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Over the past eight months I have been actively working on a security program called Home Invasion Prevention - 7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself & Your Family Against A Home Invasion.  This program will be part of the home security program offered to groups of individuals - homeowners to help them implement optimum protection strategies for their home and personal safety. 

Because home burglary/home invasion robberies have become so prevalent in communities across the country, providing home security awareness and education on how to prevent this type of crime from happening was very important to me.  

In the interim I put together a Free Report that can be downloaded entitled “Home Invasion Prevention..Learn Why Home Invasion Robbieres & Home Burglaries Are Becoming More and More Prevalent In Our Society.”  To get a copy of your Free Report Click Here and fill in your name and email address so you can get the downloadable link.

Homeowners, condo owners, and apartment dwellers need to make their home and family security a No.1 priority.  Each day individuals are losing their jobs, there is more unemployment (with fewer options of finding another a job),  and more people are turning to home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes. 

As homeowners, having a security plan of action and being better prepared with our overall home protection can help us prevent and avoid this crime from happening to our home and family.

Get a copy of the Free Report “Home Invasion Prevention” now!  Click Here.


Violent Carjacking Crimes & The 4 In 1 Emergency Tool

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Carjacking Robbery - Latest Violent Crime.  Be Aware/Be Alert/Be Prepared!

The local South Bend Tribune newspaper had an article about two 18 and 19-year old college sophomores who were victims of a robbery and carjacking Thursday night near their apartment.  They both were robbed and then stuffed into the trunk of the student’s vehicle.

cw-carjacking-pic1The students were arriving back to their apartment about 10:40 p.m. Thursday evening.  As they got out of the car they were surrounded by four young men - one of which was carrying a gun.  The robbers demanded the student’s money, wallets, bank access numbers, and debit/credit cards. The students were told if they didn’t do what the carjackers wanted they were going to be shot and thrown into the river that flows through town.  They were then stuffed into the trunk of the car.

The four punks then stole the vehicle with the students in the trunk.  As they were driving the vehicle at about 1:30 a.m Friday, police officers noticed the car’s high-beam headlights were staying on and started following the vehicle.  A chase ensued and the punks crashed the car into a fence and ran away.  Police officers were not able to catch the criminals; however, the students in the trunk were safely rescued.

One of the students said, “You never think that a carjacking will happen to you.  We were kind of blindsided.  I don’t know how you could have prepared.”  Well, that’s pretty much what everyone says after they’ve become a victim of a crime.  Whether it’s a personal assault, physical attack, home invasion, or home burglary - people say they never thought it would happen to them.

How you avoid a crime like this from happening to you “IS” to be PREPARED.  Be alert, be aware of your surroundings, be prepared, and stay alive!  Realize that violent crime is infecting every community and you need to understand that it could happen to you.  Don’t get into the mindset that “it won’t happen to me!”

Here is a 4 in 1 Emergency Tool that is clearly a lifesaver and should be in everyone’s car - both in the front seat area and in the trunk of your car.  Having this tool in your car may be your first step to being prepared.

Here’s how the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool functions and can provide added security for you:


  1. It has a super bright flashlight that can be used at night in any situation.  (Think of being in the trunk of your car - it would come in extra hand).
  2. It has a blinking emergency light that activates automatically upon removal from its base.   (Again, a great took if you are stuffed into the trunk of your car).
  3. If you are trapped in your car or the trunk of your car, the unit acts as a hammer to break the window out for an escape or can be used to break out the tail lights.  (Once again, great tool to have in the trunk).
  4. The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool also has a blade that can cut the seat belt in case you are trapped.  This tool can also cut through the duct tape that was used to wrap your wrists with.  (Don’t you think this would be a great tool to have in the trunk of your car?).

Lastly, because the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool can be used as a hammer, it can also be used as a weapon to fight off a carjacker who plans to do you harm.  Most carjackers, kidnappers, or those who abduct their victims by throwing them into the trunk of a vehicle and taking them to a second location usually don’t live to tell about it.  Be prepared to fight back if it means saving your life!

This is a versatile tool with four great uses in your car.  Because of the value pricing people should have a 4 in 1 Emergency Tool in both the front seat (maybe under the seat) and in the trunk of your car.

Also you might want to consider carrying Personal Protection such as Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Gun TASER C2, or Personal Alarm.  Check out all personal protection products at

To order the 4 in Emergency Tool go to

Remember, Stay Aware…Stay Alert…Stay Alive!



Surviving A Home Invasion Attack

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I interviewed Phil Messina, Owner of Modern Warrior, and learned about the excellent self-defense training programs he offers at his Modern Warrior facility in Lindenhurst, NY.  I was particularly interested in his self-defense program designed specifically for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against a home invasion crime.  You can learn more about the self-defense classes that Moder Warrior offers by going to

Also if you would like to watch the video with Phil and hear the victims of a home invasion attack tell about their stories, you can do so by  CLICKING HERE).

Here is the interview with Phil Messina of  Modern Warrior.  He gives some great tips on knowing your home, especially in the dark, and familiarizing yourself with things in your home that can be used as weapons that you may not have considered before.  Click the button on the radio widget below to listen.

Start protecting your home and family today.  Be one step ahead of the home burglar/home invasion intruder and make your home extremely difficult to get into.  The chances are greater that if the intruders have to work long and hard to get through your perimeter they will look for an easier home to break into. 

Also if you have an early alert warning system set up to let you know there is someone messing around your home at 3:00 a.m. and a potential break-in about to happen, again you have time to react, respond, and notify the police.

If you haven’t already done so, start your home protection today!!



Phil Messina, Modern Warrior, 9-25

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On Friday, 9-25-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT, Cheryl Watterson, LTHS Radio Host, will interview Phil Messina, (retired Sgt. NYPD) and owner of  Modern Warrior, a training facility located in Lindenhurst, New York, that teaches practical application self-defense and is recognized world wide as a leader in realistic and practical Defensive Tactics Training. 

We’ll talk with Phil about the self-defense training he offers that is specifically designed for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against this type of criminal attack.  (Watch video below of training excerpt-Video Courtesy of 

The newest addition to the Modern Warrior training facility is the Indoor Simulator Room.  This room has several typical rooms filled with foam furniture for safely training against an attack that may come at any point during the day.  Learn to fight off a home invasion in your bedroom.  Fight off a rapist in your living room.  Stop an irate client in our foam furniture office.

Join our show on Friday, 9-25-09 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT and learn what Phil Messina, Modern Warrior has to say about protecting yourself in your own home against a home invasion intruder.

The radio Call-in number (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @

Be Proactive - Protect Your Home & Family Today!

Protect Your Home with a FREE Home Security System  ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee + 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Services.  Call  866-755-6137 or Click Here to go to the website.


Would You & Your Family Survive A Violent Home Invasion Disaster?

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“It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected home invasion and hope it never happens, than to become a victim and wish you’d planned better.” ~ Cheryl Watterson, Lets Talk Home Security, Radio Host, Home Security Strategist.

I just watched one of the most intense videos entitled “Surviving a Home Invasion Disaster” from Spike TV.  This is an excellent home invasion survival video that each person should take the time to watch.  Pay close attention to the details and you’ll see that a home invasion robbery can  happen to anyone.  However, by taking home protection measures to strengthen and tighten the security in and around your home, you make your home a more difficult target for the would-be home invasion intruders.  Target harden your home’s perimeter - don’t make it easy for the criminal!

When we take the attitude that these types of crimes happen to other people -not me, that’s when we let our guard down and miss taking the necessary protection precautions that we should.  Our instincts may even tell us something is wrong but we don’t listen - because our guard is down.

This movie is about 45 minutes so you’ll want to allow plenty of time.  It’s intense and will make you realize just how vulnerable we can be to a home invasion crime.  The first step to prevention is to be aware and prepared, take the necessary steps to build a defensive perimeter level of protection around our home, learn some basic and valuable self-protection techniques, and determine that you’re not going to be a victim of a home invasion robbery crime!!  You get to decide!

Click this link to the Home Invasion movie:

Be proactive - protect your home and family today!


Naked 91-Year Old Vet & Dog Corner Burglar Till Police Arrive

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You Go Grandpa!!!  That’ll teach these punks to mess with a 91-year old.  When the drunken burglar came messing around a Lakeworth man’s home in the early morning hours, his dog went into action and cornered the home burglar while grandpa grabbed his gun and cell phone.

He immediately called the police for backup while he held the intruder at gunpoint.  One thing - grandpa forgot his pants!  He was stark naked.  But who cares - he’s 91, a WWII vet who probably served his country well, and survived a criminal burglary.  Naked or clothed - I like his attitude on crime control!

Dog + Gun + Security System = Priceless Home Protection!!

Here’s story and what the naked 91-year old went through Courtesy of Palm Beach

LAKE WORTH — A burglar early this morning clambered over a backyard fence on a quiet block on the city’s west side. He picked the wrong house.

He made it maybe a couple of steps before Rettt the dog, a mixture of Rottweiler and Doberman pinscher, charged, tearing the intruder’s shirt from his back in a growling, ferocious attack.


This gave homeowner Robert E. Thompson, 91, time to jump out of bed, grab his gun, a .38-caliber revolver loaded with hollow-point bullets, and to phone the police.

Then he went out back to let the guy know how he felt about home invaders. He raised the gun and shouted out in the darkness. He thought there might be three or four of them. He didn’t care.

“The funny part was I didn’t have any clothes on,” said Thompson, a World War II veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart during combat tours in Europe. “I was standing out there with a .38 in my hand, and I was stark naked.”

Already terrified of the dog, the burglar, who looked to be no older than 20, took a step toward the nude 91-year-old, and that was it for Thompson.

To read the rest of the story -CLICK HERE.

As I’ve said many times, dogs are an excellent early warning system.  And you can’t beat having a firearm to protect yourself with, but having a home security system would’ve blown the eardrums off the intruder, possibly alerted the neighborhood, and notified the police for help.

If you want the very best protection and coverage for your home - Protect your home with ADT.

Be Proactive - Protect Your Home & Family Today!


Home Firearm Safety Training

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We had a very good interview on LTHS Radio on Friday, 9-18-09 with Steven Mosely, co-founder of Combat and Gutterfighting USA.  We discussed Home Firearm Safety Training and self-defense training.  You can listen to the interview with Steven by clicking the radio widget below.

If you are interested in checking into Steven’s Home Firearm Safety Training, go to his web link by CLICKING HERE.

Get a copy of Steven’s Combat Hard Self-Defense eBook by CLICKING HERE.

If you keep firearms in your home, be sure to make firearm safety your No. 1 priority.  Also, having a firearm in your home won’t necessarily keep the home invasion intruder out — especially if you are sound asleep or away from home.  Install the #1 entry alert system - a home security system.  Know well ahead of time that an intruder is in your home so you have time to quickly respond and react. 

Be proactive -start you home protection today!








Steven Mosely, Combat Hard Fitness

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pic_of_cheryl_w-thumbnail2Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, will interview Steven Mosely, Head Coach and Co-Founder of Combat Hard Fitness and Fighting, LLC, on Lets Talk Home Security - Friday, September 18, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT.  Pencil in the date, time and call-in number (646) 727-3396.  You can also listen online @

Steven Mosely has also been involved in firearms and defensive tactics instruction for over 20 years.  He holds a first-degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate, Filipino Kali and is a Senior Instructor under the British Combat Association.  He is also an Apprentice Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts & Jun Fan Gun Fu under Guro Dan Inosanto. 


What we will primarily discuss with Steven is the recent training he conducted on Home Firearm Safety & Basic Pistol CourseWith the tremendous rise in home burglary/violent home invasion robbery crimes more homeowners have begun purchasing firearms in increasing numbers. 

One thing I always recommend to those thinking of purchasing a firearm is make sure you are fully trained in how to use the firearm - especially if you have never owned or fired a weapon before.

Steven will review what his course covers, why it is so important to keep firearm safety a main priority in your home, and how to safely test out shooting a gun for those with little or no firearm experience.

If we can squeeze in some Gutterfighting USA techniques, we’ll try to get that in also.  Checkout Steven’s website for some great self-defense, firearm safety, and fighting tips @

Be sure to join the show Friday, 9-18-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT.  Call in # (646) 727-3396 - listen online @











Could Social Media Tip Off Home Intruders?

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Listen Up - Could your Twitter and Facebook postings tip off home burglars to the fact that you aren’t home?

facebook-pic1When you tweet where you are or Facebook all your friends that you’re having the best cup of coffee at Panera Bread or Starbucks, are you alerting some unscrupulous “friend” that you’re not at home and that may be the opportunity for a home break-in?

Your first inclination may be “NO WAY” - who would possibly do that?  A savvy “professional” burglar that’s who.  Look at the number of burglaries and home invasion robberies that have dramatically increased over the last 18 months.  Anything is possible - you just need to be ahead of the game.

You see “online” child predators disguising themselves as “friends.”   Who’s to say there aren’t “online” local home burglars who carry their cell phones set up with Facebook/Twitter apps so they can keep up with what their “friends” are doing 24/7. 

Someone could potentially “friend” local community peeps on both Facebook and Twitter and just watch the conversations.  When someone is on vacation - talking about how great the oceanview is in Florida or that they are visiting family in California, this may be a great opportunity to checkout the home to see if anyone is REALLY home.  Bingo!! The home is totally empty — AND NO SECURITY SYSTEM!!

My suggestion is protect your home and family right now so you don’t have to worry what you say on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you use.  What is holding you back?  Taking action now means you’ll spend less money, get a good level of protection without breaking the bank, and have total peace of mind whether at home or away on vacation.

Checkout the great offers through ADT Security.  I’ve had ADT for 23 years and it’s the best peace of mind you can have when you consider your families’ safety and your home protection.

Install your security system today and tweet all you want about the coffee at Starbucks!!




Simple, Cost-Effective Home Security

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The Personal Security Store - Simple Cost-Effective Home Security Protection.

Here are some simple cost-effective ways to protect your home without breaking the bank.  These products are also simple enough to install which means you can save money by doing it yourself.

The following protection products can be combined with an existing security system and will help to build layers of protection to keep home intruders out!  For all your home security and personal protection needs - go to

Voice Alert Driveway Home System - $149.95




 20-Gauge Steel Door Brace  - $15.95



Electronic Secure Dog -$99.00





Wireless Glassbreak Sensors - $9.95/each






Wireless Door/Window Sensors - $7.95/each





Wireless Motion Detector Alert System - $34.95/each






Having a good quality security system with warning yard signs and window stickers clearly visible from the street can be your first line of defense and an excellent deterrent to home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes.

Remember, you are building layers of protection around your home.  The stronger the perimeter of your home the harder a home invasion intruder or burglar will have to work to get through.  If the intruder has to spend more time and effort trying to break through the perimeter of your home, he will more than likely leave and look for an easier home to target.

Be sure to target harden your perimeter with top quality home security protection!

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