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On Friday, 8-21-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson interviewed Jack Krohn, owner of which is an online personal protection store and Detective Renee Witt from the Seattle Police Department.

Jack gave the listeners all kinds of great information about how women can keep themselves safe from physical attacks and assaults by knowing self-defense techniques, safety awareness, and carrying some type of personal protection product.

We discussed Personal Alarms which are basically noise makers and usually range in the 120-130 db range.  Most personal alarms have lights included making them very helpful for dark parking lots and stairwells.  When women leave the shopping mall at night going to their car, having a personal alarm and/or pepper spray would give them some options to defend themselves with.

Personal alarms are a non-lethal device, usually cost under $20, and are highly recommended for young women in high school, going off to college, those who regularly jog or walk, and really for any woman who is out and about by themselves.  Having a device that makes a tremendous amount of noise will alert the attention of anyone nearby.  Noise is definitely something the attacker doesn’t want!!

c2-taser-pinkWe also talked about Stun Gun Batons, Pepper Sprays, and TASERS.  These are non-lethal personal protection devices meant to throw off an attacker enough so a victim can get away to safety and call the police.

You can check out Jack’s online personal protection store at  It’s better to spend a little money now to protect yourself versus become a victim of a violent attack and perhaps not live to tell about it.

Jack is also offering his FREE ebook on women’s self-defense.  Go to the home page of and sign up for his 35-page ebook and get the latest details on how to keep yourself safe.

My second guest was Detective Renee Witt from the Seattle Police Department.  We talked about home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes in the Seattle area and some of the things that might be causing the increase in these crimes. 

I also asked what home security tips she would recommend.  She said homeowners should have a Home Security Action Plan (which is what I highly recommend) and that having a Neighborhood Watch Group has proven to be very effective in fighting neighborhood crime.

She did say that due to the warmer weather a lot of people have been leaving their windows open and some even leaving their doors unlocked which has made it very easy for the home intruders.  Locking doors and windows should be a habit in every home.  Always check the locks for both windows and doors before leaving the home or going to bed.

She also agreed with me that the #1 step on the Home Security Action pic-of-security-keypad1 Plan should be having a home security system.  If you want to know when an intruder is coming into your home at 3:00 a.m. or you need emergency help, install a security system that is monitored 24/7 and will alert the local police authorities. (Check the FREE home security offer below).

Thanks to both my guests today for sharing some great home security and personal safety/protection information. 

People can always listen to today’s show on the home page radio widget - which is on the right side of the page.

Take care and keep your home and safe & well-protected.





Gun Sales Rise As Home Burglary & Home Invasions Increase!

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Courtesy of WRDW News 12


Many homeowners ARE taking action when it comes to protecting their home and families against home invasion intruders.  As crime increases and more and more homes are burglarized and violent home invasions take place, homeowners have decided to protect their families with lethal weapons.  Intruder -  Beware Of Homeowner should be the sign to let intruders know that homeowners aren’t going to be complacent and take it anymore. 

If you are one of the homeowners who is purchasing a firearm to protect your home and family, be sure to follow some common-sense rules.  Become properly trained in how to use the weapon, purchase the right firearm for your needs, keep firearm safety a high priority, and get a home security system too!

If you become a victim of a home invasion crime while sound asleep, you may not hear the intruder get into your home so the firearm is useless.  If you have  no noise to alert you - an intruder can be in your bedroom before you even know it with a firearm pointed at your head.  At least the security system will have protection points that the intruder has to violate or set off as he tries to get into or move about your home.

A really good level of protection is a security system, your personal protection of choice (firearm), and a loud barking dog! 

Take a look at my article Home Security Action Plan for some steps to protect your home and family.

Stay safe & protect your home and family!!  Keep firearm safety a priority.

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Sgt. Ted Roy, Escambia County PIO

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On Friday, 8-14-09, Lets Talk Home Security host Cheryl Watterson will interview Sgt. Ted Roy of the Escambia County, Florida Sheriff’s Office.  Sgt. Roy is presently the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the agency, in charge of the bike unit and a team leader for the SWAT Team.  During his career Sgt. Roy has worked patrol, investigations, community policing, and crime prevention.  He has been involved in all aspects of helping to keep his community and county safe from crime.

Be sure to join us as we talk with Sgt. Roy about home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes in his community.  With the knowledge and experience he has with home related crimes, we’ll discuss specific concerns  about safety and ways homeowners can effectively secure and protect their home/family, develop a heightened level of security awareness, and refuse to be a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime.

Our radio show starts at 10:00 a.m. EDT/9:00 a.m. CDT.  Radio call in number is (646) 727-3396 or you can listen online @  Why not join in the conversation!  See you then.

Home Security Action Plan

Home Security Action Plan

Running a home is like running a business - you need a plan.  We all seem to lead extremely busy lives - raising children, your job, school activities, and on and on.  Having a home plan, and in this case a home security action plan just means you’ve laid out a way to keep your home and family safe and protected to the best of your ability.  Having a plan ensures everyone knows what to do in specific situations.  You can review the plan from time to time with family members so everyone is still up-to-date and knows what to do

As a Security Consultant for 25 years homeowners would ask me what my security plan was.  I simply said our family plan of action goes like this, “It’s 3:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off - nobody should be entering our home at that hour - so this is a real intrusion.  I’m out of  bed to lock the door, hit the panic button on the alarm keypad which overrides the burglary alarm that just went off so the alarm company dispatches immediately, then grab the 20-gauge steel door brace in the corner to put up underneath the door handle to prevent the door from being opened by the intruder - at least long enough to grab whatever weapon we have available for self-protection.  (Whatever personal protection you use make sure you are properly trained).  We are probably in the bathroom at this point where we are secure and can see out a window.  Then a call to 911 would be made using the cell phone..even though the alarm is calling police I am too just in case they have questions as they are enroute.  A landline is great unless the intruder cut the phone lines.  Have a cell phone handy just in case.  While all this is going on the alarm siren is screaming over 140 decibels and two dogs are barking…most burglars probably wouldn’t stick around but there’s a lot of desperation out there so you never know.  Have a plan and know what you would do in case a home invasion happened to you.  Starting today be proactive and get a home security system.  You don’t want to find yourself laying in bed at 3:00 a.m. awakened by an intruder with a gun pointed at your head.”

Here are 10 things to consider as you go about setting up your Home Security Action Plan.  Good luck!

pic-of-action-plan-8-19-08-11. Invest in a home security system. Let’s face it - in today’s economy more and more people are out of work (9.4% unemployment).  Many of these people are becoming desperate and turning to burglarizing homes. In my 20+ years as a security consultant I have never seen as many violent home invasions that are happening across the country.  The initial investment of a home security system with 24-hour protection is minimal compared to any loss you might experience from a home invasion/home burglary crime. When you select an alarm company, be sure to put the alarm yard signs and decals up right away to start the protection. The signs and stickers are a great deterrent because they are the first things the intruder  sees as he approaches your property.  If you have a reputable alarm company like ADT protecting your home, that’s even more of a major deterrent.

Protect your home with ADT .  Don’t waste time - get a free quote at 1-877-388-9242 and save!  Ask about the $100 Visa Gift

2. Establish a Safe Room in your home.  This is a room where everyone can meet if there is a burglary or home invasion robbery, and it should be centrally located near the bedrooms. More than likely it will be the master bedroom area - but each homeowner will determine the precise Safe Room location taking into consideration small children and others in the home. This room should have reinforced doors and deadbolt locks. Keep a fully charged cell phone and a flashlight in the Safe Room in case the phone lines and/or power is cut. If you have an alarm system, keep a remote panic put inside your Safe Room to alert the alarm company of an extreme emergency situation and to send the police immediately.  Keep your doors locked until the police arrive or help has arrived.

3. Make a habit of keeping doors and windows locked whether you are home or away. When you become complacent and let your guard down, you become more vulnerable to attack. Locking up is a simple habit that everyone should get into. When you leave the house or go to bed - do a quick walk-through and check doors and windows. Most break-ins happen through an unlocked door. If you have contact sensors on doors and windows, when either is opened and the alarm is OFF your keypad will beep at you so you know someone just came in or went out. If the alarm is ON and a door/window is opened, the alarm is activated and the police notified.

4. Reinforce wimpy hollow doors with solid core wood or steel doors.  Be sure to include a one-way peephole if you don’t have sidelights next to your door. Make sure the frame around the door is also reinforced with heavy duty screws.  You want to make sure your doors and deadbolt locks can withstand a forceful kick.

5. Update old locks with newer, stronger deadbolt locks. Reinforce strike plates. Use at least four three inch screws to reinforce the plate. Make sure the bolt is at least a 1-1/2 inch long. Since the front door is usually the first point of entry burglars know exactly where to kick the door for it to bust right open. Make these punks work very hard to get into your home. If it’s going to be difficult with a lot of work involved, most intruders will give up and go to an easier home.

 6. Add simple common-sense Dowel Rods to your windows and slider doors.  Check the number of windows on the main and basement level that either lift up or slide side-to-side to open as well as your slider doors. Then go to your local hardware store and get some dowel rods - about an inch or so in diameter for windows, a more heavy duty diameter dowel rod for slider doors. These rods fit right into the track of the slider door or windows preventing them from opening.  The dowel rods are also  difficult to see inside the track.  You may want to paint or stain the dowel rods to match the door/window trim color.

7. Don’t open your front door unless you know who is there.  Make it a habit for everyone in the family-especially children-to follow a simple rule that unless you are expecting someone or can see who is at the front door - DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. When you open the door to strangers or solicitors, you make yourself vulnerable to home invasion intruders and scam artists.  Is someone claims they are from a company there to do work, verify identification by calling the place of business. Make sure you have a way to see out either through a sidelight, a window near the door, or through a peephole. Too many home invasion scams are happening right at the front door. You don’t have to open your door to anyone.  If you feel unsafe after asking them to go away, call 911.

8. Get a dog. A good barking dog - small or large - is a big deterrent. The intruder may not know the dog’s size and won’t want to deal with a vicious barking dog. A dog can also alert you if someone is messing around your home or is inside your home. I always said there wasn’t any better security than your alarm system and a good barking dog(Don’t rely solely on your dog as your security system.  We’ve seen dirtbag intruders shoot and kill dogs).

9. Keep some type of personal protection near your main entry areas. This could be pepper or Mace spray, a TASER C2, or a Stun Gun. If you have one of these personal protection devices in your home make sure you are properly trained in how to use it. This type of protection may help defend against an intruder. Be sure to keep your non-lethal protection away from children  but where you easily reach it in an emergency.

10. Consider taking a self-defense or personal security awareness class. Knowing what to do if faced with a potential attacker can give you a certain amount of confidence and empowerment. The security awareness class reiterates and heightens your awareness and gut instincts to things around you. When you combine this training with your personal protection, the above listed habits, and your security alarm system, you become a formidable homeowner that an intruder will definitely not want to deal with!

Start on your Home Security Action Plan today!  Make sure you are positioned to be the home an intruder avoids, or at least his worst nightmare should he enter.

Protect your home with ADT .  Don’t waste time - get a free quote at 1-877-388-9242 and save!  Ask about the $100 Visa Gift Card.








Cheryl Watterson, Radio Host, 8-07-09

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Join us on Friday, 8-07-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 PDT as we discuss setting up a Home Security Action Plan.  Let’s talk about the 10 things you should consider when setting up your security plan.  We will also discuss steps to target harden your home so you can prevent intruders from breaking in. 

If you miss the show, you can click the radio widget on the home page of Lets Talk Home Security and be able to listen in anytime.

Again, join the show on Friday, 8-07-09, 10:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. PDT either by phone @(646) 727-3396 or online at

Ultimate Protection For Home & Personal Safety

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The TASER C2 - Non-Lethal Personal Protection For Home & Away

Courtesy of TASER International

If the thought of being mugged, assaulted or violently attacked terrifies you, what have you done to ensure your own safety whether in your home or on the street?  Many people are buying firearms (lethal weapons) in an effort to protect their home and family. 

For those who don’t want to go to this extreme but still want to know they can protect themselves using non-lethal weapons - the TASER C2 is a device that has incredible takedown power and can certainly intimidate the  low-life criminal.

Check out the information on the TASER C2.  This personal protection device can give women (your wife, daughter, mother, or friend) a sense of empowerment, confidence, and peace of mind knowing they at least have a way to protect and defend themselves against a violent attacker or rapist.

My recommendation for women is to first take a self-defense class such as RAD Self-Defense, and learn effective techniques so you can protect and defend yourself.  This training alone can give women a tremendous amount of self-confidence and the ability to fight back against an attacker.

Having a non-lethal weapon like a TASER C2 gives a secondary defensive layer of protection - being able to stun or incapacitate an attacker enough to get away to safety. (When you get your TASER, be sure to go through the TASER C2 training and follow the necessary guidelines of how to use and properly care for this device).

A note from my personal experience - like American Express, I never leave home without my TASER C2.  For more detailed information on the TASER C2 go to:

Take care, stay safe & protect your home and family.




Purchase A Home Security System & Get A TASER C2 - Coming Soon??

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Purchase a Home Security System and get a TASER C2 Bonus ….Coming Soon???

I’d like you to take a few minutes and watch this video of a car dealership in Missouri who offered those who purchased a new vehicle through his dealership (I’m sure there were some restrictions) a major BONUS – an AK-47.  Whow!!  Talk about personal protection with a flare.

Courtesy of CNN/Robpatozz

Now if you are thinking of buying a vehicle, this could be the thing to get you to take immediate action!  (Why didn’t the Obama Administration think of this??).  Not only can you get a top of the line vehicle but now you have a way to protect your home and family from slime balls who think your property is their property.  How many home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes do we hear about every single day where the homeowner is attacked, assaulted, and even murdered?

Being in the home protection and security industry the idea of giving a bonus like this is really appealing.  I would not be able to give a bonus of this caliber (AK-47), but I am going to contemplate offering a BONUS of a TASER C2 for those who sign up for the Home Security System Offer.  

I’m just testing the waters so it’s not cut in stone yet.  I would need to further investigate all the ramifications and   would like to hear from you if this sounds like a reasonable offer.  Is this the type of bonus offering that might make homeowners who are on the fence take action?  There would be some stipulations due to the type of device, but I may be able to make it happen.

Because the TASER C2 has some legal state restrictions, individuals living in those states would not be able to get the TASER. There would have to be a substitution for those individuals. However, getting the best Home SecuritySystem Offer is the ultimate goal here - being able to protect your home and your family 24/7.  The TASER C2 would be the “icing on the cake” and a great non-lethal personal protection device.
I would appreciate it if you would give me your feedback if you think this is a good way to not only generate interest for the home security system offer but have homeowners take immediate take action.
PS  If you would like more information on the TASER C2, CLICK HERE.