Are Criminals Advocating Gun Control For Law-Abiding Citizens?

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cw_woman_pointing_pistol_11-10-081To The Home Invader - Rapist - Violent Attacker Who Wants Gun Control - This Guns For You!                     

This video makes it perfectly clear that criminals are in favor of Gun ControlFOR EVERYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES.  This video will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 

As a law-abiding citizen, if the Government takes your gun(s) away, the only ones who would still have guns are the violent criminals.  And the last thing we need is to let these criminals take charge!  Who are our politicians really trying to protect?

Criminals will always have some kind of lethal firearm/weapon to do their dirty criminal deeds with.  Everyday citizens needs to be able to protect themselves, their family, and their homes. That is our right.

Courtesy of Antiprise - Criminals 4 Gun Control 1 Home Invasion


Protect your home and family by implementing an impenetrable home perimeter and install a quality home security system.  Keep some type of personal protection such as a TASER C2, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, or Mace in your home, your purse, your car, and on your keychain.  Take some type of personal self-defense and safety awareness training.  Know how to protect and defend yourself whether at home, on the streets, or wherever you are. 

If decide you want to protect your home with a firearm, check with your local gun dealer for local city and county laws for purchasing.   Then become knowledgeable about the firearm you select, well-trained in how to use it, and be ready and prepared to use it if attacked in your home by some low-life punk — like the guy in this video.   

Protect Your Home with a FREE ADT home security system ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee plus the 24-Hour Monitoring Services.  Call 866-755-6137 or go to http://www.isecureyourhome.comSign up and get a Free Bonus Personal Protection Package.

‘Utlimate Lock’ Could Stop Burglars

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Stop The Criminal Intruders At The Front Door With One Swift Kick

Would you like to know one of the best ways to prevent a home invasion robbery or home burglary crime?  Install the Ultimate Lock on your front door and let the criminal intruders try to kick in or force open your door.  On The Ultimate Lock’s website a video shows how 4,000 lbs of force with a battering ram was applied to a door with The Ultimate Lock installed and it was unable to force the door open.  That is what I call an Ultimate Lock!

As you design your security and the impenetrable level of protection for your home, be sure to install a quality home security system with the 24-hour monitoring, then look at upgrading your perimeter door locks - especially your front door - to The Ultimate Lock. 

Crime is increasing rapidly all across the country and criminals are getting more violent as they try to force their way into law-abiding citizen’s homes.  Protect your home and family now by installing the best level of security protection.

News Article Courtesy of  Posted On: Monday, Feb. 4 2008 10:28 PM   By Victor O’Brien

A new lock might hold the key for Killeen residents to defend themselves against burglary.

J.T. Boyer, owner of Lonestar R.V. in Harker Heights, has invested in a Houston-based security company that created a lock that Boyer and the inventor said can withstand a police battering ram.

“The Ultimate Lock,” as it is called, was invented by Ron Daniels, a reserve captain with the Harris County constable in Houston.

A personal connection to a burglary that turned fatal in 2005 motivated Boyer to become an investor, he said.

A friend of his had his door kicked in and was about to the victim of a burglary when a home security alarm scared the would-be burglars away. However, the burglars went a few blocks over and killed Capt. Jason Luz Gonzalez of Fort Hood.

“If it can happen to him, it can happen to my family,” Boyer said.

Boyer believes the lock will help protect people around the world from tragedies like the one that happened to Gonzalez, and said the lock would be especially beneficial to Killeen residents, who live in the city with Texas’ highest burglary rate.

Boyer and Daniels said Internet Web sites put too much information out there for criminals, which makes breaking into homes too easy and too common.

“It’s all over the Internet how to kick a door in,” Boyer said. “Ours is a system. It takes the door and makes it part of the wall. You can kick a door in, but you can’t kick a wall in.”

The lock has been tested by police SWAT teams in northern Virginia who were unable to penetrate the lock, Daniels said.

“Even a police battering ram will not open the door,” Bower said.

Daniels said the lock’s screws are essential to the device to being able to withstand such high levels of force. He said traditional lock screws are shorter in length and go into a wall straight. However, the screws in the ultimate lock are longer, and they go in the wall at an angle, so the more the doors is kicked, the more the screws bend in the wall in such a way to increase the amount of force the door can withstand.

Boyer was preparing the commercial version of the lock, which Daniels said supports up to 4,000 pounds of force, for a viewing, when Boyer attempted to kick the door in as a test, and when he did, he broke his knee.

“I’m 6 foot, 255 pounds and I know how to kick a door in,” Boyer said. “I tried to kick the door in and because of that, they are going to have to replace my knee in the summer or fall.”

The lock contains four degrees of protection. Daniels said the lock is stronger than any dead bolt sold in stores, cannot be kicked in or “bump keyed,” and has a “lockout mode” that makes duplicate keys useless.

A person can activate the lockout mode by pushing a button from the inside of the home and it will deactivate the locking mechanism from the lock, therefore preventing the door from being unlocked, Daniels said. The system takes seconds to activate and was an important part of the design because sometimes people need to keep out people they once trusted, as in domestic violence situations, he said.

“It allows occupants enough time to call 911, get to a safe room and stop someone from intruding,” Daniels said.

If the lock is installed in a room within a house, it can make the room a safe room, where potential victims can hide in for protection until the authorities arrive.

Daniels has worked in law enforcement for close to 15 years and said he became frustrated when he and other officers would do their best to reach a home and stop a crime, only to arrive at the home to find they were too late. He remembered vividly one crime scene where the doors had been kicked in and a perpetrator took out his frustrations with his wife on his children.

“It was the most horrendous thing you could possibly ever imagine,” Daniels said. “Those poor, innocent children had done absolutely nothing to do deserve that and they were maimed for life.”

After too many incidents where a stronger door could have been the difference, Daniels started researching locks; and the more he researched, the more he realized there wasn’t a lock available to the public that could withstand enough force to protect homeowners and businesses from criminals. Daniels came up with an idea that if the screws in the lock ran deeper into the door jamb and even the wall, then the lock would gain support from the adjoining wall.

Through NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, he received grant funding to research and refine his idea, which he has patented in the U.S.

After six years of research and testing, Daniels will release the first residential version of the lock March 1. The residential version is supposed to be able to withstand 4,000 pounds of pressure, while the commercial lock can withstand 8,000 pounds of pressure.

However, the amount of pressure the lock can withstand depends to some degree on the strength of building’s existing structure, Daniels said. Enough pressure would make it possible for the door jamb to be ripped out of the socket in certain instances, but Daniels said most people who attempt break-ins lack the equipment to apply such pressure.

Boyer hopes the lock will make Killeen residents safer and save lives.

“I’m a businessman,” Boyer said. “I want to see more people move here instead of run from here.”

Get a copy of the FREE Report - “Home Invasion Prevention” @

Apartment Protection Strategies

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4 Arrested After Apartment Complex Robbery in OC……

The news read from Mission Viejo, California.  Four men were in custody Friday after allegedly breaking into a Mission Viejo apartment, forcing its occupants to the ground and ransacking the residence authorities said.

cw-pic-of-home-burglary1The news across the nation on apartment break-ins and apartment invasion robberies are off the chart.  Apartments are an easy target of opportunity for a couple of reasons.  One is the door structures are usually flimsy and weak while the locking mechanisms are not the highest quality deadbolt locks.  Not all, but many apartments are put together as cheaply as possible without a lot of thought and consideration put into security and safety of the renters.

There is a new home invasion prevention product that will be available within the next 30-60 days.  This may be the best Apartment-Home Invasion Protection device to keep you and your family safe from an apartment burglary or apartment invasion robbery.  This unit will fit on your front door similar to  a chain and locking system.  The primary difference is this unit is designed with a stronger, higher quality steal chain and lock unit.  The  screws are also designed and installed to withstand a heavy-duty forceful intrusion and remain intact which is something the typical door chain does not do.  The other major feature included in the security device is a 138 decibel alarm that sounds off if the door is forced open past the length of the chain.  If the homeowner is asleep and someone tries kicking or forcing open the door, the alarm siren will sound off and alert everyone within earshot.  It will also blow the eardrums off the punk intruder who will more than likely get the heck out of the apartment area. 

This security chain door system also has an advanced function that can be added along with the loud 138 db siren.  This addition is a canister that fits inside the unit and contains a DNA spray.  Should the intruder force open the door enough to set off the alarm it will also spray a DNA mist on the intruder.  This spray mist is undetectable to the human eye, but if the intruder is caught by local police and scanned with a special scanner they will be able to detect a green spray (or whatever the coloring is) on the criminal’s body.  Once a piece of the DNA on his body is checked with appropriate authorities it leads back to the intrusion that took place at your residence.  Appropriate forced entry charges can then be filed.

The advanced security chain door system is optional but can prove vitally important in convicting criminal home invasion intruders who make their living breaking into and terrorizing innocent homeowners/apartment dwellers.

As a renter it is your responsibility to ensure your apartment and family are safe.   Unless they are forced to apartment owners may not want to spend  additional funds in security upgrades for their units.  The apartment complexes that provide quality housing as well as upgraded security protection will find  this puts them ahead of their competitors and they will have a long waiting list of families ready to rent from them. 

Here are some prevention and protection strategies you can use to protect your apartment home and family.

Apartment Invasion Prevention Strategies 

1.   Check the structure of your entry doors and deadbolt locks.  If they are flimsy, weak, and outdated, see if your apartment will upgrade.  If not, invest in the upgrade yourself if you plan to live there for any length of time.  One of the best locking systems on the market is The Ultimate Lock.  Their testimonials show this lock can withstand up to 4,000 lbs of force.  This is definately an ultimate lock!  Check it out.

2.  Make your personal and home security a habit.  Always be aware of your surroundings as you are entering your apartment.  Keep some type of personal protection device in your apartment like Pepper Spray, Mace Spray, TASER C2, Stun Gun, or Personal Alarm and carry Pepper Spray or Mace Spray on your keychain for protection.  These are all non-lethal protection devices meant to deter or throw off an attacker or intruder enough to get away to safety and call 911.  If you enter your apartment from the outside, you should be cognizant of strangers approaching or anyone who may be hiding outside of your apartment.  Also be sure to follow appropriate laws and regulations regarding these devices.  Make sure to practice using the product so you know what to do if forced to use it.   Go to to order these protection products.

3.  To reinforce the front door/back door/slider door here are two excellent protection devices.  One is a 20-gauge steel door brace and a door stop alarm with a loud decibel alarm.  These door protection devices can give that extra strength, protection, and valuable time you may need during a break-in to immediately contact 911 or call others for help.  For less than $25.00 you should be able to purchase one of these door devices.  Go to for information and to order these protection products.

4.  Keep your main level windows locked at all times.  To add extra strength to the windows add a dowel rod that can fit into the track of the window whether it  slides up and down or side to side.  You can get the dowel rods at the local hardware store.  Paint or stain the dowel rods so they blend into the window.  This will add a tremendous amount of strength to all your windows and prevent them from being opened.  Most intruders do not want to break windows due to the noise and time it takes.  You can also add a wireless window contact that makes a loud alarm noise when the window is opened.  Go to

5.  A home security system would be a recommendation that I would make; however, a lot of alarm companies require that apartment management approve this.  If your plans are to stay in your apartment for 3-5 years this may be a wise investment.  When my daughter got out of college and moved to an apartment, the first thing I did was have a security system installed with protection on each door along with a fire alarm and a wireless panic button.  This made me feel better, and I know she appreciated it too.  Look at installing a wireless security system that notifies the local police.  Be sure to check with your apartment management.

6.  Many home invasion/apartment invasion robberies happen when someone knocks at the door and the homeowner automatically opens the door without knowing who is there.  The intruder then forces the door open and violently attacks the homeowner.  Before opening the door look through your peephole to see if you know who is there.  If you don’t know their identity, ask what they want.  You do not have to open your door to anyone you do not know.  Carry your telephone with you as you approach the door in case you need to call and verify the person at your door, or if you need to contact 911 or the apartment management.  This is where the new security door chain will be a valuable security device.  Again, this device will provide protection at the front door and sound a 138 db alarm that will alert the entire complex if the door is forced opened. 

7.  Get to know the immediate neighbors in your apartment unit.  Exchange telephone numbers and start to watch out for one another.  The more involved you are and communicate with those around you, the better able you will be to alert authorities before a security problem happens.  See if your apartment offers some type of “Neighborhood Apartment Security Watch.”

Remember, the security and safety of your residence and family is ultimately your responsibility.  Take the necessary security and safety precautions so you don’t become a victim of an apartment invasion robbery/burglary crime!

Senior Citizens Becoming Targets Of Home Invasion Robberies

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What do home invasion robbery/home burglary criminals look for in their daily job?  Easy targets of opportunities!  Who would be considered an easy target?  Quite possibly the elderly are becoming more and more of an easy target for these cowardly criminals.

One reason for this may be that senior citizens are too trusting and they may not think this type of crime will ever happen to them.  Whenever someone knocks at the front door, instead of automatically opening the door we all should take security precautions and look to see if we know who is there before opening the door.  If the person is unknown, ask who it is before opening the door especially if you are not expecting anyone.

A lot of these criminals and scam artists pose as a utility company employee.  The intruder’s main objective is to get the front door opened just enough to be able to violently push the door and force the homeowner back into the house. 

How is a senior citizen well  into their 70’s and 80’s going to be able to physically fight back against a young punk who is stronger, has the upper hand, and is determined to violently attack, rob, and steal their personal belongings? 

First of all homeowners - no matter what age - need to be aware that this type of crime can happen to them.  They need to decide what type of home security precautions they will take.  By being prepared and proactive with our home security and personal safety, we can reduce our risk of becoming a victim of a violent home invasion robbery or personal attack.  Installing a home security system, updating door locks to stronger, higher quality locks, and updating flimsey doors to solid wood or metal core doors is a great start!

It is hard to believe that some scumbag could violently hurt an elderly couple in their late 80’s, but here is an article about an elderly couple beaten in their Indianapolis home during a home invasion robbery.  The home invasion attack occurred during the middle of the day.  When the intruder came to the couples’ door and knocked, the homeowner automatically opened the door.  That is when the violent attack occurred. 

Again, my recommendation to all homeowners is never open your door to someone knocking unless you can see who is at the door and you know the person.  Always ask who it is and if you don’t know them–don’t open the door.  Have your telephone with you in case you need to call and verify the person or you need to call 911.  And don’t be afraid to tell the person through the door to leave that you are calling the police!

Recent article Courtesy of The


Elderly Couple Beaten In Home-Invasion Robbery

Police Look For Attacker

POSTED: 1:07 pm EST January 23, 2009

A man burst into an elderly couple’s home on Indianapolis’ east side and severely beat the couple before leaving with the woman’s purse, police said.

The home invasion happened at a home in the 5200 block of East Ninth Street at about 11:50 a.m., Indianapolis police Sgt. Matt Mount said.

“My wife opened the door and he burst in when she opened the door for the doorbell, demanding money, and we tried resisting. He beat us both up pretty bad,” the 80-year-old man told a 911 operator after the robbery.

The man, who is in a wheelchair, and his 74-year-old wife described their attacker as a white man in his mid-to late 20s. The man was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and a dark stocking cap, the victims said.

The victims told police that they repeatedly told the attacker that they didn’t have any money or jewelry.

Police said the man acted as though he had a gun and threatened the victims before ransacking the house and leaving with the purse.

The victims were taken to Methodist Hospital, where they were reported in stable condition Friday afternoon.

“It’s a shame somebody would beat up somebody in a wheelchair. It doesn’t make any sense at all,” said neighbor Tom Dilger.

Police asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Robert Siciliano, Security Expert And Author, 3-11-09

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Cheryl Watterson interviews Robert Siciliano, Security Expert on Let’s Talk Home Security radio.

Robert Siciliano is a well-known Security Expert and Author and will be interviewed by Cheryl Watterson host of Let’s Talk Home Security on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 PST.  You can listen to the program live by calling (646) 727-3396 or listen online at

As a security expert, Mr. Siciliano focuses on Identity Theft Security, Personal Security and Safety, and Home Security.  Those are three areas that can affect all of us every day. As our economy continues to sputter and stagger along, we all must become more  aware of the increasing number of crimes that are happening to citizens all across our country.

Home Invasion Robberies and Home Burglaries have dramatically increased over the last 12+ months that even some politicians are becoming concerned.  Because these criminals are looking for easy opportunities to steal, rob, and even violently attack individuals, it is becoming more important that we take complete responsibility for our personal safety and security and those of our loved ones. 

We can no longer rely totally upon the police to be there and to save us from a criminal attack, a forced home intrusion, a carjacking attempt, or worse.  We must make our personal security & safety and our home security a Number 1 priority.  To do anything less will leave us vulnerable to the predators who are looking for those individuals who look like easy targets. 

When you are yacking on the cell phone not paying attention as you leave the shopping mall going to your car - you are a prime target of a criminal predator.  When you leave doors and windows unlocked at your home, or answer a knock at the front door without knowing or asking who is there first - you leave yourself  vulnerable to home invasion or home burglary attack.  Because we may sometimes fall prey to complacency, attending a safety awareness class will remind us of the simple, common-sense things we know we should do everyday to stay safe. 

On the radio show Mr. Siciliano will talk about how to stay safe 24/7 wherever you are and how to make your personal security awareness skills work for you and against the perpetrator who attempts to attack you.  We will discuss ways to avoid becoming a victim of a home burglary or a violent home invasion robbery and how important being aware of your surroundings is and that taking a self-defense and/or safety awareness class will provide valuable skills that can be used to protect and defend yourself against an attacker.

Because Robert Siciliano does a tremendous amount of training in personal security & safety, home security, and identity theft, I have included a few of his videos to review prior to the show.  The education and training he provides helps both men and women develop a heightened awareness of their surroundings 24/7.   That, along with knowledge of how to protect and defend yourself against an attack, can help save your life if confronted by a perpetrator anywhere.

Courtesy of -

Be sure to catch the interview with Security Expert/Author Robert Siciliano on Let’s Talk Home Security, Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. PST.  You can listen by calling (646) 727-3396 or online at

Cheryl Watterson, Security Expert/Radio Host, 03-04-09

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Step 1 To Becoming Proactive In Your Home Security Plan - Let’s Talk About Designing Your Home Security Protection.”

In my Home Invasion Prevention 2009 Training Program there are 7-steps that I lay out for homeowners to avoid becoming a victim of a home invasion robbery.  The first step is what we are going to talk about tonight.

Too many people put off protecting their home and family with a professionally installed and monitored security system for understandable reasons, e.g. the cost, got a dog, got a gun, afraid they will set off the alarm and have the police come, false alarms, and on and on.

However, your security alarm system can be your best friend!  If you treat your friend right and learn how to use it properly, it will do exactly what you want it to do

Would you like to know what that is??

  • Your security alarm system (friend) will let you know if there has been a break-in or intrusion into your home.
  • Your security alarm system (friend) will also make a lot of noise to let the scumbag (whoops..sorry) intruder know that he has set off your alarm system and to get the heck out of there!
  • Your security alarm system (friend) will immediately contact the security monitoring professionals who will get the police to your home right away…potentially saving your life from a violent home invasion attacker.

Now tell me this, where can you find a friend like that?  Most people would gladly pay for a friend like that.  I will show you how your security system investment doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars - but how you can get your protection started for a very reasonable investment!  Plus I have some great bonuses to tell you about.

If you spend your hard earned cash on a cell phone, cable TV, and/or an internet bill, I know how much you must pay.  You’ll be glad to see what a great value paying for something that actually protects the two most important things you have - your home and especially your family!  That will give you real peace of mind!!  

Don’t be one of those people that I hear and read about who wakes up in the middle of the night to an intruder looking down at him while being totally defenseless.   It is absolutely crazy in our dire economic times as crime steadily increases not to protect your home and family and avoid becoming a home invasion victim - or worse yet a deadly crime statistic!

Join our show Wednesday, March 4, 2009 either by telephone at (646) 727-3396 or listen online at

Protect Your Home with a FREE ADT home security system ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee plus the 24-Hour Monitoring Services.  Call 866-755-6137 or go to http://www.isecureyourhome.comSign up and get a Free Bonus Personal Protection Package.



College Students Becoming Vulnerable to Home Invasions

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cw-college-kids-4-post-8-8-08-2Parents before you send your son or daughter off to college make sure you know they will be safe whether they are at school, walking home from school, in their home, or wherever they are.  This is a scary story and one that we are hearing more and more about.

Most college kids are not security conscious - whether it is their personal security or home security.  My daughter carries pepper spray in the event she needs to protect herself and because I told her to!!!  The purpose of carrying some type of personal protection is to use it defensively in an attack situation - enough to debilitate an attacker and be able to get away to safety.  You can go to and find various types of pepper spray/mace/stun gun devices. 

My recommendation would be to encourage your son or daughter to take a self-defense class on campus.  Most campuses offer a RAD Self-Defense Class, which is a rape-aggression-defense class for women only.  Your son should check with campus police to see if they offer a self-defense class for men.  Being prepared and knowing what to do is half the battle against assault/attack type crimes.

For their home on or off campus it takes everyone who lives in the house to take their home security seriously.  Most college students are too open with who they allow into their homes.  They leave the doors unlocked and when someone knocks they just yell to “come on in” without even knowing who is there.  Students may be especially vulnerable because they are typically unarmed, yet criminal home invaders violently storm into homes fully armed and dangerous.  This type of action usually stuns people and most are not prepared with what to do next.

There are some things you can do to help your students tighten up the security at home.  If they are going to be spending the next  2-4 years at college, they may as well be safe from crime.  Click this link to check the Home Invasion Prevention Tips.

Good luck and keep your children safe at college!

Article Courtesy of Seattle PI - Another Attack On UW Students

SEATTLE – Seattle Police are investigating a robbery at a residence near Ravenna Park.

A 20-year-old University of Washington sophomore came home at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday to find two men rummaging through his room.

“He sort of resisted, scuffled a bit. One of them took a gun, hit him several times in the head,” said Greg Babinski, the victim’s father.

Watch the report

Police say the suspects forced eight or so housemates into one room and forced one student to take them through the house as they loaded the loot into suitcases and took off.

“Basically stole laptops, iPhones, cell phones, stuff like that,” said Babinski.

It’s the latest in a long string of muggings, beatings and robberies that have plagued the university area since the beginning of the year, but it’s the first time we’ve heard of students being targeted in their own home.

The coeds living right next door to the home that was hit overnight say they woke up to find their back door wide open and it appeared someone had been inside.

Read the rest of the story at

Protect Your Home with a FREE ADT home security system ($850 Value). You pay only $99 Installation Fee plus the 24-Hour Monitoring Services.  Call 866-755-6137 or go to http://www.isecureyourhome.comSign up and get a Free Bonus Personal Protection Package.

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