and such an easy way to get into your home.  If a stranger comes to your door, DO NOT open your door unless you know precisely who it is.  The majority of home invasion robberies happen right through the front door.  A homeowner automatically opens the front door without thinking and is confronted by a violent home intruder.  Make it a habit to ask who is at the front door before opening.  You can always communicate through a closed door. You are under no obligation to open your door to anyone - especially strangers.  Ask for identification if it is someone claiming to be from a utility or delivery service company.  Carry your phone and call to confirm their identity or call 911.  We hope to be to provide the Chain Reaction Home System in the near future.

5. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed around your home so you don’t give home intruders an easy place to hide.  Adding motion sensor lights around the home can also provide deterrent value.  The best place to install motion sensor lights would be in the front, back, and garage side of the house.  A suggestion would be to have the motion lights connected to a light or lamp inside the home.  That way if the outdoor motion light is activated it also turns a light on inside the house.  This gives the real impression to the burglar that someone may actually be at home.

6. When you pull into your driveway keep your car doors locked and observe if there are strangers around as you pull into the garage.  While still in your car, close the garage door and make sure it if fully closed as you exit your vehicle.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with groceries, packages, and work-related items to the point we aren’t paying close attention to what is going on in and around the garage area.

7. Keep some type of personal protection like pepper spray or mace near the front door - easily within reach in case of a forced intrusion.  If you have small children, keep it out of reach and away from them.  Some homeowners resort to other non-lethal protection like a TASER or Stun Gun, other homeowners use lethal firearms for their family personal protection.  Be sure to follow local, city, and state laws regarding this protection and always make sure you know how to properly use the personal protection you select.  Keep in mind that the intruder may be armed so use your best judgment on how you will defend yourself. (www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com).

8. Have a Home Security Plan of Action that states exactly what you will do to maintain the safety of your home and family.  This plan should outline some specific strategies that will help to strengthen the perimeter of your home and outline things that you can do to help provide additional protection for family members if you are involved in a home invasion attack.  The plan may also encourage taking a self-defense and/or personal safety awareness training class.  By learning safety awareness and self-defense techniques and tactics, you will know defensive ways to protect yourself against an attacker whether at home or on the street. Click Here for Home Security Plan.

9. Join or form a Neighborhood Watch Group where neighbors know each other in the immediate vicinity.  Get to know the neighbors across from you. Have a form and get to know your neighbors so you can all watch out for each other.  Go across the street 5 houses to the left and 5 houses to the right and do the same on your side 5-houses to the left and 5-houses to the right.  Then exchange names, phone numbers, addresses, and vehicle types.  Recognize any unfamiliar vehicles especially those driving slowly looking at individual homes.  When you arrive home, if there is an unfamiliar vehicle parked in front of your home with people inside, you should drive on especially if you are the least bit in doubt or have a “gut feeling” that says drive on. (Form attached at the end the FREE Report for neighbor names/addresses).

10. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.  Sometimes your intuition or instincts will let you know when something isn’t right.  Listen!  When you are out and about be aware if someone - perhaps a stranger - seems to be watching you too closely, seems overly friendly, or way too interested in your personal affairs.  Be aware of any vehicle that you feel is following you a little too closely as you drive home.  Or be observant when you’re home and notice strange vehicles in your neighborhood - especially late at night - that may be driving way to slow, driving with the lights out, or parked suspiciously.  Alert your local police if you have a strange feeling about this activity.

Target Harden Your Home - get common-sense tips and products from your local hardware stores that help build layers of protection to an existing security system by CLICKING HERE.

Our websites have plenty of home security tips, home protection strategies to keep your home well-protected and safe 24-7, personal safety tips, and home security resources.

Stay safe and protect your home and family.

Get a copy of the Free Report-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Capt. Dan Gebo, Mishawaka PD, 11/24

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My guest on Lets Talk Home Security radio, Tuesday, 11-24-09, will bepolice-siren-911r-11-18 Captain Dan Gebo, Mishawaka Police Department, Mishawaka, IN.  With the holiday season officially kicking off on Black Friday, November 27th, the discussion will center on personal safety while shopping at the mall, safety & security while out and about this holiday season, and making your home less of a target for holiday Grinch home burglars.

Captain Gebo has been a police officer for 17 years spending five of those years with the St. Joseph County Police Department, South Bend, IN working in the jail division and the narcotics bureau.  As a Captain with the Mishawaka PD, he has been a patrol officer and is currently in charge of community relations and the Street Crime Unit (SCU).   Before starting his law enforcement career Capt. Gebo served 4+ years in the US Army - 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC.  During that time he served one tour in the Gulf War.

Capt Gebo states that one of the main reasons he became a police officer is to help people and serve the community he lives in.  And he enjoys his job!!  (This is the type of officer we hope every city has).   Be sure to check out his recommended site to keep you updated on crime within your neighborhoods - www.nixle.com.

When I contacted Capt Gebo about the interview and told him the topic I wanted to discuss, he indicated he was doing a presentation early Friday morning with local businesses of the shopping mall discussing the same topic - Holiday Shopping Personal Safety.  This interview will reiterate the need for all of us to be more proactive about our personal safety and home security - especially during the holiday season.

Join us on Tuesday, 11-24-09 at 9:00 a.m. EST/6:00 a.m. PST by calling (646) 727-3396 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Stay safe this holiday season!

Will The Grinch Steal Your Christmas This Season?

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We will enter the official Holiday Season in eight days.  Black Friday - 11-26-09 - kicks off the biggest shopping day of the year and people will be starting their shopping and bringing all their presents and gifts home to be hidden away until the tree is put up and Santa arrives.  Don’t let the Holiday Grinch steal your families’ Christmas by being negligent with your home security protection.

Can’t you just see the “grinch” home burglars rubbing their hands together with glee as they get ready to go out shopping in your neighborhood and potentially to your home to get their freebie presents and gifts.  You see while you are out shopping or at work the home burglar is also shopping and at work in your neighborhood and communities.

For those people who have Christmas accounts with their financial institutions, they are receiving that money right now to begin their holiday shopping.  Burglars are savvy to this and know you either have cash in your home or with you as you go to the shopping mall.

Two things you should consider this holiday so you don’t become a victim of the Holiday Grinch:

1.  Get your home security protection started now.  Set up a perimeter system that will allow you to be alerted when an uninvited person enters your property.  We recommend the Voice Alert System which tells you in a voice (from a unit inside your home)  that someone has breached your property limits.  This may give you ample warning to respond before an attack happens to your home or a vehicle parked outside.

  • The Voice Alert System can also be setup to turn on outside or inside lights and have an outside siren sound off as well.  This type of reaction may startle the home burglar or intruder especially if he thinks no one is home.
  • Install a home security system that protects all perimeter entry doors, interior motion detectors, vulnerable windows on the main and lower levels (or use extra motion detectors), smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Your security system should be connected to a 24/7 monitoring center so police or fire authorities can be alerted if you need help.
  • Double check your deadbolts and update as necessary.  Most home burglary crimes are committed right at the front door - or one of your entry doors.  Make sure your front door is solid and that your deadbolt is a high caliber deadbolt.  The Ultimate Lock has one of the best deadbolt locking systems.

2.  Keep your personal safety a priority as you are doing your holiday shopping, night time entertaining, and just enjoying the season with family and friends.  Keep in mind that even while at the shopping mall it only takes a second for someone to try and steal your purse or packages and be gone into a sea of people.  Be on high alert and stay aware of what is going on around you at all times.

Checkout these two articles for more information on personal safety while shopping this season.

If you live in Northern Indiana/Lower Michigan (Michiana Area) and are in need of home security protection, call 800-699-9238 and give Promo Code A51539 for a $200 Cash Back Rebate.  Be proactive and protect your home and family now for a safe and holiday season.

Have a safe and secure holiday season and don’t let the Grinch steal your families’ Christmas this holiday season!

Get a copy of the Free Report-”HOME  INVASION PREVENTION @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com.

Fighting Back Against Violent Home Intruders Who Kill Dogs

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Fight Back Against Violent Home Intruders Who Kill Dogs!!

Another family dog gets killed in a violent home burglary in South Bend, Indiana.  Homeowners please don’t rely upon your dog(s) to provide the security protection for your home.  This new wave of home burglars and home invasion intruders are violent - and they are carrying guns. They also have NO QUALMS ABOUT KILLING YOUR DOG - and that might even include YOU if you get in their way!!

Protect Your Home With Impenetrable Home Protection

Set up a home security plan and begin protecting your home and family with top level protection that includes a security system.  Build an impenetrable level of protection around your home so intruders aren’t able to come right the front door or one of your windows!!

Do it now!! There is absolutely no excuse for not having a security system in our current economy.  Many people don’t realize it doesn’t take thousands of dollars for a good quality home security system.  Right now you can setup some simple common-sense protection around your home by going to your local hardware store. (Click simple common-sense link for info).

Fight back and protect your home, family and your pets.  These criminals are CRAZY VIOLENT and it doesn’t appear that crime is slowing down - especially as we head into the holidays.  (A time when it usually gets worse). Remember, desperate people do desperate things - however, I think these criminals actually enjoy what they are doing.  HEARTLESS DIRTBAG PUNKS!!

I  wrote an article on Friday the 13th about a sheepdog who was killedpet-sheepdogr2 when burglars broken into a home in South Bend, Indiana.  After these punks ransacked the home and ripped off the homeowner’s electronics and other valuables, they shot and killed the crippled sheepdog.

Then a few days later two family dogs were shot and killed during another burglary in South Bend.  Imagine coming home to find out your home has been broken into and all your valuables stolen.  That would be hard enough to fathem.  But on top of that the burglars shot your dogs as they made a clean break!  Heartless criminals!!

Home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes are plaguing neighborhoods all across the country.  Law enforcement officials can’t be everywhere so we need to personally take action to ensure our home and family are safe 24/7.  You can do that!!  There are effective steps and actions you can implement that will give you tremendous peace of mind. 

Be proactive and start today by implementing these actions!!

Get a copy of the FREE Report - “Home Invasion Prevention” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com

Mall Parking Lot Safety During The Holiday Shopping Season

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Black Friday is on November 27, 2009 and officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.  Your safety and security while out shopping, enjoying the holiday festivities, and entertaining should be high on your priority list. 

With the number of personal assaults, carjackings, robberies, home burglary and home invasion robbery crimes increasing at this time of year, it is imperative that you consider some personal safety strategies as you enjoy this special time of the year.

Here are some personal safety tips for staying safe when you leave the mall and make your way to your car in the mall parking  lot.   Keep in mind that this is where potential criminals tend to hang out waiting for their unsuspecting  victims.

It’s important to be alert as you are shopping and notice if anyone seems to be following you a little too closely.  If you are shopping in a highend store buying high dollar gifts, you may be a “target of opportunity” for the would-be criminal perpetrator.  Crank up your intuitive antenna a little this holiday season.  Times are tough for many people and turning to crimes like personal robberies in easy locations - like the shopping malls or mall parking lots - are on the rise!!

Please pass this information on to other women you know.  Thanks.

Courtesy of St. Lucie Sheriff

7-Safety Tips For Mall Parking Lot Safety During The Holiday Season

1.  Be aware and alert to your surroundings at all times as you are going to your car.  Notice who is hanging around the parking lot - especially at night.  If you are talking away on your cell phone and not paying attention to what’s going on around you, you are exactly the person the perpetrator is looking to attack.  You may think you are aware, but in reality you aren’t.  You may not be able to respond to a person attack as quickly if you aren’t clearly paying attention.  A young lady with arms full of packages and bags trying to find her vehicle is the criminal’s ideal “target”  Especially if she is alone talking away on her cell phone.  Be fully aware and totally alert as you walk to your car.

2.  Have your keys in your hands and be prepared to use your them as a weapon if you are assaulted or attacked.  Your keys can be a good weapon to ward off an attacker if used appropriately.  Another  secondary weapon would be to carry pepper sprayor mace on your keychain.  If you carry personal protection, know how to properly use it and ensure you are following local laws in your area.  A personal alarm with a 130 decibel alarm combined with a flashlight is another excellent protection device that would alert anyone nearby that you need help.  If you are shopping at night, this would allow you to see inside your car and illuminate UNDER your vehicle as you approach.  If there is someone underneath the car, he might not have the strength to hold onto your leg or ankle from such an awkward position.  (However, in a severe assault if someone tries to slice one of your achilles tendons before you realize he is there…you may not be able to walk).  Walk to your car with confidence, be prepared, and have some type of personal protection.

3. As you near your car, only unlock the driver’s side door with your remote.  If you have a newer car, you can probably unlock your car from quite a distance away.  Wait until you are fairly close to your car before unlocking the door and then only unlock your side.  When you press the remote button more than once, it will unlock all doors.  Don’t give a lurking perpetrator the ability to quickly enter the passenger side of your car.  

4.  Before getting into your car (especially at night), check to make sure there is not someone hiding inside.  As mentioned a dual personal alarm with a loud siren and built-in flashlight will allow you to check inside your car at night.  Many people are not in the habit of locking their car doors making it extremely easy for a predator to get inside your car and wait for you.  Get into the habit of always locking your doors when exiting your car.

5.  Don’t leave your valuables unattended.  This is a great time for the criminal to rip off your packages or your purse.  If you’re trying to get a baby strapped into the seat, look around to see who is nearby.  If it looks okay, get your child strapped in and then put your valuables in the backseat or trunk.  Always be looking around and monitoring the situation.  You don’t want to give someone the ability to force you into your car OR the trunk because you were not closely paying attention. Remember these creeps are opportunistic -don’t make it easy for them!!

6.  If you’re going to be shopping for awhile, be sure to wear comfortable shoes…and that’s not high heels.  If you are attacked as you head to your car, you may not be able to get away quickly if you have on 3” high heels.  Nix the heels for some comfortable shows.  Think safety first.

7.  Avoid parking near large vehicles or shrubbery or up close to a building – especially if you are by yourself.  If you are walking out to your car alone late at night to an unlit area covered with shrubs, you may become a target for some predator looking for an easy prey.  If you can’t find a parking spot and have to park there, come back before it gets too dark and move the car closer to the entrance.  Or you could have the mall security walk you to your car.  When returning to your vehicle, be leery of  large vans or utility type vans with sliding doors parked right next - almost too close - to your drivers side of your car.  If your gut tells you this doesn’t feel right, go back into the mall and have security escort you out to your car.  If you decide to get in without security, do so from the passenger side but make sure you lock doors immediately upon entering and exit the parking lot right away.  Remember to listen to your intuition - your gut!

One thing that I would like to encourage women (and men) is to take some type of self-defense training or personal safety awareness training.  Knowing the right techniques and strategies to protect and defend yourself in a personal assault, attack, or carjacking may very well save your life. 

There you have it - simple Personal Safety Tips for holiday mall shopping that can keep you safe…and alive!!

Remember..Stay Aware..Stay Alert..Stay Alive!!  Happy Holidays!

For your personal protection needs for pepper spray, mace, stun guns, TASERs, or the 4 n 1 Emergency Tool, go to www.thepersonalsecuritystore.com.

Burglars Ransack Home & Kill Family Dog

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The morning South Bend Tribune headline news reads - BURGLARS KILL SHEEPDOG.  The homeowner came home in the mid-afternoon on Monday only to find his home totally ransacked by burglars and his beloved eight year old sheepdog had been shot and killed.

These are the lowest of the low-life criminals who would kill a dog - especially one who was not considered an aggressive animal.  The homeowner stated that his dog was not aggressive and when he sensed aggression in people, he would get a toy to play together with. (Picture courtesy of South Bend Tribune).

Don’t think just because you have a pet dog that you are totally secure.  A good barking dog is definately a part of the deterrent value, but don’t rely solely on your pet.  Violent home intruders can easily disgard your pet with one swift kick or with a single shot. During my 20 years as a security consultant I told many homeowners that a pet dog and an alarm system is actually pretty good protection.

If you haven’t started your security protection, start now before the holiday season begins.  Protect your home by installing a security system and implementing protection strategies that will make your home impenetrable to these violent home burglars and criminal intruders. 

When we leave home, our dog Rocky is always well-protected.  The security system is for him as much as it is for protecting our home.  These criminals are rotten, maniacal low-lifes who don’t care who or what gets in their way. They will use whatever force it takes to do their job and that is usually with a lethal weapon.

If you haven’t installed a security system already, be proactive and protect your home and family starting today.

Burglars Kill Sheepdog…read the story CLICK HERE.  Don’t let your dog or home become the victim of a violent home intruder - protect your home and family now.

Starting today take action and protect your home, family, and pet! 

Get a copy of the Free Report-”HOME  INVASION PREVENTION @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com.

Holiday Security-Getting Prepared

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On Friday the 13th Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host of Lets Talk Home Security will talk about getting prepared for the Holiday Season.  This is normally a time of GIVING to those we love and care about - but it is also a time for TAKING by those who are low-life criminal thugs.

We will discuss 10 ways to avoid becoming a home invasion robbery victim and some holiday safety tips.  When there is a violent storm heading in your direction, what do you do?  You would get prepared and implement ways to protect your home and family from the storm.

You may want to consider the holiday criminals like the “storm” and get your home prepared by implementing some optimum protection strategies and build a safety net within and around your home.

Be sure to get my updated Free Report - Home Invasion Prevention @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com or www.letstalkhomesecurity.com.

Join us on Friday, 11-13-09, at 10:00 a.m.  Call in number (646) 727-3396 or join us online @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity.

Black Friday 2009-Holiday Shopping Safety Awareness Tips

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cw-christmas-shoppingrThe Christmas Holiday Shopping Season officially begins on Friday, 11-27-09 and is known as BLACK FRIDAY. This name alone should cause you to be a little more cautious as you make your way to the mall or favorite shopping area.

Although most people are heading to the mall with the thought of being thankful and grateful for what they have and the ability to buy gifts for those they love, there are criminals lurking in and around the mall aiming to take what you have.  With personal crimes increasing it is imperative that you keep the following holiday shopping safety awareness tips in mind as you go about your holiday shopping and festivities over the next six weeks.

Be sure to also follow holiday home security and safety tips.  You want to make sure your home is a secure and safe place over the holidays.  We are now entering an extremely vulnerable time  - the Christmas Holiday Season - where home burglaries and home invasions always tend to increase.  Keep your personal safety and security a priority whether you are at home, shopping, or traveling.
Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings At The Malls, Stores & Shopping Centers

  ■  Carry some type of personal protection device like a TASER C2, Pepper Spray, Mace, or a Stun Gun. Your safety and those of your family members should be a priority. If a criminal attacks you for your purse or packages, give him your belongings. Your life is more important! If he tries to hurt you or a loved one, use your personal device to protect yourself and those with you.
  ■  If using an ATM at the mall, be vigilant and aware who may be around you. Try not to make large cash withdrawals. Remember the malls may be extremely crowded and this would be an excellent time for a criminal to catch you off-guard and grab your cash.
  ■  Shop during the daylight hours whenever you can. If shopping at night, try to go with another person. If shopping alone and leaving the mall late at night, ask a security officer to accompany you to your car.
  ■  Always choose a bank with an ATM located in a highly visible, well-lit area. If you notice anyone suspicious approaching, cancel your transaction and leave.
  ■  Avoid using ATM’s where you must go inside the ATM area unless you are with others. This leaves you highly vulnerable to a criminal attack. Use the drive-up ATM whenever possible.
  ■  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Don’t advertise large rolls of money in public. You don’t know who may be watching.
  ■  When you leave your vehicle, make sure to lock your doors and keep windows closed. If you have an alarm on your vehicle, use it.
  ■  Even though you may be rushed and have a thousand things on your mind, stay alert to your surroundings.
  ■  Don’t leave valuable items inside your car that are visible to others. Place packages in the trunk of your car.
  ■  Avoid carrying too many packages that may make you a target.   Make regular trips to your car to drop off packages.
  ■  Keep your purse tucked close to your body at all times. Don’t let it dangle from your shoulder as this may be a perfect setup for a purse-snatcher.
  ■  For men – carry wallets in front pocket rather than back pocket or jacket. Thieves are looking for easy targets as they move through the crowded malls.
  ■  Park only in well-lit parking areas and as close to a mall or store entrance as you can. Don’t settle for an isolated parking spot just because you’re in a hurry. Hold out for a safe spot to open up.
  ■  As you walk through parking lots, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and walk with authority. Don’t look like a victim.
  ■  Don’t be talking on your cell phone as you leave the mall walking to your car. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings and anyone who looks suspicious.
  ■  Approach your car with car keys in hand and survey the exterior and interior of your vehicle before entering. Place your packages in the trunk all the while aware of anyone who may be nearby or approaching you.
  ■  Don’t get into your car if you are being followed or are suspicious of anyone standing near your car. If so, return to the mall or store or where there are other people. Ask for store security assistance.
  ■  Beware alert and aware of strangers who may be approaching you for whatever reason. At this time of year there are “scammers” trying various methods to distract you with the intention of taking your money and belongings.

Because of our crazy economy there seems to be an increase in carjackings, personal assaults, and robberies.  Pay close attention to those around you and have your keys ready as you approach your car.  Put your Pepper Spray on your key holder just in case.  Better safe than sorry!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and remember, Stay Aware…Stay Alert…Stay Alive!!

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION” @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com




Home Security Safe Room-Part II

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cw-safe-room-equipment11Do you want a Safe Room that can withstand bullets, an explosion, or  possible gas attack?  Or do you just want a Safe Room that can provide a secure and safe place for your family to escape from home intruders until police authorities or help arrives?  Here are simple things you can do to prepare a Safe Room in your home.  CLICK HERE to read Part I - Do You Have a Home Security Plan That Includes A Safe Room?

Here are some suggestions for your Safe Room:

1.  Reinforced frame around the door to the Safe Room.  Have a solid core metal or wood door to the safe room and a deadbolt locking system on the door leading to the safe room.  You may want to consider the Ultimate Lock deadbolt locking system as it can withstand 4,000+ lbs of force, has a lockout mechanism, and is a perfect solution for the safe room door whether it be the master bedroom, kids room, or the master bedroom closet.  To learn about the Ultimate Lock CLICK HERE.

2.  A security keypad or wireless remote emergency button that is part of your home security system.  The RF remote can send an emergency alert signal to your alarm company which will indicate that you need immediate help.  The police authorities are usually dispatched immediately.  You can also have this alert to trigger both an interior and exterior siren.  Noise is a big deterrent and most intruders aren’t going to stick around if they know the police are on the way.

3.  Have several forms of communications to alert police or to get help. You may want to have both a cordless telephone and a cell phone.  Even a radio communication would be good to have in case the intruders used a cell phone jamming device.  If you’re dealing with professional intruders, they may try to disable standard wired phones and cordless phones simply by cutting the phone line to your home or taking on extension off the hook.  When you call 911, your billing address is displayed on the 911 screen, so remember to give your home address just in case it’s different from your billing address.

Remember that a cordless phone requires the base unit to be plugged into the standard phone line in your home.  If the phone line is cut or unplugged, your cordless phone is dead.  That’s why it is important to have a cell phone or radio communication.  You will just need to make sure it is always charged and ready for use.

4. A quality flashlight.  You may need a flashlight if the intruder cuts the power to your house.  Also, if it’s late at night you may want to leave the lights off anyway.  Ensure you have extra batteries or a fully charged flashlight.  Consider adding a backup battery system or backup power generator to your home electricity in case someone cuts your power in an attempted home invasion.  It’s also a good idea to have in case of storms or normal power outages

5. If there is a window in your safe room, keep an extra set of house and car keys* in that room.  When the police arrive, you can throw your house keys to the police from the window of your safe room.  (You may even want to have a “pet blinky” attached to your keychain in case you have to toss the keys out a night).  These keys will allow the police to quickly enter your home while you remain secure in your safe room.  Additionally, if you are able to escape, you will have your car keys available.  If your safe room is on the second level, make sure you have an Escape Ladder that can be used.

6.  Bottled water and a first aid kit.  The time you will be spending in the safe room should be short - possibly 30 minutes or less.  Just long enough for help to arrive.  This will be a stressful situation and you will want to make sure you’ve considered even minor things.

7.  Personal Protection to save yours and your families’ life.  If all else fails and you have home intruders who have made it to your Safe Room, your life and the lives of your family may be in grave danger.  You need to decide if having something like pepper spray/mace, Advanced TASER, C2 TASER protection will be effective if confronted by violent intruders who have come with lethal weapons.  Do you need to have lethal firearms to protect your family?  The answer may be obvious for some people.  Only you can make the decision of what will work best for you!  But realize that if someone is intent on hurting or killing you and your family, time will be of the essence in getting the police or help to your home.  Whatever personal protection you use, be sure you are properly trained and know how to use it.

* If your car keys have an alarm button, you could activate the car alarm from your safe room. Noise is a deterrent and an audible alarm may alert the intruder/s to the fact that the situation is known to others.

Make sure each family member knows what to do if forced to retreat to the Safe Room.  From time to time set up family meetings to remind everyone of the process and why you have the safe room.  Let them know they are to refuse to come out of the safe room until they are absolutely certain it is by the request of police or law enforcement authority.

It is my hope that you never have to use your safe room, but it is best to be proactive and be prepared!

Stay safe and protect your home and family!

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