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Does your apartment provide any type of security protection for tenants?  For most apartment dwellers, the answer is NO.

On Friday’s LTHS radio show I interviewed Mark Kramer of Kramer Properties, South Bend, Indiana. His company owns 120 houses, 44 apartments, and 30 townhomes in South Bend.  Because he also has 800 tenants, many who are college students from Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Holy Cross, he has a real concern for the personal safety and home security of his tenants.

You can listen to the conversation I had with Mark and learn that his apartments and properties offer tremendous security and safety values as well as peace of mind for not only the tenants but for the parents who send their kids off to college.

The thing that impressed me the most is that Kramer Properties does apartment security protection a lot different than most apartment property owners.  That is - they actually provide security systems for their apartment tenants which is something most apartments don’t.  This stands out as being a value-added proposition, peace of mind, and a big plus for anyone looking for quality apartment living.

When a property owner provides security systems, quality deadbolt locking systems on exterior doors, deadbolt locks on master bedroom doors, solid core metal front doors, outdoor lights for parking lot area, and a security service that does a security/safety check - that equals a quality apartment complex and peace of mind for the tenants. (And peace of mind for parents).

It seems to me that Kramer Properties is setting a high quality standard for apartment living that other apartment complexes should follow.  Parents who have loved ones living in an apartment complex on their own or have college-aged kids who are living off -campus in apartments would rest a whole lot easier knowing the apartment management has placed a high priority on keeping their tenants well-protected with security protection measures.

If you are interested in learning more about Kramer Properties for yourself or a a student who will be attending one of the local university/colleges in the South Bend, IN, go to www.kramerhouses.com.

October Is Fire Safety Month

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Courtesy of The Continuous News Desk

We all know October as the month we change our smoke detector batteries.  So right now - if you have battery operated smoke detectors - change your batteries.  The last thing you want is a deadly fire with no smoke alarm going off.  Smoke detectors are very important life safety devices!  Make sure your detectors are in proper working condition.

October is the time out of the entire year that we start hearing the horrible, sad stories of people who die in house fires.  A house fire is one of the biggest threats to your home and family. The sad part about house fires is most of them could have been prevented.  

When a fire starts, time is of the essence.  People need to be alerted immediately and have enough time to respond before the fire overtakes the entire house.  If there are children or elderly individuals in the home, it is even more urgent that you have ample time to react.  A smoke detector can give you time. 

The first thing that all homeowners, apartment dwellers, and college students living in dormscw-housefire-10-08 and off-campus housing should do is make sure there are adequate smoke detectors in the home or dwelling.  Don’t skimp on your smoke detectors – whether it is the cost or the number of smoke detectors.

There should be at least one smoke detector on each level p preferrably more.  On the main level make sure there is a smoke detector in a hallway, laundry room, and any bedrooms.  On the second level have a smoke detector in the main hallway and again in each bedroom.  If you have a basement, put one near any major electrical panel, furnace area, or at the top of the stairs leading out of the basement.

Be sure to test your smoke detectors at this time and during the year – again ensuring they are working properly.  Follow these guidelines as you want your smoke detectors to work when you absolutely need them to. 

I am a huge proponent of having a home security system that is monitored 24/7.  Not only does the security system protect your family from burglaries and intrusions, but can also be set up to provide 24-hour monitored fire protection.  This is life saving protection that is so valuable for your family! Whether you are home or away, a fire alarm coming from your home will immediately alert the monitoring facility so they can dispatch the fire department and others to your home.

That’s peace of mind—for you, your family, and even your insurance company! (Check with your agent on any homeowner discounts for having a security system that includes fire protection).

Keep your home and family safe 24/7!

Protect Your Home with an ADT Security System.  Get a $200 Mail In Rebate and installation as low as $99 + 24-Hour ADT Monitoring Services.  Click Here for more details.
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FAQ’s On Protecting Your Home

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Today on Lets Talk Home Security radio we spent the radio time discussing questions from my audience about setting up a security system, the types of protection, cost, guarantees and other important questions that will help when trying to make a decision on the best security protection.

FAQ – Protecting Your Home With A Security System


1. I am thinking about installing a security system, what is the best procedure since I don’t know that much about home security equipment, the type of protection, or companies to call?
Many people will ask friends and family for referrals. If they already have a security system and are happy, then that may be a company to checkout. You could check with local law enforcement to see if there has been a lot of false alarms from that company.  Do your research.  There are major alarm companies that you see on TV everyday like ADT and Brinks, but there are also a lot of very good local companies in your area you may want to check with.

2. How many companies should I check with or call out to my home for a security review? Many people have at least 1-2 reputable companies come out.  I have even had people checkout 3-5 which I think is way too many.  At that point people are just looking at price and not necessarily the quality.  Consider your time – you can spend at least an hour to two  interviewing each alarm company.  It really boils down to who will offer you the best overall service, protection, and 24-7 monitoring service that will give you and your family total peace of mind.

3. I have a certain budget for security.  What are the things I need to really look at to stay within budget? That depends on how large a home you have and what your major concerns are.  If you have not been broken into and want a basic level of protection that you can build on as your budget grows, then take a look at protecting all perimeter doors that enter into your home and place at least one motion detector on the main level – maybe a central location.  If you have a full basement with lots of windows – consider putting a motion detector down there. I always recommended having a monitored smoke detector – as a life saving device.  If you don’t install one with the security system, at least get a battery smoke detector from the hardware store.  Keep in mind if your house catches fire and you lose everything – spending $100 plus would’ve looked like a great deal.  Also consider a cellular backup unit in case your phone lines go down or are cut.  You could realistically spend between $99 – $500-750 or more.  The best way though is to talk with an alarm  representative for the most accurate estimate.

4. Which is better, a wireless security system or a hardwired security system?
Here are things you should consider when looking at the Wireless System:
• Can easily add security devices no matter the construction. Easy installation.
• Takes less time to install vs. the hardwired system. Less time-more efficient.
• Purchase price is usually less due to improved technology + installation. Cost-effective.
• The security devices are easily be re-installed in your next home.
• The installation is clean with no visible holes from drilling. Clean installation.
Here are things you should consider when looking at the Hardwired System:
• Many people still feel the hardwired system is a more reliable system due to a direct
• connection. Reliability due to direct connection.
• It may take longer to install due to the homes construction, therefore, costs may be much higher than the wireless system. Longer installations-higher costs.
• It may be difficult for sales rep to absolutely know for sure the technician can run and hide all wires. (Depends on the skill of the tech). The technician will make that determination. Time is money – some wire runs can increase costs.
• Exposed wires are ugly and any holes drilled in the wrong areas can leave unsightly blemishes in your home. Unsightly damage to interior of home.
• If you are building your home, a hardwired system at this point is easy to install and all wiring can usually be concealed. New construction good for hardwired.

5. Do you need to have a telephone in your home to have the security system setup? A landline is generally the best thing to have, but if you don’t have a landline and only use a cell phone – which many homeowners have opted for – you will need to get a cellular backup unit from the alarm company that will be connected to your security system.  This is how your alarm signals will be transmitted to the 24-hour alarm monitoring center.  In fact, I would recommend a cellular backup system as a regular part of the security system anyway.  If your phone lines go out due to a storm or disaster, the cellular backup unit will make sure the call goes through.

6. What happens if someone cuts my phone lines in a break in attempt?  Is there a way the alarm company will know? If your phone lines are cut, your alarm company will not know about it unless you are set up with cellular backup.  The cellular backup unit will send in the alarm call should the intruder break one of the security points, like door, window, or motion detector.  A lot of older homes have the telephone lines totally exposed on the outside of the home and are easy to get to and cut.  The traditional interface box is usually has the phone wires encased in a heavy duty conduit, but there may be some wires that are still on the outside of the box that can easily be clipped.  A professional who knows what he’s doing – who’s looking at a targeted home – will look at something like the phone lines first.  Make sure you check with the alarm company and have cellular backup included.  If you do not include a cellular backup unit, make sure you protect your outside interface unit by making sure that all wires are placed in conduit.  (It’s pretty hard to cut conduit with a knife).

7. How can I harden the outside of my home and make it difficult for home intruders to get through? Make sure you trim shrubbery away from windows and door areas that would allow an intruder to hide while working to break in.  Install automatic lights that turn off/on both inside the home and outside at pre-determined times.  Set up motion detector lights for the front garage, back entry area & front area of your home so the lights come on at night when someone comes around.  Have these motion lights connected to lights inside the house that automatically come on – gives the appearance that someone is home.  Consider the Voice Alert System that actually tells you in a voice unit in your home if someone comes around the garage or back area of your home.  When you select your alarm company be sure to place the yard signs in the front area and back area of your home, along with placing alarm decals on glass – front and back areas. Update your deadbolt locks with solid strength updated locking system.  Check hinges and frame around your door and update-upgrade as necessary.

8. What is the most effective deterrent of the security system? Yard signs and window decals are your first line of defense.  Knowing there is a security system at the home makes the intruder think twice.  Having a reputable company like ADT- for instance- protecting your home stands out.  The burglar typically will go to an easier home w/o an alarm system because they don’t want to get caught by making a lot of noise that alerts the homeowner, neighbors, or alerts the police.

9. Do most alarm companies have you sign a contract for a certain time period? You will need to check with the alarm company as most will vary.  The major companies like ADT and the ADT Authorized Dealers have you sign a 3-year agreement commitment.  I believe companies like Broadview (Brinks) and Protection One may also have you sign for a 2-3 year time period. But check with them to verify.  One of the primary reasons companies require a 3-year agreement is - when they offer to install the security system at a very low initial price – say $99 – they actually are losing money.  They make that up on the monitoring service they provide.  If you only had a 12 month agreement, they would not be able to recoup their investment.  Over a 3-year period they have a chance to do that.  Chances are also better that you will continue the monitoring service well past the 3-year mark.  Many customers have been with ADT 15/20/30 years.  It’s a relationship or partnership you will have with your alarm company.  Check with the company you interview and find out the facts.

10. Do I own the security equipment when I sign up? Some companies offer a lease – purchase option.  This means you pay a low upfront installation charge because you are leasing and must fulfill a 3-year agreement.  If you cancel before or after that time, there is some kind of a payment due of say $100-200 charge.  Very similar to a cell phone contract that you received a free phone by the company, but if you” jump ship” to another cell phone company before the term runs out, there is a payment fee due.

11. If I have a dog and cat, can I still have the alarm on? Over the years the motion detector technology has changed for the better and most companies have “pet” technology.  The sensor can tell the difference between a pet and a person by the weight. size, etc.  The motion sensor beam can also be adjusted so it’s high enough off the ground so the pets movement won’t affect the motion sensor.  If you have a big dog or big cat that jumps everywhere and want to completely avoid any type of false alarm, you could always put the system in the home mode while pets have access.  Or you could just protect doors and windows only and leave the motion sensor out.  Talk with your alarm rep and get an idea what their company experience has been with pets, motion detectors, and false alarms.  When homeowners have a bunch of false alarms, they tend to not use their alarm system.

12. Can I add smoke detectors to my security system? Yes definately.  I highly recommend smoke detectors as life saving devices.  You can never have too many smoke detectors.  For the best fire protection, place a smoke detector on each level – outside bedroom hallways, basement, and outside laundry room.  You can always place a battery smoke detector inside each bedroom above the door.  Most new home construction already puts a wired smoke detector in these locations, but if you want it to notify your alarm company of a fire, install smoke detectors connected to your security system.  Your insurance company will give you a better homeowner discount for having both monitored burglary and fire coverage.

13. What types of guarantees do most alarms companies offer? This is really an important and very valuable benefit that you will want to check with whatever alarm company you are interviewing.  Most companies don’t have guarantees.  I am familiar with guarantees that ADT Security offers since I worked with them for 20 years.  ADT’s offers the following guarantees - a Relocation Certification Guarantee, an Insurance Guarantee, A 6-Month  Satisfaction Guarantee, and a Theft Protection Guarantee.  The unique Theft Protection Guarantee says if you are broken into and sustain a loss over $500 as long as certain requirements are met – ADT will pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible.  With home insurance costs as high as they are, a $500 payment toward your deductible would be a real blessing if you had a home burglary.  Without this guarantee – say with another alarm company – you not only have the tremendous loss of your valuables that need to be replaced, the traumatic peace of mind that was just lost, plus you now must pay your insurance deductible.  You didn’t ask for the break in but sometimes it costs dearly.  Having a $500 Theft Protection Guarantee certainly is unique to the alarm industry and is a strong benefit as you consider your alarm company options.  ADT is banking on the fact that their brand name and reputation offers a tremendous deterrent value to homeowners.

14. The home I just moved into has an ADT system, how do I go about getting the service activated? Just call the local ADT office in your city and a professional representative can give you all the ADT details of connecting the security system to the ADT 24-hour Customer Monitoring Center.

15. I have a security system other than ADT.  Can I activate it with ADT Monitoring? There are some security systems – control panels – that may be compatible with the ADT monitoring center.  However, if the security system is an older model - it may not be possible to monitor.  Again this is something you will want to double check on.  My suggestion would be to call the local ADT office and give them the type of system you have with the Model #, and they should be able to assist you. Having the 24-Hour ADT monitoring service is real peace of mind.

16. Can I save money with my insurance company by having a home security system? Each insurance company varies on their homeowner discount.  It’s best to contact your insurance provider directly.  Insurance companies tend to give a certain discount for just having burglary protection and an additional discount when you include 24/7 fire protection.  Any discount you receive will be very helpful.

17. Do I really need to have a representative come to my home or can I talk with someone over the phone about what security protection I will need for my home? When you call the ADT 800# the representatives will be able to discuss your security needs and concerns, and ask specific questions about your home.  After learning this information, they will be able to give you a security quote over the phone. 

If you have questions that weren’t covered, please send me an email at cheryl@letstalkhomesecurity.com and I’ll get it answered for you.

Remember, stay safe and protect your home and family!

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Surviving A Home Invasion Attack

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I interviewed Phil Messina, Owner of Modern Warrior, and learned about the excellent self-defense training programs he offers at his Modern Warrior facility in Lindenhurst, NY.  I was particularly interested in his self-defense program designed specifically for home invasion victims and those who want to proactively learn to protect and defend themselves against a home invasion crime.  You can learn more about the self-defense classes that Moder Warrior offers by going to www.ModernWarrior.com

Also if you would like to watch the video with Phil and hear the victims of a home invasion attack tell about their stories, you can do so by  CLICKING HERE).

Here is the interview with Phil Messina of  Modern Warrior.  He gives some great tips on knowing your home, especially in the dark, and familiarizing yourself with things in your home that can be used as weapons that you may not have considered before.  Click the button on the radio widget below to listen.

Start protecting your home and family today.  Be one step ahead of the home burglar/home invasion intruder and make your home extremely difficult to get into.  The chances are greater that if the intruders have to work long and hard to get through your perimeter they will look for an easier home to break into. 

Also if you have an early alert warning system set up to let you know there is someone messing around your home at 3:00 a.m. and a potential break-in about to happen, again you have time to react, respond, and notify the police.

If you haven’t already done so, start your home protection today!!

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Home Firearm Safety Training

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We had a very good interview on LTHS Radio on Friday, 9-18-09 with Steven Mosely, co-founder of Combat Hard.com and Gutterfighting USA.  We discussed Home Firearm Safety Training and self-defense training.  You can listen to the interview with Steven by clicking the radio widget below.

If you are interested in checking into Steven’s Home Firearm Safety Training, go to his web link by CLICKING HERE.

Get a copy of Steven’s Combat Hard Self-Defense eBook by CLICKING HERE.

If you keep firearms in your home, be sure to make firearm safety your No. 1 priority.  Also, having a firearm in your home won’t necessarily keep the home invasion intruder out — especially if you are sound asleep or away from home.  Install the #1 entry alert system - a home security system.  Know well ahead of time that an intruder is in your home so you have time to quickly respond and react. 

Be proactive -start you home protection today!

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Simple, Cost-Effective Home Security

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The Personal Security Store - Simple Cost-Effective Home Security Protection.

Here are some simple cost-effective ways to protect your home without breaking the bank.  These products are also simple enough to install which means you can save money by doing it yourself.

The following protection products can be combined with an existing security system and will help to build layers of protection to keep home intruders out!  For all your home security and personal protection needs - go to www.ThePersonalSecurityStore.com.

Voice Alert Driveway Home System - $149.95




 20-Gauge Steel Door Brace  - $15.95



Electronic Secure Dog -$99.00





Wireless Glassbreak Sensors - $9.95/each






Wireless Door/Window Sensors - $7.95/each





Wireless Motion Detector Alert System - $34.95/each






Having a good quality security system with warning yard signs and window stickers clearly visible from the street can be your first line of defense and an excellent deterrent to home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes.

Remember, you are building layers of protection around your home.  The stronger the perimeter of your home the harder a home invasion intruder or burglar will have to work to get through.  If the intruder has to spend more time and effort trying to break through the perimeter of your home, he will more than likely leave and look for an easier home to target.

Be sure to target harden your perimeter with top quality home security protection!

Home Security Action Plan

Home Security Action Plan

Running a home is like running a business - you need a plan.  We all seem to lead extremely busy lives - raising children, your job, school activities, and on and on.  Having a home plan, and in this case a home security action plan just means you’ve laid out a way to keep your home and family safe and protected to the best of your ability.  Having a plan ensures everyone knows what to do in specific situations.  You can review the plan from time to time with family members so everyone is still up-to-date and knows what to do

As a Security Consultant for 25 years homeowners would ask me what my security plan was.  I simply said our family plan of action goes like this, “It’s 3:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off - nobody should be entering our home at that hour - so this is a real intrusion.  I’m out of  bed to lock the door, hit the panic button on the alarm keypad which overrides the burglary alarm that just went off so the alarm company dispatches immediately, then grab the 20-gauge steel door brace in the corner to put up underneath the door handle to prevent the door from being opened by the intruder - at least long enough to grab whatever weapon we have available for self-protection.  (Whatever personal protection you use make sure you are properly trained).  We are probably in the bathroom at this point where we are secure and can see out a window.  Then a call to 911 would be made using the cell phone..even though the alarm is calling police I am too just in case they have questions as they are enroute.  A landline is great unless the intruder cut the phone lines.  Have a cell phone handy just in case.  While all this is going on the alarm siren is screaming over 140 decibels and two dogs are barking…most burglars probably wouldn’t stick around but there’s a lot of desperation out there so you never know.  Have a plan and know what you would do in case a home invasion happened to you.  Starting today be proactive and get a home security system.  You don’t want to find yourself laying in bed at 3:00 a.m. awakened by an intruder with a gun pointed at your head.”

Here are 10 things to consider as you go about setting up your Home Security Action Plan.  Good luck!

pic-of-action-plan-8-19-08-11. Invest in a home security system. Let’s face it - in today’s economy more and more people are out of work (9.4% unemployment).  Many of these people are becoming desperate and turning to burglarizing homes. In my 20+ years as a security consultant I have never seen as many violent home invasions that are happening across the country.  The initial investment of a home security system with 24-hour protection is minimal compared to any loss you might experience from a home invasion/home burglary crime. When you select an alarm company, be sure to put the alarm yard signs and decals up right away to start the protection. The signs and stickers are a great deterrent because they are the first things the intruder  sees as he approaches your property.  If you have a reputable alarm company like ADT protecting your home, that’s even more of a major deterrent.

Protect your home with ADT .  Don’t waste time - get a free quote at 1-877-388-9242 and save!  Ask about the $100 Visa Gift

2. Establish a Safe Room in your home.  This is a room where everyone can meet if there is a burglary or home invasion robbery, and it should be centrally located near the bedrooms. More than likely it will be the master bedroom area - but each homeowner will determine the precise Safe Room location taking into consideration small children and others in the home. This room should have reinforced doors and deadbolt locks. Keep a fully charged cell phone and a flashlight in the Safe Room in case the phone lines and/or power is cut. If you have an alarm system, keep a remote panic put inside your Safe Room to alert the alarm company of an extreme emergency situation and to send the police immediately.  Keep your doors locked until the police arrive or help has arrived.

3. Make a habit of keeping doors and windows locked whether you are home or away. When you become complacent and let your guard down, you become more vulnerable to attack. Locking up is a simple habit that everyone should get into. When you leave the house or go to bed - do a quick walk-through and check doors and windows. Most break-ins happen through an unlocked door. If you have contact sensors on doors and windows, when either is opened and the alarm is OFF your keypad will beep at you so you know someone just came in or went out. If the alarm is ON and a door/window is opened, the alarm is activated and the police notified.

4. Reinforce wimpy hollow doors with solid core wood or steel doors.  Be sure to include a one-way peephole if you don’t have sidelights next to your door. Make sure the frame around the door is also reinforced with heavy duty screws.  You want to make sure your doors and deadbolt locks can withstand a forceful kick.

5. Update old locks with newer, stronger deadbolt locks. Reinforce strike plates. Use at least four three inch screws to reinforce the plate. Make sure the bolt is at least a 1-1/2 inch long. Since the front door is usually the first point of entry burglars know exactly where to kick the door for it to bust right open. Make these punks work very hard to get into your home. If it’s going to be difficult with a lot of work involved, most intruders will give up and go to an easier home.

 6. Add simple common-sense Dowel Rods to your windows and slider doors.  Check the number of windows on the main and basement level that either lift up or slide side-to-side to open as well as your slider doors. Then go to your local hardware store and get some dowel rods - about an inch or so in diameter for windows, a more heavy duty diameter dowel rod for slider doors. These rods fit right into the track of the slider door or windows preventing them from opening.  The dowel rods are also  difficult to see inside the track.  You may want to paint or stain the dowel rods to match the door/window trim color.

7. Don’t open your front door unless you know who is there.  Make it a habit for everyone in the family-especially children-to follow a simple rule that unless you are expecting someone or can see who is at the front door - DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. When you open the door to strangers or solicitors, you make yourself vulnerable to home invasion intruders and scam artists.  Is someone claims they are from a company there to do work, verify identification by calling the place of business. Make sure you have a way to see out either through a sidelight, a window near the door, or through a peephole. Too many home invasion scams are happening right at the front door. You don’t have to open your door to anyone.  If you feel unsafe after asking them to go away, call 911.

8. Get a dog. A good barking dog - small or large - is a big deterrent. The intruder may not know the dog’s size and won’t want to deal with a vicious barking dog. A dog can also alert you if someone is messing around your home or is inside your home. I always said there wasn’t any better security than your alarm system and a good barking dog(Don’t rely solely on your dog as your security system.  We’ve seen dirtbag intruders shoot and kill dogs).

9. Keep some type of personal protection near your main entry areas. This could be pepper or Mace spray, a TASER C2, or a Stun Gun. If you have one of these personal protection devices in your home make sure you are properly trained in how to use it. This type of protection may help defend against an intruder. Be sure to keep your non-lethal protection away from children  but where you easily reach it in an emergency.

10. Consider taking a self-defense or personal security awareness class. Knowing what to do if faced with a potential attacker can give you a certain amount of confidence and empowerment. The security awareness class reiterates and heightens your awareness and gut instincts to things around you. When you combine this training with your personal protection, the above listed habits, and your security alarm system, you become a formidable homeowner that an intruder will definitely not want to deal with!

Start on your Home Security Action Plan today!  Make sure you are positioned to be the home an intruder avoids, or at least his worst nightmare should he enter.

Protect your home with ADT .  Don’t waste time - get a free quote at 1-877-388-9242 and save!  Ask about the $100 Visa Gift Card.








Protect Your Car Prevent A Burglary

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Protecting your car can ultimately prevent a home burglary!  Courtesy of Home Security 911.

Does that statement arouse your curiosity? A lot of criminals aren’t smart enough to get a job and work for a living, but they are smart enough to figure out that if there is a vehicle with South Bend, Indiana license plates sitting in front of the Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis - then maybe nobody is home in South Bend.
What do home burglars and robbers love most of all? An easy home to break into - one where no one is home for hours or even days.
There is the new game being played by a lot of criminal car thief/home burglar gang types. They all work together either locally in their community or in different counties and cities throughout their particular state. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours – meaning you send me business and I’ll send you business.
So this criminal burglar in Indianapolis finds an upscale vehicle with out of town plates. He breaks into the vehicle by smashing the side window and gets into the glove compartment and finds the owner’s vehicle registration, a pay stub and maybe even the garage door opener. Depending upon where the residence is located, the criminal thief just got your most important information – your name, home address, and phone number
The criminal thief now can contact his “partners in crime” in South Bend to have them call the phone number and see if anyone is home. If there is no answer at the residence, then the whole family may be away. It’s time for the home burglars to go checkout the address to see if anyone really is home. At this point your home may become a prime target and an easy home to break into!
If the criminal thief/burglar busted into a car from his own town and found all of the owner’s information plus the garage door opener, then this is going to be a piece of cake home break-in! 
This type of criminal activity was reported recently in Canton Township near Detroit, Michigan. The savvy criminals are finding exactly what they need in people’s vehicle and are able to slip into the victim’s home with the use of the garage door opener without  being caught and stealing the homeowner’s valuables. In fact, in early December 2008 the Canton Police were reporting a rash of car break-ins that were tied to home burglaries.
So what can you do to prevent this type of criminal activity from happening to you?
  • First of all make your vehicle (much like your home) difficult to get into and always keep it locked when not in it - even if you just run into the convenient store.
  • Keep valuables out of site or place them in the trunk of your vehicle. Or better yet - leave them at home and not in your car.
  • Lock your glove compartment if you keep important documents with your name, address, and phone number on it as well as your garage door opener. 
  • Consider getting a car alarm for your vehicle since noise is one of the biggest deterrents to a car break-in crime. When a loud decibel alarm goes off the criminal will likely leave the area so as not to get caught or be detected.
  • Look into placing ShatterGARD Security Film on your car windows to prevent someone from actually breaking through the glass. ShatterGARD is a relatively inexpensive way to make your car windows virtually impenetrable to a break through. 
  • If you have a car break-in and find your vehicle registration and garage door opener missing, immediately file a report with the local police AND notify the police in your area if you are from out-of-town. Also, alert your neighbors to keep an eye out for any strange vehicles or people around your home.
  • Park your car where this is sufficient lighting. (However, sometimes lighting gives the criminal the ability to see what he’s doing to commit his crime).
  • Install a security alarm system in your home. When you are traveling away from home, who is protecting  your home and family while they are home alone? A good quality security system gives you peace of mind just knowing that whether you are home or away the police and others will be notified if there is an attempted break-in or emergency at your home.
Be security conscious and proactive so you don’t become a victim of this type of crime. These criminals have nothing better to do than to come up with schemes on how to rob and steal from law-abiding citizens. Try to stay one step ahead of the criminal – BE AWARE & BE PROACTIVE IN YOUR PERSONAL AND HOME SECURITY.
Let’s make it a habit to become more aware of our surroundings and make our vehicles less of a target…the same as we do for our home.  If you have a car alarm, be sure to put a warning sticker on the window to alert a would-be car thief. We need to make the criminal’s job as difficult as possible – whether we are traveling or at home.
Lastly, protect your home and family 24/7 by installing a security alarm system with 24/7 ADT protection).
Take care and protect your home and family….
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Early Alert Warning System

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Do you have an early alert warning system for your home?  We discussed this topic on Lets Talk Home Security radio today Friday, 7-24-09.  This is an important topic because it is so much a part of your overall Home Security Plan and if you leave it out - it could prove to be deadly.

A few examples of how an early alert warning system might have caused a different outcome are the two home invasions that made TV news over the last two weeks.

The deadly home invasion robbery of Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Billings in Escambia County, Florida made headline news from the shear brutal murder of this couple that left behind 17 young children.  The Billings had an elaborate security camera surveillance system which was on at the time of the home invasion.  However, the surveillance system may have been more for keeping track of the children on the property than for actual home security.

voice-alert-system1More and more people who live in remote areas are installing high dollar property alert systems that can detect cars or people coming onto their property.  These systems can also be tied into a camera surveillance system.  If cost is a factor, a simple Voice Alert Driveway System can also alert and warn the homeowner when someone drives through their main entrance or approaches the front doorHomeowners who are aware that they have visitors on their property at whatever hour of the day or night can take appropriate security action at that time.  Click Here for detailed information on the Voice Alert Driveway System for your home.

It is easy to let your guard down and fall into a false sense of security that home burglary/home invasion robbery crimes happen to others….not me!   Especially when you live in a community that is considered relatively safe. By being proactive and prepared well ahead of time you may ultimately save yourself and your family from being victims of this type of crime.

pic-of-security-keypad-3In today’s world there is no reason not to have a home security system.  For a minimal cost you can protect your home and family from burglary, home invasion, and even include fire, carbon monoxide and flood notification.  The peace of mind you have knowing your home and family are safe and well-protected 24/7 is priceless!

The other home invasion crime happened in the South Park area of Seattle, Washington.  An intruder broke into the home of two single women reportedly through an unlocked or opened window and went straight to their bedroom.  The intruder began stabbing the women as they slept, subsequently killing one of the ladies and hospitalizing the other.  The women did not hear the intruder enter their home.

One very important security note - leaving windows unlocked or opened at night (or anytime) is not a good thing to do especially if the windows are on the main floor.  If there had been an alarm system in the home with sensors on the windows then opening the windows would’ve immediately set off the alarm.  If there was no window sensor, then more than likely a motion detector would have been setup to protect the main level leading to the bedroom area.  That sensor device would’ve detected the intruder and activated the alarm siren.

With the siren going off and alerting the homeowners they could have quickly shut and locked the bedroom door; activated a police panic button either on a second keypad or a remote panic fob alerting the alarm company, and retreating immediately to a Safe Room area until police arrived.

It may be prudent to consider some type of personal protection whether it be lethal or non-lethal to help save your life.  Keeping some type of pepper spray, mace spray, stun gun, or TASER may be an option. (Be sure to know how to use these devices).  Many homeowners are turning to lethal firearms for protection.  If you take this option, become fully trained.

Again, we need to heighten our awareness that these types of crime are happening in communities all across our country.  It’s time we learn from someone else’s misfortune and become proactively engaged in making sure our home and family’s safety and protection is No. #1. 

If you haven’t already done so, start your home protection today!!

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Refuse To Be A Crime Victim!

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Refuse to be a victim of a home burglary/home invasion robbery crime! 

Courtesy of San Diego Six News

As a former Security Consultant for ADT, my job was to help customers implement the most optimum protection and security for their home so they could avoid becoming a victim of a violent home invasion/burglary crime!  Today, as a business owner, I continue to help homeowners do that by promoting quality home security protection, products, and information.

Even though there are more people out of work - and some are becoming very desperate, there are those individuals who are just taking advantage of the sad state of our economy and turning to home invasion crimes. 

These are low-life punks (yes folks that’s what they are) who are becoming bolder and bolder and since they typical bust into a home 2-4 intruders at a time — the feel totally empowered!

Yes.  They love showing their power to the poor, defenseless homeowner who forgot to protect his home and and family from these maniacs!!  These criminals absolutely get a thrill out of seeing the fear in the face of each of their victims.

When I read and watch the TV and internet news that talk about how home invasions are becoming more violent - it frustrates me that people wait until a crime like this happens to their family before they take proactive home security action.

Click this link and read an article written back in April on“Hard Economic Times Seem to Be Driving More Home Burglary Crimes-Target Harden Your Home Protection.? 

Home burglary/home invasion crimes are spreading across our nation.  I encourage homeowners to become proactive and harden the perimeter of your home.  Make these criminals work hard to get into your home.  Most of the time they’ll leave and go to an easier home.

Refuse to be a victim of a home invasion crime.  Some home security tips that will help:

  1. Install a quality and reputable home security system.  
  2. Reinforce your deadbolt locks.  Look at the Ultimate Lock - an excellent and extremely strong deadbolt locking system.  Update doors and windows if they are older than 15-20 years. 
  3. Glass is a big weakness.  Protect glass slider doors and vulnerable windows with ShatterGARD security window film.  Make these punks work HARD if they want into your home!
  4. Install some type of perimeter alert system that lets you know someone has breached your property.  The Voice Alert System is an excellent addition to your overall security.
  5. Reinforce perimeter and interior doors with a 20-gauge steel door brace.  Again, slow the intruder down, make him work to get in, and that also gives the homeowner time to react - and maybe get his GUN!!
  6. Make sure you have a dusk to dawn light or motion sensor lights around your home.  Intruders don’t like light unless there are no other homes nearby!
  7. Checkout the list of common-sense security products you can get from your local hardware store.

Be proactive and take immediate action to protect your home & family!!

Get a copy of the FREE REPORT-“HOME INVASION PREVENTION @ www.homeinvasionfreereport.com


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