Hardwire vs RF Security System

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Courtesy of Home Security 911-Hardwire vs Wireless Security System
When I began my career in the home alarm industry 20+ years ago as a Security Consultant, the prominent type of security system was the hardwired system. The wireless system was available to purchase but the quality and reliability was very poor with many false alarm problems. There were so many outside interferences  causing problems, that the company I worked for (ADT Security) quit selling the wireless system in our area until the technology was better perfected.
Throughout the last twenty years there has been a big push to improve the wireless technology and it is now an exceptional product. For the alarm industry the wireless systems have been perfected to the point where they are basically false-alarm free. And that’s what homeowners want - Reliability!
Just look at our wireless industry and you see wireless cell phones, Bluetooths, telephones, internet, satellite TV, and all types of communications. A lot of time, money, and development have been invested to make this technology the best!
So back to what the best type of home security system is. There are many things to take into consideration in order to say Yes or No between the two types of systems. As a Security Consultant, my preference was to meet with a homeowner to check the construction and layout of the home in order to make the right system recommendation. Quoting the hardwired system and not seeing difficult wire runs could cause some definite customer relation problems.
You don’t have those same wire run problems with the wireless system so a professional security representative can actually quote the homeowner a price over the phone by asking pertinent questions about the home.  For the busy homeowner this may be the perfect solution rather than spending an hour with a sales representative and perhaps feeling pressured.
Here are things you should consider when looking at the Wireless System:  
  • Can easily add security devices no matter the construction. Easy installation.
  • Takes less time to install vs. the hardwired system. Less time-more efficient.
  • Purchase price is usually less due to improved technology + installation. Cost-effective.
  • The security devices are easily be re-installed in your next home.
  • The installation is clean with no visible holes from drilling. Clean installation.
  • With some systems you may be able to program to turn on lights, garage doors, and activate emergency panic alert alarms. Program flexibility.
  • You can set up wireless remote panic buttons capable of activating 100+ feet away from the main control unit.  Wireless emergency features.

Here are things you should consider when looking at the Hardwired System:

Many people still feel the hardwired system is a more reliable system due to a direct connection. Reliability due to direct connection.

  • It may take longer to install due to the homes construction, therefore, costs may be much higher than the wireless system. Longer installations/higher costs.
  • It may be difficult for sales rep to absolutely know for sure the technician can run and hide all wires. (Depends on the skill of the tech). The technician will make that determination. Time is money - some wire runs can increase costs.
  • Exposed wires are ugly and any holes drilled in the wrong areas can leave unsightly blemishes in your home. Unsightly damage to interior of home.
  • If you are building your home, a hardwired system at this point is easy to install and all wiring can usually be concealed. New construction good for hardwired.

As the homeowner you will make the ultimate decision on the type of system that is best for your home. Look at the equipment and consider any issues related to how it will be installed. You will want to keep in mind not only the beauty of your home but how the system will function.  Today the wireless security system offers advantages that are both cost-effective and versatile for the homeowner.

Protect your family and home now!

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Burglarized While Asleep-It’s Time For A Security System!

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cw-burglar-thief-4-blogrRecently I opened up our small town news magazine (approximately 12,000) and this was one of the articles, 2 Homes Burglarized While Owners Slept.”  That’s a pretty scary scenario to find yourself in.  To know someone is bold enough to come right through your door knowing that someone may be home takes some guts! 

For those of you who have had this happen and don’t have a security system, shame on you for not being more proactive and ensuring your home and family are well-protected against this type of crime. 

It makes the crime more serious when the burglar enters a home while the homeowners are there and asleep.  He now has moved from a home burglar to a home invasion intruder.  By coming in while the homeowners are asleep, the intruder is not afraid - he is emboldened and definately means business - and sometimes it is violent. 

This type of criminal may well be on drugs, working with a gang initiation, or with a roving group of home intruders.   Whatever type, they are looking to take your cash, credit cards, jewelry, guns and whatever they can easily carry and they aren’t afraid of the consequences.

Homeowners who do not have any type of security system for their home should develop a daily habit of security and prevention.  When you leave your home or go to bed at night, make it a simple habit of checking to ensure all doors and windows are locked.  If you have a garage with a service door, ensure the service door is locked and that your garage door is down.  If you leave a vehicle outside, make sure you do not leave your garage door in the car as well as valuables.  This only entices the criminal to bust your windows to get what’s inside your car.  He really wants to get into your home and it makes things so much easier if the garage door opener is within reach.

Why not take a moment and think like a burglar.  Take a quick security check of the perimeter of your home and see what a burglar sees.  How well protected does your home look to a thief, a burglar, someone who wants to steal the things inside your home….and possible harm a family member if home?

• Do you have a security system?  If so, be sure to post both window decals and yard signs in the front and back of your home so a burglar can see from the street.  Make it a habit of alarming your security system at night and when you leave your home. 
• Do you leave outside lights on a night?  Lights can be a deterrent so leave a front porch light and garage lights on at night.  If you have a street light in the front of your home or nearby, that is a good deterrent as well.  Motion sensor lights are excellent too.
• Do you leave a vehicle outside instead of in the garage?  Make it a habit to keep your doors locked and take  valuables inside your home or place in the trunk.  Do not leave your garage door opener in your car when left outside.  Consider applying window security film to the glass to prevent a break-in.  VehicleGard is an excellent security film for cars
• Make sure all doors and windows are closed and securely locked.  If you have weak window locks, get dowel rods from the local hardware store and place in the window tracks to prevent windows from being slid up/down or side to side to open.  Make the burglar have to break the window in order to get through.  Most burglars don’t want to break glass and get cut or make a lot of noise.  They will usually opt for an easier home to break into unless they know exactly what valuables you have inside your home.
• If you purchase new valuables for your home, like a TV, media entertainment center, or anything of high value that comes in a box, break the box down and put it in your trash containers so people cannot see what you just purchased.  You may not realize that you are advertising to everyone - including the burglar- when you set the empty box outside along with your trash.

Again, if you don’t have a security system, be proactive and invest in one.  You can install a good quality security system at such a reasonable price today.  The protection and peace of mind you and your family will have definitely outweighs the cost.

Just knowing whether you’re home or away, sitting around watching TV, or asleep at night, if someone enters your “castle” uninvited, you will know it or someone from the alarm monitoring center will know it and be able to alert the proper police authorities to quickly get to your home.

Be proactive and don’t become a victim of crime!  Install a good quality home security system by a reputable alarm company.  That will give you total peace of mind 24/7.  You’ll be glad you did.

Protect your family and home now!

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Interview W/Chain Reaction Inventor

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cw-pic-w-ken-12-17On Wednesday, 6-3-09, I am meeting with Rob Simpson, UK, inventor of the Chain Reaction home invasion security device.  He is in the U.S. promoting his new home security product which is designed to be your front door/back door protection against a home burglary - home invasion crime.

I am looking forward to our meeting and plan to get some videos of the product and our conversations.  I’ll upload to my site later this week.  Rob Simpson will also be the guest of Lets Talk Home Security Radio Show on Wednesday, 06-03-09.

Be sure to join us for the radio show Wednesday, 6-3-09, @ 6:00 p.m. EDT - via internet -  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalkhomesecurity or by telephone @ (646) 727-3396.

Watch the following video of the Chain Reaction Security Product:

For further information on Chain Reaction go to http://tinyurl.com/mb5rgr

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Your Home And Family Are Priceless!

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 Home Security System ($850/Value) – FREE

Installation Charge – $99.00
24/7 Monitoring For Police – Less Than Cell Phone/Internet/Cable Fees

Proactively Protecting Your Home & Family Against Crime - PRICELESS


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Tips For Preventing False Alarms

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police-siren-911-1What intimidates or scares you most about putting in a home security sytem?  The number #1 reason I heard during my 20 years as a Security Consultant was that homeowners were concerned about false alarms.  Without understanding how a security system worked, they automatically assumed it would be too difficult to learn and people would be accidentally triggering the alarm.  They also thought the security system would accidentally trigger due to a system malfunctions.

It didn’t really matter what the reason.  What mattered was that the police would be dispatched and arrive only to find there wasn’t a problem at all.  In most areas there is a false alarm fee that is charged for 3-false alarms within a years time.  If there is a 140 decibel outside alarm siren, it may be programmed to sound in the neighborhood for 5-10 minutes.  This can be very annoying to anyone in the immediate area.  If you have too many false alarms, it can make your neighbors very cranky.  Don’t let that happen.  Fix a small false alarm problem before it turns into a big one!

Twenty some years ago the number of homeowners who had alarm systems were relatively small compared to the number today.  Even with the steadily growing increase in home security systems across the U.S., the number of homeowners who DO NOT have security systems in their home is still very HIGH.  Again, some of the reasons why people don’t get security systems are their concerns for false alarms.

Don’t let the fear of “false alarms” scare you off because there are ways to prevent false alarms from happening to you.  Over the past 19 years in our current home, I can count on a hand and a half how many false alarms we have had.  (This was even with 2 adults and 2 children/teenagers).  A few of our alarms were set off by family members/friends in the beginning and some were actual malfunctions.  However, even the police will tell you 5-8 false alarms in 19 years is not bad at all.  There were many years that we didn’t have any false alarms. 

No one wants a false alarm because it is embarrassing, puts the police on high alert, can be costly, and can be frightening.  However, I talked to many customers who had false alarms and they sheepishly told me they were “sort of glad to know the police had responded so quickly and that the process worked like they were told it would.”

Here are some False Alarm Prevention Tips  so you avoid unncessary false alarms coming from your home:

1.  Get into the habit of testing your security system at least monthly or quarterly.  Before you go out of town for an extended time, e.g., vacations, business trips, be sure to test your system.  Check with your alarm company and see if they offer a Quality Service or Extended Warranty.  Have your alarm company do a yearly maintenance check on your system.  If you have a device that accidentally trips the alarm once then twice, my recommendation may be to replace it.  Your service technician can help you make that call.

2.  Make sure everyone using the alarm system knows the 4-digit access code to turn the alarm OFF/ON.  Also make sure everyone using the alarm knows the password (identification code) in case they accidentally trigger the alarm. When the alarm company quickly calls to verify, they will ask for the alarm password or identification code.  If they don’t get the correct code, they will immediately dispatch the police.  Education and training are keys to using the security system properly.  MOST false alarms are generated from the homeowner or someone using the security system who is not properly trained.

3.  Remember pets in the house and make sure motion detectors have been set up properly for pets.  Dogs are fairly easy to adjust a pet sensor with.  However, cats may prove to be more difficult and can cause more false alarms due to their jumping into the range of the motion sensor.  The newer technology pet sensors are supposed to be much better and pretty much false alarm free.  Keep party balloons out of the range of your motion detectors as this can potentially trigger a false alarm.

4.  If you are having any interior work done in your house such as painting, remodeling, sanding, drywalling, replacing doors or windows where this is a sensor, changing the phone systems, or any work that might affect the burglary or fire alarm part of your security system, be sure to notify your alarm company.  They can make a notation in your computer information not to dispatch the police that your system is in a TEST MODE for whatever time period.

5.  Contact your alarm company if you need to update your Emergency Contact List by adding or deleting people.  Make sure all contact names and  phone numbers are kept current. This is very important because once the police are dispatched someone from your emergency contact list will also be alerted to meet the police at your home. 

6.  As your security system ages you may find your system having more false alarms.  Your service technician will let you know when it may be time to upgrade.  Parts for outdated systems will be harder to find or not available at all.   As your security system approaches 10-15 years, it will be time to update to a new security system.  Just like a car, your security system will eventually run out of steam and give up.

If you follow these False Alarm Prevention Tips, you will find your security system will be easy to live with and do exactly what you want it to do - alert you to a break-in, make a lot of noise to scare off an intruder, and alert your monitoring company to immediately get the police to your home.

Take care, stay safe, and protect your home & family!

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