Sgt. Lee Ross, South Bend PD, 2-25-09

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Our security expert is Crime Prevention Specialist Sgt. Lee Ross, South Bend PD. The police can’t be everywhere - they are overworked and understaffed.  Learn what proactive home protection strategies you can use to make your home impenetrable to a home invasion robbery/home burglary.

South Bend, Indiana is like most cities across our country.  It is a fairly small city compared to surrounding cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, yet it has been plagued over the last 20 plus years with crimes like the larger cities. 

Gangs, drugs, shooting, home invasion robberies, and home burglaries  have been a major hit on this city since I moved here in early 1990.  In fact, as an ADT Security Consultant during that time I would listen to the morning news as I was getting ready for work.  When I would hear about residential crimes that happened the night before on a particular street, I would check my daily appointment schedule only to find that some of my appointments were right in that  area.

During this time I  found myself in the midst of residential crime plaguing South Bend and the surrounding areas.  My job as an ADT Consultant was to help provide the best protection and solutions for homeowners, and yes - probably even for the criminals causing a lot of the caos!!! 

Join us as we talk with Sgt. Lee Ross to see what can be done to reduce the crime in the South Bend/Michiana Area and how we can avoid becoming a victim of these home invasion/home burglary crimes.

Join us Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 6-7:00 p.m. EST at or listen via the telephone/cell at (646) 727-3396. Couple Living In Fear After Home Invasion

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Courtesy of WSBT News

by John Paul

MISHAWAKA — Four suspects were arrested Thursday night for their role in a home invasion in the 900 block of Merrifield Avenue in Mishawaka. Police say the victim was sitting on the couch when one of the suspects broke down the door.

Thursday night after dinner, Patti Heare was parked on the couch, watching her favorite TV show before joining her husband, who was already in bed, fast asleep.

“I was watching ‘Ugly Betty’ and I heard the door jiggle,” Heare said. “I thought it was one of my children.”  (You can read the entire story at

Read the article from Home Security

How would you like to be sitting comfortably in your family room watching your favorite TV program on a Thursday evening and all of a sudden have four home intruders bust right through your front door and rip your flatscreen TV off the wall - ALL RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!!.

Now is that getting bold or what??!!!  Well, that’s exactly what happened to a family in Mishawaka, Indiana on Thursday, February 12th.  As the homeowner was comfortably watching television - four men came crashing through her door and went straight for her flatscreen TV and plucked it right off the wall.  Of course, she screamed for her husband who was in another room as the men made a mad dash out of the house.

The husband chased the suspects out the door and jumped on the perpetrator’s vehicle.  He was dragged several feet as the vehicle sped off.  The police were able to apprehend these men after about 45 minutes of searching the surrounding neighborhoods.

Let’s take a look at what the homeowners could have done to make their home more difficult to get into.  And what they should do to regain their peace of mind after this incident. (The article didn’t say if the homeowners had a security system or if the door had been locked). 

What The Homeowners Should Do Now

1.  Be proactive by installing a home security system.  My company has partnered with the largest ADT Authorized Dealer-Protect Your Home- to offer our readers and customers a FREE ADT Home Security System valued at $850.  All you pay is a $99 Installation Fee with the 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Service.  If you require more protection than what is offered, you can always add protection so you are completely covered.  You can either call (866) 755-6137 or go to to get your system installation and ADT service scheduled .

2.  Be sure to put the security alarm signs in the front and back area of your home so you give a warning  to any criminal element types.  Also let your insurance company know about your installation so they can give you  whatever homeowner discounts they offer.  When you become an ADT customer, one of the guarantees is - should you have a break in and certain requirements are met, ADT will pay $500 of your deductible.  That’s a tremendous benefit to you!

3.  Don’t rely solely upon the security system for your total protection.  Why do I say that?  These criminals are quick, they know what they are doing, and know exactly where to kick your door for it to bust right open.  They also know the police response time can be anywhere from a few minutes to 5-10 minutes.  This can give them time to be in and out before the police arrive.  Check your locks and deadbolts to make sure they are strong enough to withstand a 250 lb. forceful kick.  One of the best and most ultimate locks on the market today is “The Ultimate Lock.  This lock, combined with your security system, can give you an impenetrable level of protection.  Another device you can use would be either a door stop alarm or a 20-gauge steel door brace.  These are reasonably priced and can keep the door from being opened allowing you time to notify the police to an attempted breakin. Or time to grab your gun!!!!  You could also put one of these products in your bedroom to use for your SAFE ROOM protection.

4.  Check the window locks around your home and replace any that are not working properly  Then go to the local hardware store and purchase dowel rods that you can measure and cut then place in the track of the windows to prevent them from being opened.  Be sure to grab some white spray paint (if that’s the color of your windows) or stain so that when they are placed into the track of the window they blend right in and no one will be able to tell they are there.  But they now added superior strength to your windows.  By doing this you are forcing the perpetrator (punks) to break the glass to get into your home and most burglars do not want to do that.  (Too much noise, might get cut, and takes too much time).  Be sure you have your alarm window stickers in the lower right or left corner as a warning.

5.  If you have a security alarm system, consider adding a wireless remote panic button that can activate an alarm anywhere in the house and keep it near you.  Once the alarm button is pressed, the monitoring center can quickly dispatch the local police.  This type of emergency alarm is usually considered more of a priority and response time can even be quicker.  A wireless remote panic button does come in the Free ADT Home Security Package that I mentioned in the #1 spot above.  Remember, you can call (866) 755-6137 or go to to get your ADT service set up. 

Crime seems to be encroaching upon even the best neighborhoods.  However, most people don’t think this type of crime - home invasion robbery or home burglaries - will happen to them.  Once it does it can destroy our peace of mind and that may be hard to get back.

After spending 20 years as a security consultant for ADT, I saw every type of break in imaginable.  Helping homeowners regain their peace of mind was my job. Even today, that is still my job, educating homeowners in the best way to protect their home and family. (I have been an ADT customer for over 23 years and I thoroughly believe this service is the best!).

Becoming proactive in your home and family security protection is the first step.  Realizing that this can happen to you and being ahead of the game can actually reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a home invasion/home burglary crime! 

Be Safe and Protect Your Family.

Click this link to see what you receive at NO CHARGE when you become an ADT customer through our recommended website.


Let’s Talk Home Security

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Hello and welcome to Let’s Talk Home Security.  I am your host, Cheryl Watterson, and I come to you live every Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Each week I will be interviewing top crime prevention specialists and security experts who can offer the latest home security tips and solutions to the increasing number of home invasion robbery/home burglary crimes hitting our communities - all across the nation.

As a Security Expert myself with over 20 years in the home alarm industry, I believe having a security system in your home can be the No. #1 protection.  However, you cannot rely solely on the security system for your total protection.  It is vitally important to build a solid, impenetrable level of protection around your home.  You don’t have to build Ft. Knox, but do the things that will make your home extremely difficult to get through.  If an intruder wants into your home bad enough - he may not care if you have a security system because he knows the police won’t arrive for 5-10 minutes so he may attempt to kick the door in anyway. 

Because the police are overworked, understaffed, and can’t be everywhere, they may not be able to respond to your alarm call immediately.  Each homeowner should make it their responsibility to buy time until the police arrive by ensuring their home is well-protected, with an impenetrable perimeter, and their family will be safe until the police arrive.

These are things we will discuss with the security experts.  We plan to bring valuable home security information, the latest innovative home defense products, and security training that will help you become more proactive in protecting your home and keeping your family safe 24/7.

Remember, Let’s Talk Home Security is on Wednesday evenings, 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time/3:00 p.m. Pacific.  If you miss a show, you can always catch up and listen on the Let’s Talk Home Security button upper right side of the Home Page.

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Rob Simpson, Chain Reaction 2/18/09

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Chain Reaction, a simple mechanical device similar to a door chain, is the ultimate deterrent designed to combat crimes such as violent home invasion robberies or home burglaries when the perpetrator tries to force his way through the front entry door. 

This home invasion security product is designed to thwart an intrusion by setting off a 138db alarm and spraying a DNA trace element at the perpetrator.  This trace element will assist the police and law enforcement in identifying the perpetrators of these crimes.

When a door is opened and the Chain Reaction device is in place, any attempt to open the door beyond the normal scope of the chain will automatically activate a canister in the Chain Reaction device that emits a loud audible alarm (138db).  Because noise is one of the biggest deterrents, it will more than likely scare the intruder away.

An advanced version of the Chain Reaction device includes a canister containing a trace DNA element that can be used to provide a chain of evidence linking an individual to the scene.  The trace element is a clear non-toxic UV based substance that has a unique DNA code that can be linked to the precise premises.

This security product will certainly serve a valuable need for senior citizens who may not want to install a monitored security system or for individuals who live in apartment complexes.  Homeowners need to become more aware of answering the door to unexpected visitors.  Do Not Open The Door without questioning and verifying if you do not know the visitor.

Most home invasions are scammers who claim to be someone they are not and the homeowner trustingly opens the door only to find a violent intruder on the other end.

The Chain Reaction home invasion prevention device may just have many home intruders glowing with the DNA trace element at local nightclubs!!! 

If you spot someone at the local club glowing green all over his body, contact the local police authorities.

Ron Daniels-The Ultimate Lock 2/11/09

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Make The Ultimate Lock Part Of Your Home Protection Strategy

In setting up your home security protection - don’t rely solely upon ONE type of protection strategy.  Let’s say you want to protect your home by installing a home security system.  That is an excellent home protection strategy and would be my Number 1 recommendation.  However, I would not rely soley on the security system for your total protection. 

To get the very best protection coverage, I would recommend building layers or levels of protection.

The violent home intruder is becoming bolder and bolder.  What that means is he may not care if you have a security system - even with the alarm warning signs and windows decals around your home .  He may attempt to break into your home because he knows he has time - anywhere from a few minutes to 10-15 minutes - before the police show up.   That’s all the time he needs to get in, grab what he wants, and out the door he goes…with your valuables.

What can a homeowner do to slow the criminal down?  First you have the alarm system installed.  Then you start hardening the perimeter of your home beginning with the weakest areas first.

How old are your deadbolts and locks?  If they are over 10 years old, consider updating them to stronger and better quality locks.  One of the newest deadbolt lock inventions is called The Ultimate Lock.  This lock is superior to just about any lock that I’ve seen.  Be sure to checkout the video at the end to see The Ultimate Lock in action.

In fact, here are some of the outstanding benefits of The Ultimate Lock:

  • It can withstand up to 4,000lbs of force
  • Has a specially engineered steel strike plate
  • Has a super hardened steel security bar
  • Has a patented lockout feature
  • Has a high security 6-pin anti-bump keylock

You have to see this lock in action to believe how it works.  And WORK is exactly what an intruder would have to do to get through a door with The Ultimate Lock installed.  Watch the amazing video at and see how this locking device should be a vital part of your home protection strategy.

Courtesy of The Ultimate

To start with the Number 1 home protection - your home security system - CLICK HERE to learn how to establish your initial security protection. 

Be proactive and start the protection for your home and family today!

Home Security 911 Teleseminar Training

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  “Home Invasion Prevention 2009: 7-Steps To Proactively Protect Yourself & Your Family Against A Home Invasion”

In the Home Security 911 Teleseminar Training you will learn:

  • How to implement optimum protection strategies.
  • Ways to strengthen, reinforce, & harden your home’s perimeter.
  • How to develop a Home Security Plan to avoid becoming a crime victim.
  • How a quality security system from a top provider can be the best crime deterrent.
  • Simple ways to make doors & windows impenetrable to a home invasion or burglary.
  • What is a SAFE ROOM and why it’s important to have one in your home!

To register for this online training go to

Jordan Frankel-ShatterGARD 2/4/09

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Today we will talk with Jordan Frankel, Founder and VP of ShatterGARD Glass Protection, Inc. ShatterGARD’s home product - BurglarGARD protects windows and doors against thieves and vandals.

The windows of businesses and homes can now be “shielded” against thieves, vandalism, and even riots with a glass fragmentation film called BurglarGARD from ShatterGARD, Inc. Applied directly to the glass, BurglarGARD works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the building/home’s “weakest security link” - the glass.

Another remarkable product from ShatterGARD for vehicle owners is the VehicleGARD security film. When applied directly to automotive glass surfaces, VehicleGARD film multiplies the strength of ordinary vehicle glass. This product was initially used to help protect our soldiers serving in Iraq from bomb blasts and serious glass related injuries in the combat zone.

Another protection option for VehicleGARD would be securing the glass on our personal vehicles. Think of the car thief who is prowling through the parking lot looking to break into your car and steal whatever you have of value, plus your registration papers in the glove compartment, and probably your garage door opener. Besides stealing your CDs and electronics, the criminal has all the information he needs to easily break into your home. Especially if he has your garage door opener. This may be an easy home burglary.

BUT with VehicleGARD on the car windows there is an impenetrable level of protection that has been formed. To break through the glass it would take a massive amount of energy, effort, and time. Since most car thieves are lazy, they will most likely give up and go someplace else.

And don’t forget the violent carjacking criminals. That crime is on the increase as well. Remember, always keep your doors locked and consider having your glass windows secured with VehicleGARD protection.

View the VehicleGARD film in acton:

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